My Guardian Demon

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A Glimpse Of Zirachs Past

After another argument with Zac on whether I should go home for the day or stay in school, I am currently stood outside my house with a scowl and very bad headache.

You really don't want to get into a fight with him, as you can see I lost.

I unlocked the door stepping into my house and threw my bag on the floor without looking at Zac who was probably very happy with himself right now. Collapsing on the couch with a big sigh, I glanced over at my boyfriend who was smirking. He came to sit down next to me making the seat dip.

"You are so stubborn it's actually quite amusing" He chuckled lowly whilst wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me forward so I was sat on his knee.

"I was okay with staying in school, now I'm missing English cause you think I might pass out or something" I argued making him roll his eyes and squeeze my thighs, I jumped almost falling backward onto the floor but he snaked his arms around my back and smiled.

"Always so clumsy" Zac grinned giving me a little kiss on my nose.

"You're my clumsy though"

"When did you become so soft, you used to be such an arrogant, cocky..." I was cut off with his soft lips making me melt into his body which fit perfectly around mine.

"I wouldn't finish that sentence if I was you" He murmured into my mouth making me smile. When he stopped kissing me my stomach made a loud grumble noise, then I remembered I missed dinner from being knocked out by Greyson.

Zacs eyebrows raised up with an amusing look on his face, my cheeks heating up.

"Alright, I'll go and make you some food" He gently picked me up without effort and placed me on the seat next to him to stand up and make his way to the kitchen.

"I'll do it" I tried to jump up but he stood in front of me with his arms stretched out in front of him.

"I am making you something to eat, and you can't cook. All you will do is make a chocolate spread sandwich which is not a proper meal" He said, "And you have a concussion as well, so don't be stupid and let me do this for you."

"I'm not an invalid," I told him as I walked around him to the kitchen searching through the cupboards. As I searched for something quick and easy to make my eyes started to blur which made it quite difficult to see anything.

My knees became weak till they collapsed underneath me but Zac caught me in his arms and lifted me onto the worktop searching my eyes.

"I told you that you need to be careful beautiful, how are you feeling right now" His fingers grazed up my thigh with delicacy waiting for me to answer. I loved the colour of his deep chocolate brown eyes that swirled around with love everytime he looked at me.

I gave him a little smile "I'm okay now, maybe you should just make something" I suggested. Zac gave me another peck before looking in the cupboard pulling out some pasta and then some cheese from the fridge.

"Zac can I ask you something?" He glanced over his shoulder and gave me a nod.

"When did you become a demon?" The water started to boil in the pan then he poured the pasta into it waiting for it to cook. Zac made his way over until he was stood right in front of me, even though I'm sat on the worktop I still have to look up to look at his face.

"I became a demon one hundred years ago at the age of twenty, and I'm going to guess your next question is what did I do to be sent to hell?" His face was straight and without a reply he began to tell me anyway, but I knew he didn't really want me to know because he probably thinks I would change my mind about loving him.

Although I don't think anything could change my mind on how I feel about him.

"Well..." He cleared his throat, "Long story short I had an abusive father who used to take his anger out on my mother, me and my little sister. He became involved with a gang who he used to do little jobs for which was selling drugs. Well turns out he was spending all of his money on whores to sleep with and instead of selling the drugs he took them himself which ended up us being in debt with the people he worked for.

One night my dad was really drunk and high, arguing with my mother about bills and his sleeping around when the door burst open revealing some very angry men who took my sister and mother hostage and beat my dad in front of me. One of the men started groping my mum and that's when I snapped and before I knew it I beat the man to death. All I could remember was my sisters screams before a gunshot went off and everything became black" His face was emotionless all the way through his story, but my tears were sliding down my face.

Zac was just trying to save his sister and his mum because of his dad.

All I could do was hug him so he knows that I don't think any less of him. He didn't deserve to become a demon for trying to save his family. I brought my lips to his ear "I love you Zac, more than anything" That's all it took was for him to squeeze me back.

The water started to bubble over so he quickly walked to the oven to stir the pasta around making sure it didn't stick to the bottom.

"Random question but is there any chance of you becoming a human again, or will you always be a demon?" I had thought about this for a while because I needed to know if we both survived this spiritual way between good and bad, do we stand a chance to be together?

"There's only one way that I can actually turn into a human again, but we aren't a hundred percent if its true" He spoke.

"What is it then?" I wondered, watching him grate some cheese to sprinkle over my pasta.

"It's rumored that if you kill Satan, then his demons have the choice of becoming human again to start over, or become an angel but depending on how bad the crime you committed that made you become a demon in the first place" I nodded as he handed me the bowl of food which I tucked into almost instantly.

As I swallowed some food I looked over at him to see him staring at me with a small smile on his face which suited him than the usual scowl, "what would you choose?" After a minute or two, he came over to me and tucked a lock of hair behind my ear before stroking my cheek with his thumb.

"If you had asked me this when we first met I would have said to go to heaven and let God deal with me, but now I have you and you've chosen me I would choose to spend a human life with you" A massive grin spread across my face. He honestly has no idea how happy that has made me. My heart was beating rapidly.

Zac leaned down to my height to give me a gentle kiss on my lips, so I placed down my bowl and wrapped my hands around his neck to return the kiss as I tugged on his hair receiving a groan in my mouth I could feel his hands make its way up my top leaving tingles across my skin from where he grazed over. My legs interlocked together around his waist bringing him against me.

His tongue slipped into my mouth, trying to fight for dominance with mine but I just gave in letting him take control which he loved. I bit down onto his bottom lip making him growl, a hint of lust in his now black eyes.

"If you do that again, I won't be able to control myself," He said huskily making me weak in the knees. I was about to reply when Marax appeared behind him, looking very worn out and concerned.

"Sorry to interrupt guys but I really need to talk to you" He rushed out, trying to catch his breath

Zac turned around and leaned against the worktop right next to me before nodding over to him so he could tell us.

"I know the real reason why Satan wants Hope. We are in some serious shit"

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