My Guardian Demon

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I Can Barely Take Down A Fly

"No you will die because of me now I'll only say it more time, dickwad. Back the fuck off before Zirach comes back. Then you can deal with him" I latched onto his back, even though I've only met him, I felt safe even though he is a demon.

"Why the hell do you two want her alive, once she's dead we don't have to worry about dying because she..." He pointed over to me whilst his demon friend was quiet, his eyes never leaving me.

An evil look on his face, probably thinking of all different ways he can kill me.

"Will kill us all and you know it"

"Who says she will choose us over the angels? but I don't give a fucking damn about this prophecy, shes just a sixteen-year-old girl, and shes important to Zirach"He gave me a small smile as he placed his hand on the small of my back, protecting me from the demons looks.

Marax swore a lot but I don't think it is the best time to bring up that I hate it when people cuss in front of me.

"How can I kill you anyway? I don't like violence as it is and look at me compared to you. I can barely take down a fly" I rushed out making Marax smile.

Seriously, you're going to smile now? The demon who had been speaking to us stepped forward making me step back away from Marax.

"Believe me, little girl, once you find out what your abilities are. Nothing can stop you from taking us down and I can't have that." He took another step making Marax growl, it didn't sound anything like a human noise, more of an animal.

"Orias" A deep voice echoed through the room making us all snap our heads towards it. There Zac was, stood there back to is humanlike self but he didn't look pleased. "Oh it's our prophecies little bitch, come to watch your girl die?"

I peered at the four demons who looked like gods, why can't human boys at my school look like this? It would make life so much easier, but my life is complicated as hell. No pun intended.

Hell doesn't look like how I thought it would imagine. It just looked like a normal room very far underground and it was a lot warmer than usual. It's very quiet, I just assumed there would be constantly battling with each other, demons setting fire to things or torturing people.

Maybe there would be certain demons held up in the dungeons or in a cage like supernatural.

I need to stop paying attention to all of these films and programmes, they are obviously very wrong about how they portray heaven and hell.

One of the demons pounced for me making me shield my eyes in fear. A strong body collided with mine as we fell to the ground. I was just waiting for the pain of being burnt alive but the only pain I felt was from the heavy body on top of me.

My eyes sprung open to see the two demons knocked out with a smirking Marax dusting off his hands then I noticed it was Zac who was lay on me which was becoming very uncomfortable from the position we were currently in. Also, he was twice my size and pure muscle, my tiny fragile body couldn't handle it.

"You're -you're crushing my spleen"

"You don't even know where your spleen is" Hmm I didn't think about that one.

"Well, now I do because you're CRUSHING IT" I yelled out the last two words making him roll off me before standing next to his friend who was intently staring at me. I sat up so I didn't have to look up at them even further than usual.

God damn them and their tallness.

As I stood on my feet both demons were just stood there casually like nothing had happened.

"You are adorable" Marax gently said making my cheeks blush in an instant.

"Are you... blushing?"

"What, no"

"Did I make the badass prophecy who can destroy us all to blush" I hate that smug smirk already. Zac just looked between us both with a straight face.

"No... Its... Its the cold" Both of them snorted.

"Huh, so your only blushing because its cold down in hell? Not because I told you that your face is freaking adorable and I bet the rest of you is too" He added making me as much of my face as I can behind my hair whilst Zac punched his arm.

"N-no" I tapped making Zac look down at me confusingly.

"Can you take me home please, I'm tired"

"Sure" He took my hand in his before stiffly nodding towards Marax who gave us both a salute.

"It was great meeting you Athena, but I'm sure we will see each other again" I giggled before the room became dark and was soon replaced by my room. I let go of his hand to go and sit on my bed.

"I have to go Clumsy but I'll see you in the morning..." We both looked outside to see the sun rising. "I'll see you soon okay"

My head nodded and then he was gone, just like that.

I'm bored already and not sleepy at all, to be honest, I'm quite hungry, so I tiptoed across the landing to go and search for some chocolate in the kitchen. I know my brother Austin has a stash somewhere to stop me from eating it all but a girl's got to eat.

I searched everywhere, every single cupboard including the one higher than me which resulted in me into falling off a chair and land in a heap on the floor. Well, thats just another bruise to add to my collection. I'm gonna have to think of a good excuse when my brother questions me unless Aiden beats me to it but that probably won't end well for him as he's always told to keep an eye on me.

I stood in the middle of the kitchen racking my brain on where he could have hidden all of my chocolate. When I looked down I noticed that I was still wearing my denim skirt which was becoming quite uncomfortable so I ripped off the belt and started to pull.

Kicking my skirt away towards the washing machine I went to have a look through the pile of clothes for some shorts. Humming to myself in my own little world I didn't realize someone had come into the kitchen.

"Hey, Athena... Woah" My eyes widened as the voice didn't belong to either of my brothers but Nathanial. There he was trying to look anywhere but at me.

"You er... you... you have no pants on" He mumbled.

Well, this is certainly an awkward situation, so I have two choices to make. I can either act totally embarrassed trying to put some words together that will certainly come out as gibberish then run away from him. Or I can act casual.

I gave him a smile to try and hide how embarrassing this is.

"You noticed" I found a pair of shorts that I could put on before Nathanials blush deepened if that was even possible. "You can look now"

He finally looked at me as he scratched the back of his neck, his eyes wandering down my tanned legs which also had bruises on them from that stupid idiot Greyson. His eyes were filled with love, lust, and anger. He made his way over to me, his hand gently brushing against my cheek.

I let my head rest against his hand, enjoying the way he made me feel by one single touch.

"I'm okay honestly, its Greyson you'll need to worry about once my brother finds him or even Lewis and Shannon for that matter"

"He shouldn't have done this to you if I wasn't an angel he would be dead" I have never seen this side of him, he is always so calm and collected. The one thing I appreciate the most about him is he doesn't swear in front of me.

It's the little things.

I gazed it to his eyes seeing flashes of white ripple through the blue.

Its been a few minutes, we were both stood in the kitchen just looking at each other, his arms wrapped around my waist. My hands were lay flat against his chiseled chest.

"I just need to try something, I hope you don't mind. Just tell me if you want me to stop" I scrunched my eyes together wondering what he meant until his head started moving closer to mine.

Oh my god, he's going to kiss me. What do I do? A gorgeous man who is an angel is stood in my kitchen, where my brothers are upstairs still asleep in their rooms who could come down at any time was about to kiss me and I didn't turn away.

His soft lips brushed against mine making me hold in my breath. So I closed the distance between us and that's when I felt it. fireworks went off in my head. The kiss was slow and soft, comforting in ways words would never be. His hand rested below my ear, his thumb caressing my cheek as our breaths mingled together. I ran my fingers down his spine pulling him closer until there was no space left between us and I could feel the beating of his heart against my chest.

We pulled away catching our breaths, his head resting against mine.

"Wow," We both said breathlessly.

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