My Guardian Demon

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My First Slap

The weekend went by in a flash and it was now Monday morning which means school.

After mine and Nathanials kiss Saturday morning he had to leave quickly because Aiden came downstairs.

I didn't really want to explain why it looked like I was kissing the air as he can't see what I can see. Maybe if it was Austin then I could explain myself but it wasn't, which reminds me I really need to ask Zac if I can tell my brother and friends about it. I am fed up of looking stupid in front of them because I forget sometimes that they are invisible to everyone else. Then I can also tell Shannon I do have two men in my life who I am attracted too and she doesn't need to find anyone for me.

All I could think about was that kiss and how happy it made me feel. Then I felt guilty when I would think about Zac but I don't know why because we aren't an item and he probably doesn't feel the same way about me.

Do you demons even have feelings? Can I even be with an angel or a demon? I don't know the rules about prophecies and the supernatural being together.

"Athena will you get a move on, I need to take you to school so I can go to college. Like now" I groaned standing up from my bed to grab my bag and make my way down the stairs.

Don't want a certain somebody to get his panties in a knot.

I looked towards Aiden who was stood at the door waiting for me then my other brother came into the living room and looked over at me, his eyes darkening.

"What the hell happened to your face Rae?" He raised his voice making me stiffen up.

Aiden glanced between the both of us, he looked angry but also a tad scared because if our older brother finds out what happened, he will ask why Aiden had left me alone.

I may hate him at times but he doesn't deserve to be killed by a very angry Austin. He's usually a big soft teddy bear, well to me but when it comes to some hurting his family especially his baby sister. Let's just say he's probably worse than my demon friend.

"Funny story" I nervously chuckled.

He took a few strides over to us till he was stood directly in front of us both.

I coughed, "I fell off the chair the other night trying to find some chocolate and hit my face. You know how clumsy I can be" His facial expression didn't change much, it just became angrier making me visibly gulp.

I thought I did a good job trying to hide the bruises on my face with makeup but obviously not.

This is what happens when you don't really wear makeup apart from a layer of mascara and some watermelon chapstick which tastes delicious.

"That isn't from you falling off a chair Rae, I can see a massive bruise across your cheek with a fresh cut, your neck also has some bruises so now tell me. How did this happen" I really didn't want to die today, I quickly glanced behind him trying to avoid his intense stare. That's when I noticed a man I have never seen before, he had shoulder length blonde hair and white eyes.

A guardian angel. Probably Austins.

"Athena Rae Walsh tell me now" He snapped becoming very impatient with me.

"Just tell him Athena" Aiden added making me take in a deep breath.

"Alright, you know that party I went to?" I nervously started fiddling with my fingers, picking my white nail varnish off.

"Yes, the one where Aiden was meant to keep an eye on you"

"Well... there was a guy and he kind of lost his temper wi- with me a-and..."

"The guy fucking hit her for not spreading her legs in the bathroom at the party" My lovely brother rushed out, becoming irritated with my stuttering.

My older brothers eyes darkened even more, I had to take a double take to make sure he wasn't a demon but no just a very angry brother who looked like he was going to find Greyson and make sure he could never use his fun stick ever again.

"Don't swear Aiden" I muttered, it was the only thing I could think of to say in this situation.

I glanced down at my invisible watch, "Well would you look at the time, I really have to go to school and learn some maths with my favourite teacher so bye" I went to open the door to leave but my hand was tugged back.

"Miss Reynolds can wait, who was it?"

"No idea, just a very drunk guy who I probably won't see aga-"

"It was Greyson Peters, Brandon's friend who did it," I noticed his Jaw tightening matching Austins.

"I'm going to kill him" Was all he said before he took my hand and storming out of the house with me and Aiden trailing behind us. He gently pushed me into the car slamming the door and getting into the driver's seat himself.

"Now let's think rationally Austin, you can't just storm into my school and kill a teenager. You'll be sent to jail then what will happen to me?" I shrieked, his eyes narrowed as he looked at me through the mirror.

"Don't be stupid Rae, if anything did happen to me you'll have Aiden."

"That's not any better, I'd rather go to jail with you"

"Gee thanks Athena" I heard him mutter bitterly.

The car came to a sharp stop making me lurch forward hitting my head at the back of the chair.

"Ouch" I heard laughter coming from my least favourite brother so I hit him on the back of his head, making me laugh this time whilst he cursed under his breathing earning another hit to the head.

"Quit it" He spat.

I gave him one of my sweetest smiles before I was pulled out of the car. I tried pleading with my brother, telling him to turn round as my short legs tried keeping up with his long ones but it was no use.

We were currently stood in the middle of the hallway, groups of students chatting away waiting for the bell for our first class.

I noticed Lewis and Shannon walking up to us with a confused look on their face.

"Not that I love seeing your gorgeous brother but what is he doing here, he looks piss- incredibly annoyed" Shannon spoke trying to cover up her near mistake which would have earned a scolding.

"Cheers Shannon," Aiden said, a smirk flashing across his face.

"Not you, you pig" I snorted earning a glare from my brother.

Lewis gazed in the same direction as Austins, he lifted one eyebrow up before turning to my brother who hasn't said a word yet.

"Who you looking for?" As I drifted away from their conversation I spotted the very guy he was looking for, his tongue down Daisy's throat against the wall.

Not caring that they weren't alone right now. The rest of his friends weren't far from him laughing away, including my ex Brandon.

I didn't even notice my brother storming past me towards him.

"Austin wait" I ran towards him with the others trailing behind me. I glanced over my shoulder to see them all looking very displeased. Great now my two best friends know what happened at the party.

Of course, I want nothing more than someone to hurt Greyson for what he did to me but I will not let my brother get into trouble for it.

Greyson detached himself from Daisy and his eyes literally bulged out of his head as my brother raised his fist ready to knock the daylights out of him.

I will not let him go to jail and be stuck with the pig so I ran in front of him making him stop in his tracks before he could do any damage.

"Rae get out of the way" People started to gather around us watching the scene that was unfolding in front of them. My friends were stood behind Austin alongside Aiden who were looking at me confusingly.

I could feel Zacs presence so I glanced to the right to see him stood there beside me, a stern look on his face wondering what I was doing.

"I will not let you go to Jail okay you idiot" I spat.

"What are you fucking smirking at you prick" My brother yelled causing me to wince at his tone. I turned around so I could face the two smiling baboons.

"Wow Athena, it looks like someone has had a good go at your face. Does it hurt?" Greyson asked me, a half smirk appearing on his face but soon disappeared by my harsh slap that made his head whip to the side. I could literally hear everyone gasp but I didn't care at this moment in time.

The look on his face was pure gold and honestly, it felt so good.

"Big mistake" He snapped, making a step towards me so I kicked him with full force making him hunch over in pain. He fell to the floor groaning like I just stabbed him.

Daisy tried to help him up but he just pushed her making her stumble into me.

She looked at me with so much hatred.

"You bitch look what you just did to him..."

"Stop with your whining Daisy and go find another boy to bounce on..." She started to eye my brother's up before I clicked my fingers in front of her face.

"My brothers are off limits" I scolded. She and everyone else walked off when my brothers made a threatening step towards them. Brandon and another one of their friends helped Greyson off the floor.

I faced all my friends and family before gripping my hand and wincing.

"This is why I never hit anyone, that really hurt" They all started laughing till the point where they had to catch their breath. My brothers both gave me a side hug as I cradled my stinging hand.

"That was bloody amazing Rae, who knew that you had it in you" Lewis yelled with joy making me roll my eyes.

Zac was still here but I couldn't speak to him with everyone around, only Austin knew about my situation so I excused myself and left for the bathroom.

I gently closed the door behind me and was met with dark chocolate brown eyes.

"You should of let your brother pummel him into the ground, he deserved more than a slap from you which was shot by the way but you could do better" I gave him my meanest look but it just made him smile. Which was very rare for him being a moody cocky demon and all.

"Sorry to disappoint but you don't have a 'mean look'"

"Oh please, I'm sure I have a mean look! It Makes people including you shiver in their boots" I put on my serious face leaning against the wall with him close to me.

"If by 'people' you mean adorable kittens, then yes. Before they wobble over and lick your face" I glared at him as he gave me half a grin causing my heart to beat faster. He pinched my cheek so I swatted him away.

"What do you want?" I huffed out.

He gave me a once over, his hand resting beside my head whilst his other tucked a stray piece of hair behind my ear causing me to shiver slightly as his finger brushed against my cold bruised cheek.

"I know you kissed Nathanial" My eyes went wide.

"Were you spying on me?"I blurted. No one was meant to see that.

"I'm your guardian demon clumsy, I came to check up on you but I saw you lip-locking with the angel" The last word came out a bit harshly causing me to suk in a breath.

"Firstly my name is not clumsy Mr mood swing, secondly you weren't meant to see that"

"Oh is that why you did it in a room where nobody else goes?"

"Why are you even bringing this up, It has nothing to do with you and what I do with my spare time" I tried to push him away but he was too strong against my weak self.

"It has everything to do with me" he yelled making me clench my fists together.

"You are impossible Zac! You're giving me whiplash with your moods, you don't even care. The only reason your here is because you have been assigned to protect me that's all"

"For someone so smart, you can be really fucking stupid" I went to hit him for swearing but he caught my hand in his, pulling me forward straight into his chest.

We were both looking at each other sharply before he smashed his lips against mine.

I felt myself sinking into the pleasure of the kiss as my back hit the bathroom wall. Zac parted his lips, his tongue plunging into my mouth. I could taste my watermelon chapstick with a mixture of mint and cigarettes. His hands snaked around my waist making my top lift up a little, I tugged at the little strands of hair on the back of his neck making him groan into my mouth.

His hands slipped up my top and that's when I snapped out of it and realized what was happening. I broke the kiss earning a tut from him.

"Zac we need to stop, this isn't right" But that was a lie. It did feel right, I just felt so guilty because I only kissed Nathanial two nights ago. Zacs eyes turned black and then he disappeared without saying a word, leaving me all alone in the bathroom flustered and guilty.

This is for the Zirach fans! Took me ages writing this chapter, so I hope you enjoyed it.

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