My Guardian Demon

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The Party Part 1

As I looked into the mirror I barely recognized myself. I'm a completely different girl and way out of my comfort zone.

"Shannon my brothers will never let me leave the house like this" I spun around to face my very giggly friend, who snuck some shots into my room because she has more confidence if tipsy. She was currently sprawled out on my bed with her legs wide open, showing a clear view of her cat knickers.

"Nuh uh don't be coming up with excuses Rae, I am determined to find you a sexy man tonight who will pleasure you in so many ways..." I covered my ears before some very inappropriate words left her mouth.

I looked down at my outfit again.

My light denim skirt hugged my curves and the top that had very little fabric definitely showed off my apparent huge boobs which made me cringe. I've never shown this much skin before.

"Stop worrying" I literally spun around on my heel not realizing she had gotten up from my bed and was stood right behind me. I lost my balance in my boot heels and fell forward bringing Shannon down with me.

We both lay on the floor in silence before she groaned and lightly slapped my forehead making me wince.

"Hey what was that for" I wined as I sat up rubbing the back of my head.

"How are you so clumsy, you could have killed me" She squeaked.

"Don't be so dramatic"

"I am not dramatic"

"Are too"

"Are not"

"Are too"


"Will you two shut up already, the whole house can hear this pathetic argument" My brother grumbled to the both of us from my doorway. He was glancing down at the both of us, his face turning cold when he noticed my outfit.

"What are you wearing?"

"Clothes duh" I rolled my eyes as Shannon started chuckling next to me making me grin showing of my pearly white teeth.

"Change now"

"No" I crossed my arms not taking my stern gaze off my brother. He is not the boss of me if anyone can tell me what to do it's Austin seen as he is my legal guardian.

"Don't be difficult Athena, change into some actual clothes that don't say 'please fuck me' which this outfit definitely does." I stood up on my feet and stalked towards my brother. I prodded his chest making him growl.

"DO. NOT. SWEAR." I pushed past him making him hit the doorframe, as I made my way downstairs I could hear Shannon shouting at my brother before following me down. Austin was stood at the bottom of the stairs with my leather jacket in his hand with a smile.

"Ignore him, now take this with you just in case. I put some pepper spray in one of your pockets and some chocolate. Now go have some fun... but not too much" He wiggled his finger in front of me making me giggle. I took my jacket and gave my brother a tight hug.

"Look after each other" He gave Shannon a quick hug before opening the door for us. As I looked outside I could see Nathan and Lewis waiting in their car, music already blasting away through the speakers.

"Bye Austin and thanks for the chocolate" I yelled over my shoulder before he closed the door. Shannon took my hand in hers and pulled me over to the car, luckily I didn't face plant the floor. We opened the car door and fell down on to the seats next to each other.

Both boys glanced over their shoulders, wide smirks forming on both of their faces.

"Well, I definitely know what me and Shannon are doing tonight" Nathan winked over to her making me gag silently.

Lewis started laughing before looking me up and down once again. "Wow Rae, I'm really considering friends with benefits with you" The two hormonal teenagers started laughing as Lewis turned around, starting the car again before setting off.

"I'd hit you, but that would be animal abuse," I spoke loudly over the music.

Nathan slapped Lewis's back whilst laughing uncontrollably. "Dude you got burned" I sat forward trying to get comfy but my bum was sticking to the leather seats, so I rolled down the window letting the cool breeze hit my face.

As we turned a corner I could hear the music already, tons of cars all parked up in a line up the street towards the house. Suddenly I became conscious of what I was wearing again. I felt someone nudge my arm slightly.

"Rae you look beautiful, don't worry that pretty little head of yours" She tapped my head, a tipsy smile forming on her face. I gave her a slight nod before opening the car door and closing it behind me.

"Please don't fall, please don't fall, please don't fall" I whispered to myself. Lewis came up to me and placed his arm around my shoulder.

"Don't worry I won't let you fall, we don't want to ruin that outfit now do we" I tapped him lightly on his chest.

"Stop being such a perv, you really need to get laid"

"You offering Rae" This time I hit him harder.

"I'm kidding," He said whilst laughing. The other two stood next to us so we made our way towards the front door. Empty beer cans were scattered all over the front garden, the odd person passed out already and it was only 9 pm.

As we reached the door it swung open revealing what of the guys from the football team. "Hey guys, come on in. There's plenty of drinks in the kitchen for you all, now let's get fucked up" He yelled before disappearing back into the crowd of teenagers. Lewis looked my way and lent down towards my ear.

"I'll get you a coke" I smiled up at him, thankful that he remembered I don't drink and I definitely don't plan on doing at this party. As I watched him and Nathan walk towards the kitchen one of Shannon's favourite songs came on.

"YESSSSS! Come on Rae, lets twerk"

Oh my god.

Before I could object she was already dragging me towards the dancefloor where girls were grinding against guys making roll my eyes at the typical teenagers. Shannon took hold of both my hands and raised them up wiggling her hips around, gaining some attention from pervy boys.

"Come on and dance, I know you can do it. I've seen you plenty of times in your room thinking nobody could see you" She yelled in my ear. My cheeks instantly blushed.

So I started copying her moves, obviously performing them a little better than her due to being an ex-dancer. Weird right, Someone as clumsy as me can't possibly dance without falling. It's probably the only time I didn't land on my bum or face.

"I'm gonna go to the toilet," Shannon said before disappearing.

Oh great now I'm alone. I was about to go and find Lewis till I felt someone tap my shoulder. I spun around to see a very drunk Brandon grinning down at me.

Kill me now.

I noticed a few of his friends who I rarely speak to surround him with grins plastered on their face. I tried to turn away but he gripped onto my hand lightly making me stop.

I glared up at him. "Let me go now"

"Dooo you know what I thought of?" He asked, well he slurred his words making it a little difficult to understand.

"What" I grumbled, definitely not enjoying myself.

"There should be a warning sign on my dick saying choking hazard" All of his friends started to laugh whilst high fiving each other including Brandon who was still chuckling away at his gross statement.

"Isn't that a label they put on small objects?" I gave him a sarcastic smile before turning around and walking off leaving him stood there with his mouth wide open.

I couldn't find any of my friends so I made my way upstairs hoping my luck was better up there. As I rounded a corner I bumped into Zac. "Hey. Wait what are you doing here?" He looked down at me, a hard expression on his face which held no emotion as usual.

"I'm your guardian demon, it's kind of my job to be with you" He crossed his arms over his broad chest leaning against the wall. I noticed an emotion I haven't seen before flash through his dark brown eyes whilst he was gazing at me.

He trailed his finger down my arm sending shivers through my body from his touch.

"You definitely should have listened to your brother, that outfit definitely screams please fuck me" and with that, he left me to stand in the hallway alone. He's always disappearing on me. Some guardian he is.

I'm sick of him, he's so bloody arrogant. Never has a nice thing to say to anyone. Curse my life. I became so annoyed I ripped open my chocolate bar out of anger and bit into it. I slumped down on a toilet seat after closing the bathroom door behind me where it was a lot more peaceful then downstairs.

I closed my eyes enjoying the chocolaty goodness till I heard the door squeak open making my eyes shoot open to see who had come in. Great. It's Greyson Peters who also looked very drunk. His eyes landed on me. He closed the door behind him before locking it.

"What are you doing?" I asked, trying not to show how nervous I was right now.

"You look so god damn hot right now, and we are alone so you know what that means" He flashed a smirk my way followed my wink which made me shudder in disgust. I threw my chocolate wrapper into the bin before standing up and heading towards the door.

Before I could reach for the handle Greyson gripped my wrist and spun me around, pinning me against the cold tiles of the bathroom wall.

"Don't act like your not begging for it Athena, I notice the way you look at me when we are in school. I can tell you want me" He purred into my ear, licking his lips as his eyes raked up and down my body.

"Yes, I want you to leave me alone," I said, trying to wriggle out of his hold but that just made him pin me against the wall even harder. Using one hand he took a hold of both of my wrist placing them just above my head whilst his other hand was grazing over my waist where my skin was showing.

"I'm gonna make you feel so good baby" He started to tug at the belt on my denim skirt so I brought my leg up connecting it with his manhood making him yell in pain as he hunched over. I ran towards the door and was able to open it slightly till I felt him tug on the ends of my hair and throwing me against the kitchen sink. I cried in agony.

He knelt down in front of me before wrapping his filthy hand around my throat. "Don't fuck with me Athena, I will have you even if I have to force it. Your choice" He snarled. I felt his hand tighten around my neck making it really hard to breathe. I felt his hand rip my top a little so I bit his hand.

I felt a sting across my cheek. He had just struck me across the face making a loud slapping noise. I could feel the warm blood trickle down my cheek.

I felt my necklace warm up a little, a little glow coming from it. As soon as he tried touching me again he yelled out. I was too tired to even see what caused that.

"What the fuck, you shocked me!" He yanked me up by my hair and slammed me against the wall making me whimper in pain. My vision became a little fuzzy until I noticed a figure stood behind him.

I tried to keep my eyes open but they grew heavier till everything turned black.

What do you think is going to happen? And who is stood behind Greyson?

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