My Guardian Demon

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My Power

Right now I was sat on my bed cross-legged facing a very angry demon and angel whose eyes were glaring at me which was making me a little uncomfortable.

Marax was stood next to Zac with a grin, Lailah, and Cael who were sat on the floor playing noughts and crosses near Nathanial.

A few weeks ago I never would have thought that I would have demons and angels in my room about to give me a lecture.

I had told the others to leave the house for about an hour to go and get some snacks and something for tea so they didn't have to witness whatever is about to happen with these lot.

"Can you please stop looking at me like that, it's intimidating."

"Good" Zac spat before stepping closer to me.

"Are you stupid, why would you agree to see Satan? He can kill you with just the snap of his fingers Athena" he said harshly making me gulp. I have seen him this angry before but it was never towards me.

If I could just die under a rock now that would be great.

"He won't kill me, you said so yourself. Satan or king of hell whatever you want to call him needs me for something. Obviously, he isn't going to tell you so maybe he will tell me" I crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes towards him. His jaw kept clenching in anger and frustration.

"You can't defend yourself! We won't be able to protect you either if something was to happen"

"Then teach me how to use these powers I apparently have"

"That could take ages, you are not going Athena end of discussion"

"No not the end of discussion" I grumbled standing up from the bed onto my feet.

"Fuck sake Athena stop being so god damn stubborn and listen to me" His voice roared through the room but I did not flinch. I will not back down now, nobody bosses me around apart from Austin.

I pinched him.

Zac took a threatening step forward till there was no room between us, I could feel everyone's eyes looking at us and Nathanial had stepped forward just in case something was to happen but I knew Zac wouldn't hurt me. Even if he is super angry right now and it's his instinct to hurt people.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to swear! I need to do this, I can't just sit back and wait for him to come and get me" I argued hoping he would agree with me.

"She's right Zirach, even if you do try and suck up to him we all know he's not an idiot to fall for it" Marax chimed in as he stood next to the both of us with a straight face. The three angels were watching us closely, I sent Nathanial a small smile so he would stop worrying so much which he returned making my heart flutter.

God damn feelings.

"Wow the sexual tension in this room is thick, one of you need to bang already" All of our heads snapped towards Lailah who was smiling widely. her boyfriend placed his hand over her mouth receiving a glare from her.

"I'm sorry about her. She doesn't really have a filter so just don't listen to anything she has to say" He spoke with an awkward chuckle. Well, they do say opposites attract, but they suit each other.

Aw, I wish I had a special someone like that.

"Listen clumsy, there are other demons who want you which you witnessed the other day. It won't be safe going down there, Just please can you leave it for a little bit whilst I come up with another plan" Zac pleaded making me melt.

"Fine. God damn you and your persuasive words" He shot me a quick smile making sure no one else could see because he doesn't want anyone else knowing that he has a soft side. Only me which I find quite cute.

"We start training tomorrow, one session with me or Marax and other sessions with Nathanial or his goons" Nathanial rolled his eyes but his friend did not look happy.

"Who are you calling goons, I hate you and your kind" She spat trying to move forward but was held back by Cael. Please don't fight, I really don't want my house to burn down because my brothers will not be happy and I'll end up on the street having to beg for chocolate.

Both of them started to argue with no one being able to stop them, I could see Lailahs eyes shine brightly whilst flickering with lightning which I hadn't seen before making me nervous. Zac surprisingly didn't have this black eyes on show, but I could see the odd flicker of fire spark up from his hands indicating he was ready to burn something or a certain someone in this room.

Everything was just jumbling into one to the point where I couldn't think clearly, I glanced over at the both of them becoming worried because the fire had started to spread up his arms. I had to do something before this got way out of hand.

"Will you shut up" My voice came out a lot louder then I thought it would but what surprised me was as I shot my hand out. I felt a great force leave my body which ended up making everyone in this room fly back against the wall. They all slumped down to the floor as they groaned or held wide eyes from what just happened.

"What the..." Did I just do that?

That has never ever happened to me before. I have been angry but I have never been able to throw people across the room. My eyes wouldn't leave my hands as they scanned over them, the feeling of the power flowing through my body became extremely intense to the point I started to shake.

"Right everyone leave, Zirach take your friend to see what you can do about Satan whilst I deal with Athena"

"If you think I'm just going to leave her with you then..."

"It's not the time Zirach, now just leave" Nathanial stressed. Everyone left the room and that's when my body just became weak. I could feel my body drop to the ground but Nathanial caught me in his arms just in time before my head hit the ground.

Nathanial lay me on the bed, his thumb grazing against my cheek as he pushed some hair back from my face. His hand held mine making the shaking decrease so I could open my eyes to see him gazing down at me with concern.

"Wha-what just H-happened?" I stuttered, trying to control my body but it was useless.

"You just used too much power, don't worry it will die down soon. This is why it will be a good idea to practice your powers so you can learn how to control them. The more you keep it all in the more stronger you will become but that also means the more lethal and unstable you are"

I just nodded because it was too hard to speak. Nathanial lay down next to me as I was still laying in his arms, my body molding against his perfectly. After a few more minutes my body finally stopped shaking. I hope my brothers don't catch us like this because I will have hell to pay for being in bed with a gorgeous boy, although me and Zac were doing something much worse than this earlier today.

My eyes became heavy. The power has taken all my energy and I could feel my eyelids start to drop making my vision darken but I felt okay because I wasn't alone. Before everything went dark I felt Nathanial's lips kiss my forehead gently before whispering to me.

"I love you, Athena"

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