My Guardian Demon

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Ready For Hell

All my friends and both of my brothers were stood in my room staring at me wide-eyed or very displeased. I tried to think of something to say but there is no way of trying to come up with an excuse for what they heard moments ago.

I guess I will be telling them about this whole demon and angel thing sooner rather than later, I just need Nathanial here before I can start.

My mouth was about to start rambling on but Marax appeared again making Shannon scream and everyone else jump back away from us.

"Bloody hell woman, you have got a pair of lungs on you" Marax covered his ears till Shannon couldn't physically scream anymore. Let's just say I am surprised my ears aren't bleeding right now.

Wait, does this mean Marax is visible?

"I would rather you be screaming like that in the bedroom" He winked over at Shannon making her blush and an angry Nathan clench his fists.

"Her boyfriend is stood right here you freak" He spat making Marax chuckle with himself. Nathan did not look happy, but neither did Aiden.

I gazed over at Zac who was watching the whole seen very amused. His arms crossed over his chest whilst he leans on the wall, a cocky smirk stretched onto his handsome face.

"Where the hell did he come from?"

"Well shit"

"Who is making you horny?!"

"You look like a beetroot"

"I am going to kill you"

Everyone's words were mumbling together so I did the only thing I could do in this situation, and that was to scream at the top of my lungs which would probably break my mirrors. Seven years of bad luck for me if that happens.

"Will you all shut up please! I can't explain anything to you if you carry on speaking over me" I shouted making them all quieten down.

"Let's just go downstairs so I can tell you guys everything, but first I need some well-needed chocolate."

After about an hour of explaining everything to them, well everything that I know so far they were all to shocked to speak. Although Austin already knew about most of it.

Now I needed Zac and Nathanial to reveal themselves but Zac had to go and see Satan whilst Nathanial was taking his time so I was stuck with Marax who is quite the talker.

"So ladies and gentlemen these are my wings" Marax exclaimed just before his wings grew that resembled Zacs. I love the demons and angels wings equally but there's just something about Nathanials that mesmerizes me.

"Okay I have a question" Aiden added before standing up so he was level with the demon who was a little taller than him.

"Why were you making my little sister horny?" He said seriously making me choke on my lemonade whilst Lewis sniggered next to me before patting my back.

I can't believe he just asked that in front of everyone. I definitely need to speak to Lewis and Shannon tonight about our prank on him. My coughing stopped so I narrowed my eyes at my idiot brother who was glaring at me and Marax.

"Shut up Aiden! It wasn't even him"

"She wishes it was though" He gave me a sly wink making me huff and fall back onto the couch.

The room was silent for a moment before Shannon whispered to me but everyone else heard what she had to ask.

"Does this mean you will die?" The tears in her eyes were evident which made my chest tighten. Since I found out about this, I never actually thought about dying. This wasn't some stupid game, it was a war and I was in the middle of it.

I am supposed to choose between good and evil. Obviously, anyone would side with the angels and god because Satan is pure evil, he has no good intentions and they kill for the fun of it. What am I supposed to do when I have feelings for Nathanial but I have also fallen for my guardian demon?

I wrapped my arms around her shoulders to hug her, her face buried into the crook of my neck as I felt her warm tears drop onto my shoulders. Lewis joined in on the hug. "We are with you on this Rae, I can speak for everyone here that none of us want you dead and we will not let that happen" He whispered, his voice cracking at the end.

"I don't want you guys involved though, this is dangerous and I would never be able to live with myself if any of you were to get hurt or worse killed. I'm the one who apparently has a power that can only stop the fight when it happens" They both let go of me, the sadness that was held in their eyes killed me.

"You aren't fucking dying Athena, no way in hell" My brother Aiden spat making me flinch at his harsh tone, but also because he swore but I didn't say anything about it.

"Satan wants you for something else, but none of us know what it is yet. We know it's not just for you to be this weapon in the battle but its something bigger than that, Zac is trying his hardest to find out but Satan can be a little... stubborn" Marax chimed in making everyone's eyes snap to his.

"Can't you just kill him so there's no war then Athena doesn't have to die or chose to become one of you?" Nathan asked. Marax turned to him about to answer his question but Zac, Nathanial and the two angels who I assumed were his friends showed up making people gasp.

Nathanial smiled at me whilst Zac just gave me his signature smirk. The look they were both giving me made me blush lightly and my heart started to race.

How on earth am I supposed to pick between these two? Part of me knows in my heart who I care for more and who I can see myself loving but the other half knew it was a bad idea choosing him.

"Was it you who made her horny?" They all asked at the same time. I covered my eyes and sighed before standing up to walk in the kitchen, not realizing I was being followed.

"Athena" I turned around from the fridge to see Nathanial. "Hey," I said softly before he engulfed me in a tight warm hug which made me melt against his body. I could feel his heartbeat rise at my touch making me smile in delight. "I have an idea" He whispered into my hair.

My head shot up to see his light blue eyes already looking down on me.

"What is it?"

"It involves Zarach"

"What involves me?" A deep voice broke out making me step back away from Nathanial to see Zac lent against the doorframe with a straight face. Aiden and Austin were stood behind him, well at least they didn't kill him after finding out it was him who I was with.

Wait can you actually kill a demon? Not important right now Athena.

"Yes you can kill a demon clumsy but a human isn't strong enough to do so and obviously fire won't do it as we are demons," Zac spoke snapping me out from my daze.

"I said that out loud didn't I?" They all nodded whilst chucking.

Zac stepped forward closer to us, his eyes not leaving mine.

"So what involves me, Nathanial?"

"We will need you to question Satan..."

"Already tried that, doesn't do a damn thing. Anyone else got an idea?" He interrupted. I slapped his chest lightly but he only smiled at me which was weird but I loved his smile. It made him ten times hotter.

"You need to suck up to him, act like the little bitch he wants you to be Zirach..."

"Don't fucking start Nathanial" I hit them both at the back of their head giving them both a pointed look. I didn't have to tell them what it was for because they stopped talking immediately.

"Or you could take her to hell with you, so she can meet him herself and maybe he will give her the answers," Marax said who had just appeared in the kitchen without a sound.

"I don't fucking think so"

"Are you crazy"

"Athena isn't going to hell, never in a million years"

"Not an option"

"Okay" They all turned to me, all looking very mad and started to protest against it. Marax came over to stand by my side before yelling, a deep, scary voice echoing through the room making everyone shut up. I looked up to him giving him a small smile which he returned.

Everyone was looking at me.

"I will do it"

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