My Guardian Demon

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My Final Decision

I woke up to the blinding light shining through my window, I grunted to myself twisting around in my bed to cover my eyes with the covers. My eyes started to droop ready to fall asleep again till loud knocks came from my door.

"Wake up Athena, you've got ten minutes to get your lazy arse out of bed and dressed or I am leaving without you and you can walk to school in the rain" He yelled through my door, then I heard his heavy footsteps become quieter as he went downstairs.

Cant I just stay in bed forever?

Lailah and I were out for ages last night after we retrieved a pregnancy test to prank my brother, just getting to know each other. It's nice to speak to another girl apart from Shannon. To be honest I'm not a big fan of other girls, as I find it hard to get on with them as most of them are very bitchy.

The only thing I had to do was find someone who my brother had slept with who would be willing to lie to him about being pregnant.

Luckily the last person he slept with was a sweetheart and didn't live too far. We have spoken a few times, so I messaged her, now I'm just waiting for a reply.

The worst thing about today is the worst lesson ever.


Being clumsy does not help at all as I'm always falling over or bumping into things. That's why no one chooses me for their teams which I don't really blame them.

Luckily Shannon isn't the best at p.e either so we stick together, and when we are outside on the field with the boys Lewis likes to embarrass us.

I can already tell that today isn't going to go well, the feeling I have in my stomach is making me uneasy. I slide out of my bed and trudge over to the bathroom to take a quick shower and brush my teeth. Using my favourite shampoo that smells of apples, which is the only fruit I will eat because you can cover it with chocolate.

Well you can cover other fruit too but that's just weird in my opinion, chocolate apples a the way.

My brothers always scold me for eating too much of it, hence why they hide it all the time and literally ration me to how much I can eat.

I turn off my shower and reach for the towel that I draped over the bath so I could wrap it around my body. The cold air hits my skin making me tremble and goosebumps ran up my body. Pulling the shower curtain to the side to see Zac stood there.

"Holy shit" I screamed at the top of my lungs, clinging my towel to my naked body but unfortunately I lost my balance. Falling forward I shut my eyes tightly ready for the pain I was about to feel when I would collide with the floor but instead two strong arms wrapped around me instead, keeping me steady.

I hesitantly opened one of my eyes to see a smirking Zac "You swore" He said.

Here I am, in the arms of a gorgeous demon with just a towel on... wait I'm just wearing my towel in front of him. Oh my god. I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks at the thought of him seeing my body if it was to fall off my body.

Maybe it isn't a bad thing if he saw you naked, I'd definitely like to see him without any clothes. Shut up!

Bad Athena.

"Are you daydreaming about me, clumsy?" He teased. My heart fluttered at his nickname for me.

"You wish" I scoffed as he chuckled darkly.

"Oh, I can make your thoughts come true if you want that is" He suggested with lust in his eyes, I couldn't help but notices him trail up my body. My cheeks blushed again and I pushed him away because he was making it very difficult to concentrate.

Then I remembered Aiden saying he's going to leave me in ten minutes which it most certainly has been. Well great, I blame Zac for scaring me.

"You can't just come into a girls bathroom when she's showering, that's so inappropriate" I scolded.

He held a massive grin on his face as he stalked towards me making me lean against the sink with nowhere to go. I gulped looking up to see him right in front of me, no gap between us as he stared down at me.

"I came for a good morning kiss, my little Rae of sunshine"

"I see what you did there" I giggled.

"Pucker up"

"Zac I cant" I quickly rushed out trying not to look into his chocolate brown eyes.

"Why not"

"It's not fair on Nathanial" I whispered.

Zac placed his hand over my cheek gently, surprising me cause usually by now he would lose his temper.

"I know you want me clumsy, you just don't want to admit it because that means you'll break his heart but I can't wait any longer. The way I feel about you won't go away, at first I hated it. Fighting against it because I'm not supposed to feel this way especially towards a human but I do." He took a deep breath before continuing.

"I'm a demon who isn't supposed to care but I'm in love with you Athena Rae Walsh, I always have been in love with you" I could see in his eyes that he was telling the truth, my throat became dry making it difficult to speak.

He was in love with me? I remember Nathanial confessing his love to me but I didn't feel anything when he said it, but with Zac, I felt everything. He was right, I am afraid of admitting it because I don't want to hurt Nathanial but don't I deserve to be happy?

Nathanial would be the most sensible choice to be with because he's good but I didn't want him. I cared for him as a friend and maybe I had a little crush on him but it would be nothing more than that.

I know he's a demon at the end of the day and I might not even survive this war but in the meantime, I think I should try and live a normal teenage life before that happens. For weeks I've been trying to fight my feelings because he's one of the bad guys but I can't do it anymore. I love this cocky, gorgeous demon who frustrates me half the time.

"I love you too" I finally admitted as I looked into his eyes with a shy a smile, my heartbeat was racing like mad.

The smile on his face made me grin wider in delight. I loved that I was the only person to see this side of him, he only ever smiled in front of me. Towards everyone else, he became the arrogant demon I first met.

Without hesitation, I stepped onto my tiptoes and kissed him wrapping my arms around his neck. He pulled me forward so my body was tight against his toned one, our lips in perfect sync with each other. Everything around me faded, and all I could think about was him. My fingers trailed up his neck to pull on a few strands of his hair which made him groan into my mouth.

Our lips separated, his dark eyes were now black but it didn't scare me.

"You really should get dressed, cause I don't know how long I'm going to be able to control myself around you with just wearing that" He gestured over to me.

"Now you just ruined the moment" I muttered.

He lent down to peck my nose and then opened the door for me. As I stepped into my room he lightly smacked my bum making me yelp. Glancing over my shoulder he shot me a wink.

"I love you" He chuckled raising his hands in defense when I narrowed my eyes towards him.

Now I have a demon boyfriend.

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