My Guardian Demon

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It Wasn't An Accident

"What now?"

Zac had appeared in my room and Nathanials here. I do not have time for their childish fights right now. I have just up and left school and ran all the way home in the pouring down rain, which I'll most likely catch a cold from.

Although I am quite surprised that I didn't fall over on my way here, high five to me.

Wait not the point.

Now I've just found out the creepy dark figure that I've seen a few times now and literally spoke to me inside my head is Satan. I've probably had better days.

"Your kidding right?" I spluttered.

He wouldn't look at me still, probably because of our heated kiss in the bathroom before but I'm also stood next to an angel. One he didn't particularly like.

"Do I look like I'm kidding?" He snapped making me take a step back.

Nathanial looked down at me, placing his hand around mine before looking back at Zac.

"Don't speak to her like that Demon"

"Fuck off Nathanial, I am not in the mood" He took a threatening step forward.

"When are you ever in the mood? That doesn't give you the right to take it out on Athena"

"I can do whatever the hell I want, Athena will just have to deal with it" My heart dropped a little hearing him call me by my name.

As annoying as it was, I missed being called clumsy.

Before I knew it the both of them was stood right in front of each other, head to head as they were both the same height. Nathaniel was more built then Zac. I noticed their eyes changing colour which meant a fight would break out.

Before that could happen I let go of his hand and stepped between them both pushing against Zacs chest making him snap his head down to me.

"Move Athena..."

"NO! Now listen to me, I will not tolerate violence in my room and I should hit you for swearing in front of me but my hand hurts so I won't. Just put your differences aside when you're around me" I glanced at the both of them, Nathanials eyes have already turned back to his normal colour.

"I don't like seeing you both fight with each other"

"Well, Athena we don't always get what we wa-" I slapped my hand over his mouth but not too hard to stop him from completing that sentence. It was my turn to speak, I needed answers because if Satan has started showing up then that means I'm in danger which puts my family and friends in danger.

"Stop being rude and listen to me" I heard a quiet chuckle behind me making Zac growl, the vibration ticking my hand.

"Now answer my questions because I literally know nothing, all I know is what my parents wrote in my birthday card. They knew they were going to die before I turned sixteen. Why is that?" Zac moved a little so I wasn't covering his mouth anymore.

"One of the angels told them when you were born, it took a bit of time to make them believe us" Nathanial spoke.

"Did they really die from a car crash?" the room became silent, Nathanial was glaring at Zac which meant they both knew something. I looked over at the demon who was refusing to look at me, his gaze was outside obviously finding the weather more interesting.

"Zac, was my parent's death an accident?"

"No it wasn't an accident clumsy, Satan had them killed out of spite. He wants you to end up alone because he thinks that will help you make the decision on choosing us when the time comes" He spoke softly, still unable to look at me. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes.

Satan was the reason my parents died. All because of this stupid prophecy.

"Does that mean he will try to kill everyone I love because if so I would rather die then that happening." I fumed.

"I need to tell them, they need to know so they aren't in the dark..."

"You will be putting them in danger" Zac finally spun around to face the both of us.

"They are in danger if I leave them in the dark! At least they will be able to keep a look out of anything strange and I won't look stupid speaking to invisible people" Nathanial placed his hand on my shoulder making me relax a little.

"We didn't tell you this but we can actually make ourselves visible for people who can't see us, it's just nobody has a reason to do it," He told me making me lightly hit the both of them.

"Why didn't you tell me this before, people probably think I have something wrong with me with the number of spasms I have been having hitting this idiot over here and when I kissed you both..." This time I was slapping my hand over my mouth.

Never let me ramble because I end up running my mouth without thinking.

Zac already knew but Nathanial had no idea about our lip-locking session. He didn't look at me now, he was looking at Zac who was smirking.

Oh, he's so smug.

It makes him happy because Nathanial now knows what happened between the both of us.

"Wipe that smile off your face before I give out a second slap today" I mumbled making his smirk widen even more.

"I would love to see you try clumsy"

I went to take a step towards him whilst raising my hand but Nathanial pulled me back against his chest. I could feel all his defined muscles making me tense a little. Wonder what his body looked like without clothes... shut up Athena, that's so inappropriate.

"Calm down little one, we don't want you hurting your hand again," He said gently, wait little one? I am average height for a girl my age, it isn't my fault that these two are as tall as a giraffe.

"Anyway, tonight I am telling Austin, Shannon, Lewis, and Nathan. You two will be there as well and you will show yourself to them. Am I making myself clear?" I warned making them both gulp. I found it funny how a demon and an angel were scared of a small human girl who didn't condone violence unless absolutely necessary and hated swearing.

"I assume from the silence that you agree, now leave please so I can get changed out of these wet clothes" Zac smiled his eyes filling with lust, Nathanials probably doing the same at the thought of me naked.

"Stop picturing me naked and go you pervert" I snapped.

"Don't act like you don't picture me naked Athena" He darkly chuckled before vanishing.

I was about to turn around and make Nathanial leave until I felt his lips faintly kiss my neck before whispering in my ear.

"I will see you later little one" Then he was gone, the loss of his touch making me feel cold.

Now I need a cold shower.

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