My Guardian Demon

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Knocked Down

Finally, I made it to school after begging Zac to let me go who would not stop kissing me. I loved his lips against mine but I didn't want my brothers killing me because I decided to skip school to make out with my boyfriend.

I'm already going to be in a lot of trouble for missing maths.

Now I have to survive my p.e class, and to my surprise, we are outside with the boys.


As I raced ahead to the changing rooms I bumped into Lewis and Shannon who were currently arguing with each other about where I was.

"Guys I'm here, no need to argue. I am not happy with you Shannon for ditching film night" I said flatly, both of them jumping in surprise.

"Where have you been?" They both spoke so I just shrugged, I ain't telling them the truth.

"I overslept and Aiden left me" I quickly lied but some of it was true in my defense, but they didn't need to know that. All the students scattered across the halls, rushing to their next classes before the warning bell.

"Well my two favourite ladies, I will see you out there on the field looking lovely as always" He winked at the both of us and earned a slap on the head from Nathan who appeared behind him to go into the changing rooms.

"Dude, not cool" He gasped placing a hand over his chest.

"Grow a pair, now come on before the teacher has a fit" They both waved over to us just before closing the door behind them leaving me and Shannon to go and get changed.

Our uniform consists of a simple black polo top that had our school logo. It was way too tight around my chest area for my liking and black shorts with a pair of black trainers. Whoever designed this uniform wasn't very creative. When we changed into our uniform all of us girls were told to line up outside and wait for the teacher before we could make our way outside.

"So what were you really doing this morning?" Shannon asked making me snap my head towards her, a grin was on her face as she wiggled her eyebrows. How could she possibly know?

"What do you mean? I told you I woke up late" I lied.

"Oh come on, you should know by now that I know when you're lying to me. You do this weird thing with your nose" Shannon pointed out.

"What weird thing?" I rushed out to feel my nose but she just laughed.

"See. So tell me what were you really doing this morning. Was it Zac or Nathanial?" She nudged my shoulder with an annoying smirk on her face.

Ugh, I hate her sometimes.

I huffed out a breath and turned to face her so I could speak a bit lower so no one else could hear what I was about to tell her.

"Zacs my boyfriend" I whispered.

"You have a boy-" I slapped my hand over her mouth before she could finish off that sentence, I should have known she wouldn't be able to be quiet about it. I quickly scanned over everyone to see all of them in their own conversations.

Thank god they didn't hear her.

I felt Shannon's tongue lick my hand so I pulled it away with a repulsed look on my face and wiped my hand on my shorts, she is absolutely disgusting sometimes. The teacher finally came over with a bag of balls ready to play some football. Most girls including me groaned. Football is the worst sport going.

"Athena, please remove your necklace now. You know the rules about wearing Jewellery in class" Miss Sykes demanded. My brother told me to never take this off, whenever I have been in a dangerous situation it's protected me from harm.

"Now Athena, I won't tell you again. In fact, give it to me and you can have it at the end of the lesson" The teacher stood in front of me with her hand out waiting for me to give her the necklace.

Everyone's eyes were on me which started to tick me off so I unclipped it and dropped it into her hands.

"Right girls, everyone onto the field or it's detention" She shouted making everyone jog out trying to avoid that from happening. I stuffed my hands into my pockets making my way onto the field where the boys were already warming up before playing a game of football.

Lewis noticed us and wolf whistled which earned him another smack on the head from Nathan. I giggled and jogged over to everyone, that boy will never learn. The teacher split us into two teams and to no surprise, me and Shannon were chosen last but at least we were on the same team.

The game began but I didn't move, most of the time I like to stand on the sidelines and just watch everyone else play and possibly nearly kill themselves when running and tackling the ball.

There's definitely no way that I'm doing that. Especially with the guys watching cause I would so embarrass myself in front of everyone.

Shannon was making googly eyes over at Nathan watching him run around the field after the ball which ended up rolling over towards us.

Nobody else was paying attention so I picked up the ball as I didn't have anything else to do. I made my way over with the ball in my hands, not noticing someone charging towards me at full speed.

I could hear Lewis shouting at the top of his voice telling me to move out of the way and for the guy to stop running but before I could look to see who it was I was knocked to the floor. My head made contact with the ground harshly instantly knocking me out cold.


I opened my eyes slowly, an awful dull pain aching through my skull. My eyes squinted together trying to make out where I was until someones face appeared in front of me.

"Baby are you okay?" Zac asked me worriedly. I tried to sit up but failed miserably, the pain in my head becoming worse but I felt Zacs hand snake behind my back gently pushing me forward. I smiled at him gratefully.

"Someone knocked into me on the field, I don't really remember much. Who brought me here? I asked, rubbing the spot on my head which hurt the most. Zacs expression became cold, his jaw clenched together.

"Lewis brought you here, now I know that you're okay I'm going to go and fucking rip Greyson's head off" He shot up from his seat storming towards the door. I noticed his eyes flash black which worried me. I didn't want him to go and do anything stupid.

"Zac stop please, don't go and do anything you'll regret" I pleaded.

"I won't regret this, he purposely knocked you over and he hurt you. Look at you, you're in the office with a god damn concussion because of that prick" I quickly threw the nearest thing to me at him which was a box of tissues and they landed perfectly against his forehead.

"What the fuck..."

"You swore" I pointed out with a scowl.

He pinched the bridge of his nose with his fingers taking a deep breath and shaking his head in annoyance. "Right now I don't know whether to kiss you or push you off a bloody bridge" He teased giving me a playful glare.

"Can I pick?" I gave him an innocent smile hoping this would calm him down. I noticed him looking at the door and then to me, having a silent battle with himself.

"Fuck it" He mumbled. Zac made his way over to me cupping my cheeks with his hands and smashing his lips against mine.

I really missed the softness of his lips, that fit with mine perfectly. I snaked my arms around his neck to bring him closer, his smell was intoxicating. His hands started to roam up my top making me shudder.

I could kiss him forever. His lips sadly left mine and pressed his forehead against mine as we tried to catch our breaths.

"I'm definitely going to push you off a bridge" He joked.

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