My Guardian Demon

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I splashed my face multiple times with cold water before leaving the bathroom to head to class. Zac left me a little flustered before.

Opening my classroom door everyone's heads turned towards me and I earned a very disapproving look my Miss Reynolds. As I closed the door to head to my seat next to Lewis the teacher called my name.

"Why are you late to my lesson" I carried on walking to my seat and sat down, looking over at my teacher who was literally letting off steam.

"Girl problems" I placed my book and pen on the desk not in the mood to deal with her. Lewis tapped my arm making me look up from my back to see him.

"Are you okay?" He whispered. "I'm fine Lewis, I'll be even better once I can leave this class." I heard the tapping of heels creep towards me quickly making my eyes roll. The teacher stood in front of me, her eyes piercing through my soul, literally.

"Did you do your homework?" She asked.

"Hmm did you mark my test?"

"I have others students tests to grade Athena so no I didn't"

"Well I have other teachers homework to do, so no I didn't" I mocked causing the whole class to erupt with laughter, miss Reynolds shot them all a look before telling them to shut up making the classroom quit down.


"I look forward to it" I chirped, earning a fearful glare from her making me smile.

Sometimes I think she just likes spending time with me or that shes just lonely because come on, who would want to be around that?

As we all started to copy down the work from our books I became bored quickly so I had a look out of the window the see the great British weather. Rain pouring down from the grey clouds, the drops of water hitting against the glass before sliding down leaving streaks behind them. My finger followed the trails, the tip of my finger becoming cold from the contact with the icy window.

A dark figure was stood beside a tree not far from the window making me gulp. It was the same one that I saw the other day outside my house. The same bright red eyes that could possibly hypnotize you if you gazed in them long enough. Just from looking at it my body started to tremble, a chill running down my spine.

My necklace started to light up making me look down, I covered it up hoping nobody could see it. Where is my guardian demon when I need him most?

The necklace finally stopped flashing so I took another look out of the window to see that the figure was stood just inches away behind the glass. A deep dark voice echoed through my head repeating my name causing an excruciating headache.

I jumped back screaming making my chair topple over. My heart was beating rapidly as my chest tightened to the point I found it difficult to breathe.

All eyes were on me so I ran out of the classroom, Lewis shouting after me but I didn't stop. I needed to leave and find Zac or Nathanial. I pushed the school doors open and ran for my life towards my house without stopping, the rain and wind hitting my face harshly. My hair clung to my face just like my clothes.

I could see my house not far in front of me, my brother's car was gone meaning he had gone to work today. My legs carried me to the front door as I started searching my pockets for the key to the house.

I rushed inside slamming the door behind me and locking it again. Dropping my bag to the floor I sprinted up the stairs straight to my room to find three people in there, one of them is Nathanial.

They all looked at me like I had grown two heads as I slid to the floor, not even batting an eyelid that I wasn't alone because it just doesn't surprise me anymore. My hair and clothes were dripping.

"What's up with her?" I heard the girl whisper to the other man who was still staring at me.

"I don't know Lailah, why don't you ask her" He whispered back before they both turned to Nathanial who was looking very worried.

"Nath, what's wrong with the girl who's very wet covered in bruises"

I groaned, "I am right here you know, I should be asking why two people I have never met in my life are currently stood in my room whispering about me like I am bloody deaf" I said harshly.

All of them went wide-eyed at my little outburst, then Nathanial stepped forward and took my hand in his.

"Can you two leave for a minute so I can speak to Athena?" He asked them not taking his eyes off me. Even though I'm totally freaked out right now his beautiful face calmed me down, the same face I romantically kissed the other night setting alight new feelings.

"Are you kicking us out?" The girl names Lailah asked us in a shocked tone.

"Yes," We both said in unison.

"Fine" She mumbled, both of them finally left so I sat down on my bed with Nathanial holding my hand, his thumb gently stroking the back of it. I couldn't think straight with him touching me but I enjoyed the feeling. His bright eyes shone brightly as he scanned my face, giving me a small smile causing butterflies to flutter in my stomach.

"I saw something in school today, which freaked me out. That's why I am here wet through and not in school where I should be getting an education"

"What was it?"

"I'm not quite sure, it wasn't exactly a person. Just a dark black figure with really bright red eyes" The look on his face told me he knew who or what I was talking about.

"Nathanial do you know something?" He stood up with his head in his hands making me panic so I quickly stood up to walk over to him, placing my hands over his trying to pry them off his face.

"Hey look at me, look at me. What was it?" I was waiting for him to answer me, the way he looked as I told him what I saw, I knew it wasn't anything good.

"It was Satan"

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