My Guardian Demon

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Tonight is the night that I tell my other brother and friends about Zac and Nathanial, well about the whole supernatural spiritual battle I've been forced into because of some stupid prophecy. I told the demon and angel to come along just in case they don't believe me.

They weren't the happiest as they can't stand each other but I don't care. This way I will be able to find out some more information about it all with everyone.

I sent Lewis, Nathan, and Shannon a message asking them to come over for our weekly movie night. My pervert of a friend said to uninvite Shannon so we could have some quality time together so I could get some use of the present he bought me.

Me and Shannon just laughed because it's just so typical of Lewis.

"What are you looking for?" Austin asked as he walked into the kitchen turning the kettle on to make a brew. I crossed my arms trying to put on my most angry face.

"Tell me where the chocolate is right now, I'm seriously deprived." He arched one of his brows with an amused smile on his stupid face.

"Didn't you get loads of chocolate on your birthday off Lewis?"

"That and a pack of condoms" Aiden added as he waltzed into the kitchen to grab a drink from the fridge. I narrowed my eyes at him. He was not supposed to bloody tell him.

"Aiden ate all my chocolate, and he also took the condoms off me so it's not like I can use them" I muttered. Austin gave me a serious look now standing right in front of me towering over my small frame.

"You will never use condoms Rae"

"So you want me to get pregnant? Great parenting Austin, you should write a book"

"No that's not what I meant, don't be such a smart arse shorty. You know I mean that you're not allowed to have sex"

The only two guys I am interested in aren't even human so can they even get girls pregnant? That is another question to add to my list.

"So you two can and I can't?" The both of them nodded. "Well, that's unfair... I can have sex whenever I want... anyway back to what is most important, Where. Is.My. Chocolate?" Austin just shrugged but Aiden looked very guilty and to be honest quite frightened. I took a step towards him and pointed my finger at him.

"You ate it didn't you?" I accused.

"Erm... No" He muttered taking a step back.

He ate my chocolate. Again. I really need to put this prank into action which I will need to discuss about with Shannon tonight but first of all, I need to deal with him now.

"You know I have made it through sixteen years without beating anybody with a chair, but that's going to change from now..." He screamed as he bolted out of the kitchen with me hot on his trail. We both clambered up the stairs to his bedroom which was absolutely disgusting.

Empty pizza boxes on the floor with dirty washing that's been there for god knows how long. Condom wrappers in his bin and on the floor surrounding it.

The smell in this room was that revolting it could literally kill you. I'm surprised I'm not passed out by now. How on earth does he manage to get girls into his bedroom? I will never know.

I tackled him to the floor, my legs on either side of his body as I start hitting him in the chest screaming. He tried kneeing me in my back till he started to become annoyed so instead, he grabbed my hands and threw me off making me roll over onto his underwear.

"Oh my god gross!" I shot up onto my feet holding my nose because the smell of this room was making my eyes water.

"Punch him, knock him out, just do something clumsy. He did eat all your chocolate" I heard Zac say to me. I could feel his warm breath against my ear making me shiver. I stomped my foot pulling my phone out and sending a text to one of my friends.

Four Amigos: Can one of you please bring chocolate before I murder a certain person and ask you guys to help hide the body. Thank you. Byeeee x

I glared at my brother "You are not worth the jail time" I snapped before leaving the room and slamming the door making it shake.

"You're hot when your angry" Zac chimed making me stop in my tracks to face the demon who can't stop smirking when he's around me. We were still on the landing so I pulled him into my room and shut the door so nobody could come in. They don't know I can see the supernatural yet and I will not look like an idiot.

"So now you are talking to me? Why did you leave when you kissed me?"

"You said it was a mistake"

"I didn't mean it, I just felt guilty because I kissed Nathanial the other day and I don't want to seem desperate or selfish or anything because I'm not that kind of girl but both of you are so hot and I don't know how I ..." His lips silenced me.

I pushed him back a little to look at him "Did you not just hear what I said?" I asked.

"Yes I did so let me see if I can make you change your mind"

"I'm not having sex with you" I exclaimed making him laugh.

"I'm not going to have sex with you clumsy... yet. We can just do something else for now" I could feel his rough hand move up my dress setting my skin on fire. Not literally though.

With one fluid motion my dress was on the floor and here I was stood in my underwear in front of one gorgeous looking man who was smirking down at me.

"I knew it" He whispered.

"Knew what? I crossed my arms over my chest to try and hide but he gently pulled them away.

"Don't cover yourself up, your absolutely breathtaking" Then his soft lips were on mine again. His tongue trailed my bottom lip asking for entrance which I accepted. Our tongues twirled together making me moan into his mouth.

My back hit the wall making me squeak with the impact but that feeling went when he lifted his top over his head and placed my hands onto his mouthwatering muscles. I could see him gaze at me adoringly through his long dark eyes lashes before kissing and sucking my neck making me melt.

That was definetly going to leave a mark.

My hands ran up and down over his muscles making him tremble under my touch which made me smirk a little. Our kisses became hungrier like we couldn't get enough of each other. When I felt him massage my left breast I couldn't help but moan.

"Oh Zac" His knee pressed against my core and he squeezed my nipple which was really sensitive. This felt absolutely amazing and so right.

How come I've never done this? Oh right, because Brandon makes my skin crawl.

Suddenly his tongue replaced his finger causing me to arch my back off the wall into him which made him groan.

"Is this bad timing?" A voice asked making me jump and hide behind Zac as he stood straight glaring at his idiot friend Marax. All he could do was smirk at us.

"Get the fuck out Marax before I set you on fire"

"Alright man no need to get violent, I will leave you two horny lovebirds alone" As he left I quickly threw on my dress, my cheeks blushing deeply.

Zac turned towards me before pulling his top over his head, making his muscles flex which was a great sight to see.

He lent down to give me a quick kiss before the door burst open and tumbling in making me jump and hit my head against the wall making me wince.

"Crap" I slapped my hand over my mouth.

They all gawked at me.

"Who's Marax and why are you horny?" My brother asked whilst they nodded.

Kill me now.

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