My Guardian Demon

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The Party Part 2

Zirachs Pov.

After seeing Athena at the party dressed like that I couldn't keep my anger bottled up anymore. How all of the boys were looking at her like she's some sort of meal. It sickens me because I know how guys think.

I may think the same but I love Athena, even if I don't show it. She will be mine day and not Nathanials. I was upstairs staying away from all of the drunk teenagers downstairs until I heard the clicking of heels against the wooden floor.

I knew who it was. My little Rae of sunshine. The light in my dark world.

She rounded the corner and bumped straight into my chest. Her beautiful blue eyes met mine.

"Hey. Wait, what are you doing here?" She asked whilst scrunching her eyebrows up. I couldn't help but glance down at her, her body looked so radiant in the outfit she had on. Showing off so much skin which didn't leave much to my imagination. I would take her right here if she knew me a little better and wasn't so pissed off with me.

"I'm your guardian Demon, it's kind of my job to be with you" I crossed my arms over my broad chest. Without hesitation, I trailed my finger down her arm feeling her soft skin under my touch. I noticed her stiffen a little from it, which made me smirk but she didn't notice because her eyes were now focused on the ground.

I could feel the presence of a few angels who had appeared downstairs making me angry. My blood started to boil. What the fuck are they doing here, I need to find Marax now.

"You definitely should have listened to your brother, that outfit definitely screams please fuck me" I clenched my jaw and stalked away before disappearing in a puff of black smoke.

When I arrived in hell I could see numerous demons practicing their powers on each other for the fun of it.

"Pathetic" I grumbled to myself.

"Well, what got your knickers in a twist?" I heard Marax snigger behind me. I turned around slowly to see my idiot of a friend with a smug look on his face. "I just ignored his comment, not having the time or patience to respond to it. I simply took hold of his leather jacket and dragged him into a different room so I didn't lose my temper and end up killing one of these beginner demons.

"Alright easy man, do you know how much this jacket cost" I let go of him with a roll of my eyes as he started straightening himself, an annoyed look held on his face.

"You stole it so don't give me that crap" I hissed. "Anyway, some angels turned up at the party tonight that Athena has gone to. I need you with me." He raised one of his brows before patting my shoulder.

"Can't take on some angels yourself, are you scared?" He joked making me push him away but he just started chuckling. "Sure I will but the big boss wants to speak to you" Shit.

Whenever he wants to speak to me it's always about Athena and I honestly can't think of her right now. I can never think straight when it comes to her. "Just meet me here in ten minutes, I'll see what the dick wants" I muttered causing Marax to break out in laughter again.

I marched past all of the demons pushing the odd one into a wall who collided with me whilst they were dodging fireballs. Before I made it to Satans room a small fireball hit my stubbled cheek making me hiss.

I latched onto the idiot who threw it and pinned him to the wall with full force, causing the bricks to crack around him.

"Shit I'm sorry man..." I threw a punch in his gut instantly winding him.

"I'm in a really bad mood so do not test me arsehole" I warned before throwing him to the floor making him groan in pain and clutch himself. I gripped the door handle and pushed the door open making it swing and smash against the wall.

As I stormed into the room Satan was just stood there with one of his close men. He looked my way, unphased from my actions before telling the man to leave his room. When we heard the click of the door signaling he had closed it Satan summoned me to come forward.

"What do you want?" I asked, just wanting to get this over and done with. He eyed me up and down with his glowing red eyes before smirking.

"Hows it going with Athena?" He simply asked.

"If that's all you want to talk about then this is just a waste of my time. If you are so bothered about her why don't you become her fucking guardian demon instead of getting me to do your dirty work? Which by the way you still haven't told me the full reason on why you are so interested in her" I was raging right now, not caring that it was the king of hell I was speaking to.

He may be my boss but he needs me. For what I don't know. He stormed right up to me, his eyes becoming more of a deep red, our chests touching. He was angry. I just didn't give a shit.

"You will not question me Zirach" He barked but I didn't flinch. Two of his guards came up behind me, both of them taking my arms and pinning them behind me so I couldn't move. I just glared his way without even struggling because no good would come from it.

"I don't need to tell you anything, just do your fucking job and keep an eye on her. She is important to me, to hell so I will be damned if anything happens to her. If she dies you died, have you got it" He grumbled before striking my face with his fist making my head swing to the side.

I spat some blood on the floor. "I want you to bring Athena here" My eyes widened at his request.

"You must be stupid if you seriously think I would bring her here, where hundreds of demons live and certain ones who want her dead" I yelled.

"You will bring her here or I will get someone who's not as nice to do it for you"

"They will kill her" I sneered.

"No they won't, I need her to get a taste of hell seen as she's already seen what heavens like"

Suddenly I felt fear but it wasn't my emotions, it was Athena.

She was in trouble but I couldn't leave because of this dick in front of me. I felt pain hit me like a crashing wave. Shit, I neede to go.

"Get the fuck off me will you, I need to go" I spat, trying to snatch my arms back but Satan just threw another punch my way.

"You will not speak to me like that, do you forget who you're dealing with?" He clenched his fists together ready to punch me again before the door burst open, a furious Marax storming in.

"Athena is in trouble" Marax threw two fireballs my way, hitting the idiots that were restraining me. I broke free and pounced on Satan knocking him to the floor. "Now I'll warn you, if she dies I will kill you. That's a fucking promise" I let go of him and disappeared, Marax following after me.

I turned up to the party and what I saw angered me to the point where I could easily kill every single last human in this god damn building. Athena was thrown against the sink, her breathing slowly fading so I did the first thing that came to mind.

I stormed into the room gripping the bastard's neck, my fingernails digging into his skin making it ooze with blood before I threw him across the room making him slam against the wall. He was instantly knocked out but I wasn't done. I strode over to him, my hands and arms setting alight ready to burn him alive until Marax stood in my way.

"Leave it Zac, you need to wake her up now. There are too many people for you to kill him here, you have more important matters" I tried to push him but once I caught a glimpse of Athena passed out on the floor my anger faltered, the fire disappears. I ran over to her as I took her in my arms bridal style.

"Stay with me baby" I whispered before vanishing with her.

I appeared in her room, settling her down softly onto her bed. One of her brothers were out, the other was fast asleep in his room. I sat down on the bed next to her trying to wake her up. My eyes landed on her cut cheek that was stained with dry blood.

"I'm gonna kill that bastard" I mumbled to myself, my jaw tightening a little with the thought of what could have happened If I didn't show up. After a few minutes, Athenas eyes slowly fluttered open, instantly landing on me.

"Are you okay" I whispered. I have never cared for a human being before but what I felt for this girl is real and there is no denying it. I am in love with her, and always will be.

She blinked a few times before rubbing her eyes a little. She winced from the pain that came from her cheek.

"Where am I?" She asked, her beautiful face looked so cute when she was confused.

I'm so fucking whipped.

I stood up to grab her another top as I've just noticed it's ripped apart. I glanced over my shoulder to see her standing up.

"Woah you shouldn't be standing up, just sit your arse back down before you hurt yourself" She just giggled, then that bright smile appeared on her face that could make anyone fall in love in love with her.

"Thank you Zac, maybe you aren't that bad after all" She beamed before looking down at her almost naked upper half. She squeaked and threw her small arms around herself to try and cover her boobs up.

Failing miserably in the process. I threw the top over to her which she caught trying not to look which was nearly impossible not to.

As she was pulling the top over her head I couldn't help but stare at her. Here I am, a demon who doesn't give a shit about anything or anyone stood in a teenage girls bedroom completely and utterly head over heels for her.

Without even registering my actions, my hand was brushing away some of her hair behind her ear. Her eyes drifted down for a second before they met mine again.

"I'm bad to the bone baby" I smirked as she snorted.

Her crystal blue eyes were just gazing into mine, no words were spoken. I took a step closer, my large frame towering over her small one. I bent my head a little, my lips coming closer to her luscious ones. I was millimeters away from kissing her until a cough came from her door.

"Aiden" She gasped.

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