My Guardian Demon

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The Real Reason

Marax's Pov.

We all walked into the front room taking a seat on the couch, I decided to stay stood up looking at the two of them who were sat next to each other holding hands. Well, isn't his adorable.

This is going to kill Zirach when he finds out Satans real reason to why he wants Athena so badly, we all had our suspicions but neither of us would have guessed this. I stood straight watching them both, Athena looked exhausted. She had a dark bruise forming on the side of her head which looked quite sore.

"Are you going to spit it out anytime soon or do I have to beat it out of you?" Zac grumbled earning a pinch from Athena making me chuckle, I can see why he loves this girl. I understand why he may be a little bit pissed off, I did disturb his alone time with her but this is really important.

"No need to be violent, even though I would definitely kick your arse" I bragged but that was a big mistake, Athena didn't look happy with my choice of words so she launched her bowl of food at me. Yes her bowl of food, god damn she's crazy. I yelped and dodged out of the way as the bowl smashed into pieces against the wall.

Zac was smiling away and Athena just shrugged as she sat back against the couch, crossing her arms and throwing her legs over his.

"You've got a crazy one" I pointed out to him to which he just winked at.

"The crazy ones are always better in bed" Athena nudged his side.

"Carry on and you'll never find out" She stuck her tongue out but he grabbed it.

"I'll bite that tongue if you do that again" He purred as he edged closer to her now bright red face.

I coughed gaining their attention, "Alright that's enough, this is becoming very sexual and I do not want to witness that. So just listen and I'll tell you what I've just discovered" They both sat forward ready to listen.

"Well I overheard Satan and his little minions speaking and me being me I had to eavesdrop, I didn't really have anything else better to do because you had decided to spend the night with our lovely Athena over here which I'm really sorry about interrupting but..."

"Will you just get on with it" Zac snapped. I raised my arms in defense.

"Anyway, well Satan doesn't just want her to be on our side so we have a better chance of winning but he also wants to marry her."

"He wants to what?" We all turned our heads to see both of her brothers stood at the door with very angry faces. Hm, when did they appear?

They both walked in and stood there with arms crossed waiting for me to carry on, I could already see Zacs eyes turn a shade darker which isn't good.

"Apparently Athena holds a lot of power and he found out that if he marries her their power will become one meaning he will become unstoppable. The angels or even God won't be able to stop him" Finally I got that off my chest, my work is now done but the way Athena was looking at me made me feel guilty. I can't just leave them when she's in danger. I really do hate humans but she's different and to be honest I can see us becoming good friends.

"Erm there are a few demons who just want Athena dead because they think she's just going to side with the angels so they will do everything in their power to kill her so that doesn't happen" I breathed.

Zirach is my best friend even though he doesn't really like to admit it but he loves her and I know it will destroy him if anything happens to her.

Athena had tears in her eyes and looked physically sick at what I just told her. On the other hand, Zirachs eyes had turned to a deep black, anger was radiating off him making his girl look over at him. Her hand gripped his making his eyes snap to hers but she didn't flinch at his demon-self which was impressive.

Her other hand grazed against his cheek, her thumb started to stroke up and down trying to soothe him. Nothing could ever calm him down, his anger always became the best of him as he struggled to control it which is one of his downfalls even before he became a demon. To my surprise, his shoulders relaxed and his breathing calmed down. HIs eyes closed and when he reopened them they were back to his normal brown colour.

"There is no way in hell I'm letting Satan marry my little sister" One of her brothers snapped "He will have to go through the both of us before he even lays a single finger on her" I respected their bravery but they are honestly stupid if they think that they could stop Satan. Nobody can.

"Why does he want to become more powerful? He's already strong enough so there must be a reason to that and you know what it is" Zirach asked as he stalked towards me leaving Athena with her brothers that made their way over to her and sat with her on the couch.

I heard her eldest brother mutter to her about not wearing her necklace that she got for her birthday, apparently, it's important.

All of their eyes were on me now "Apparently he wants to destroy all angels including their god" After today we definitely need to start training up Athena and her powers because there no way she will be able to defend herself or even kill anyone until she's practiced and discovered all of her powers and the strength she has.

"He also wants to wipe out the human race"

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