My Guardian Demon

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I'm Afraid You Would Be Toast

"Who are you talking to?" My brother questioned as he swayed a little trying to stay steady on his feet. He's great with his timing, I had almost kissed Zac, I'm not quite sure if I'm disappointed or relieved that we were interrupted.

Yep definitely drunk.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Zac staring at me not knowing what to do. I don't know why he's trying to stay still my brother can't even see him for one. I guess I'm going to have to come up with an idea. Can't be that hard seen as Aiden is drunk right now.

"Er... no one, are you sure you aren't hearing things again Aiden?" I could literally see him trying to think about that till his eyes landed back on me after scanning my room.

"Whos in here with you, I swear Athena if you have a boy in your bedroom I will whoop both of your arses" He scolded. I could hear the demon next to me snicker to himself so I elbowed him.

"Your weird" My brother pointed out so I just shrugged.

Better to be weird than normal.

When I was about to push Aiden out of my room a young girl with bright blonde hair, dressed in only her underwear appeared behind him making me stop in my tracks. She started to kiss his neck whilst whispering in his ear the odd time before her eyes met mine.

A scowl making its way onto her face. Which by the way is caked in makeup. Oh, he knows how to choose them.

"You done staring?" I asked, crossing my arms as she unattached herself from my brother to face me.

"What are you doing here, who even are you?"

"Not that it's any of your business but I live here, a better question is what are you doing here and in my room?"

"Well isn't that obvious, I just hope these walls are soundproof. Now, who are you?" Oh I could just slap that smug smirk off her face, and I'm not one for violence but it's becoming very annoying having to deal with my brothers one night stands.

"Don't sound so thrilled about that, you aren't the first girl he's taken back to his bed and sadly you won't be the last" Her smug face turned into another scowl before he took a few threatening steps towards me, her hands turning into fists slightly.

I recognized her as soon as she stepped into the light that was coming from my bedroom lamp, she was Hannah best friend Daisy Turner. One of the mean girls at our school, who rely on their daddy's money and sleeps with anything that will take an interest in them.

"That's why I couldn't recognize you, looks like someone had a field day on your face. Who could blame them though? Your just an ugly bitch, I have no idea why Brandon and Greyson like you" My blood ran cold when she mentioned his name. Visions of what happened tonight started to flood back.

His face inched forward so she was a bit closer so only I could hear. "Next time, don't piss Hannah off"

"Daisy that's enough" Aiden warned before trying to step in between us but she just gripped my arm. I looked down towards her hand, my anger slowly rising.

How dare she come into my house and disrespect me like this. I am so going to kill Aiden in the morning for inviting her in.

A weird fuzzy feeling shot through my body and that's when I noticed my necklace lighting up into a beautiful blue colour that matched my eyes. Suddenly I felt a spark come from my arm making Daisy tumble backward as she held her hand.

"What the fuck, you burned me, you bitch" She raised her hand ready to hit me so I closed my eyes ready for the impact but it didn't come. I opened one of my eyes to see my brother stood in front of me holding her hand, fear clouding her eyes.

"Don't you ever raise your hand towards my sister again, and I'm not stupid or blind I can see the bruises on Athena's face" He glanced over his shoulder, his face hardens when he looked over my face again. My eyes dropped to the floor trying to avoid his gaze.

Aiden pulled Daisy closer to him, making her look at him. "When I find the scumbag that did this and who else was involved. They will wish they never existed. Now get the fuck out of my house" He spat, pushing her away. She literally ran out of my room without looking back.

My brother turned to me, his hand reaching out to stroke over the bruises on my face. I flinched a little from the slight sting.

"I will kill them" He grumbled.

"Thank you Aiden" It was rare for him to act like this towards him. We may fight all of the time but he's still my protective big brother and I love him. I stood on my tiptoes so I could wrap my arms around him, He returned my hug straight away whilst planting a kiss on the side of my head.

"Get some sleep okay, I'll see you in the morning" He walked over to my bedroom door.

"Don't forget to make me chocolate pancakes in the morning" I chimed.

"Dream on"

"You owe me after eating all of my birthday chocolate" I reminded. I could see him smile from the side, his dimples clearly showing.

"It was delicious" Then he stalked off.

"I hate you!" I yelled. I could hear his laughs from my room before the closing of his bedroom door. Wait till I get you back Aiden, me and Shannon have big plans for you.

"What are you smiling at?" I literally jumped from Zacs voice, my foot caught onto something making me fall but I didn't hit the floor. There was my god-like demon staring down at me with a massive smirk on his face. I could feel one of his hands resting against the small of my back, the other holding on to my waist.

My cheeks blushed slightly as I realized my top had ridden up exposing my toned stomach. His touch was sending chills up my spine.

"Oh my days, I totally forgot you were here" I mumbled causing him to chuckle. God, I love his laugh.

"I forgot how clumsy you are Athena"

"Its a gift." I shot him a sarcastic smile. A bright white light came from the corner of my room revealing Nathanial.

I quickly stood up pulling my top down making Zac step back.

"Nathanial, what are you doing here?" I watched him look from me to Zac, then I noticed his face drop a little. He looked sad. Once he looked at me again he came towards me cupping my face, obviously examining my mess of a face.

"I came as soon as I heard, who did this to you?" He looked so concerned as he scanned my face then my body to see if there was any more damage.

His eyes drifted from me to my guardian demon, who was refusing to look at us. "You wasn't supposed to get hurt in the first place, you should have been watching her. What were you doing when she was being beaten to a pulp?" Nathanial raised his voice as he stood to his original height making me crane my neck.

"I don't answer to you Nathanial, now do us all a favor and fuck off" The look on his face was frightening.

"Watch your language Zac" I reminded him but he just shot me a glare making me step behind Nathanial who stood in front of me protectively. The room started to turn cold, the demons wings started to grow as his eyes turned a deep soulless black making me latch onto the angel's shirt. I could feel the hard toned muscles against my hand.

I wish I could see them, or lick them.

Wait shut up Athena, this is not the right time to be drooling over him.

"Your supposed to be her guardian demon" Nathanial yelled making his muscles tense up. I wish these two would just get on. No, I wish I wasn't some stupid prophecy or involved with this supernatural world with demons or angels. All I want is a normal life with normal boys. Not ones with superhuman strength, or that are immortal. Not ones that are involved in a war that could end up killing me.

"I tried getting to her, why didn't you stop it if care about her"

"I was keeping an eye on her brother as I am his guardian angel, I was doing my job. Believe me, if I was hers, not a single thing would have happened to her tonight. All you demons are the same, absolute scum" Orange flames started spreading up Zac's body making the room glow, I could feel the heat against my skin.

Sweat started rolling down my forehead with how hot the room was becoming. Before I could comprehend what was happening a bright white shield spread over mine and Nathanbials body, deflecting the black fireballs shooting from the hands of the demon.

That's when I noticed that the both of them were in their true forms, not looking exacting normal anymore but still very handsome.

Before I could scream or yell at them to stop being so stupid, I felt two large hands grip my shoulders and my room just vanished. Seconds later I was in a different room, a room that I didn't recognize. I was in a red room, it looked normal to me. Apart from the radiating heat making me sweat even more.

"I'm surprised you didn't scream" I spun round to face the same man that spoke to Zac at the football game, he was good looking. Tall like the rest of them, well everyone is taller than me. His eyes were a deep grey colour, his hair was a deep black stuck up in different directions making him look like he's just crawled out of bed.

"I don't scare easily"

"Brave. I like it"

"Thanks" I gave the room a once over before turning back to the nameless guy who was just smirking.

"Why am I here?"

"Any longer in that room with them two and I'm afraid you would be toast" I nodded stiffly. He's probably right.

"I'm Marax by the way, the hotter and more charming demon" He took my hand in his and placed a gentle kiss making me smile.

"I'm Athena, but I suppose you already knew that"

"Guilty" he stood back up straight.

"He should be here soon anyway as soon as he notices your gone" We stood in a comfortable silence as we just watched each other.

"Well, what do we have here?" Two demons were stood in the doorway with a sadistic smile on their face as they eyed me up and down. Marax stood in front of me to shield me from their eyes.

"Back off" Marax snarled.

"but why, we have been dying to meet the one and only Athena Walsh. The one who could easily put an end to all us demons." His voice was cold and dark making my body tremble with fear.

"I will not die because of her"

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