My Guardian Demon

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My First Time

I was shocked after hearing Satans plan. He wanted to wipe out the human race which includes everybody I care about. Well, it's decided, I need to start practicing my powers now.

"Zac you need to let me practice for the battle now because it's only a matter of time till he shows up again and I don't want to be a sitting duck when that happens" I confessed as I went to feel for my necklace but then remembered my stupid teacher still has it.

Austin already wined because I didn't have it, apparently, it's meant to protect me.

"What are you doing home early anyway? and with two boys" Aiden's eyes narrowed towards the two demons who were stood in the middle of the room mumbling to each other, Zac is probably trying to dodge my question because I'm unfit to practice after today.

"I was rugby tackled to the floor and I hit my head but that's not important."

"Yes it is important"

"No, it's really not"

"Athena stop being difficult, it is important" I could see Austin rolling his eyes so he just upped and left leaving us to it. Great, thanks for the help.

"Zac" I shouted making him look my way raising one of his brows "Can you please hit my brother with a knife?" I grumbled earning a smack on the back of my head.

"I believe the technical term is 'stab' clumsy" He chuckled. I rolled my eyes, the one time I need him to stick up for me against my brother and all he's bothered about is technicalities. Austin came back into the room looking straight at Aiden who was still going on with himself about me being alone with two boys.

"Aiden shut up will you, it's your turn to cook tonight. I need to go back to work. I only came back to see if Rae was okay after receiving the phone call about her" He picked up his jacket that was on the back of the chair, came over to place a gentle kiss on my forehead and left just after murmuring his goodbyes.

Zac and Marax had disappeared leaving me alone with my idiotic brother. He was sat there glaring at me like I've done something terrible. I decided to do the same which ended up in us two having a staring competition. My eyes started to feel heavy, probably from the light concussion that I have so I blew onto his face making him blink.

"I won" I raised my hands into the air doing a little dance.

"You cheated" He moaned.

"Did not"

"Did too"

"Did not"

"You fucking did... Woah" I kicked him off the couch making him land onto the floor with a thud. I would definitely be dead right now if looks could actually kill but I couldn't keep my laugh in. Aiden tried to scramble up onto his feet when a phone started to go off.

My brother walked over to his phone to probably read a message from one of his lady friends. His eyes darted across the screen and his face just paled, as he had just seen a ghost. Wonder what it could be?

I stood up from the couch to head to my room so I could get changed to go to school and get my necklace back when Aiden stormed past me opening the living room door and slamming it behind him. Well, he best be back by the time I'm finished because he's actually a good cook and I really need some food.

Pulling out my phone to see if I had any messages whilst walking up the stairs was such a bad idea. When I tripped right at the top my phone flew to the ground, possibly cracking my screen and I landed on my front.

My poor boobs.

Fed up of this clumsy life I just lay there still, I never realized how comfy this carpet was. Maybe I should just sleep here for the night because I am honestly too lazy to walk to my room now.

When I was about to fall asleep I felt someone slide their hands under my armpits and lift me off the ground to be cradled in someones strong muscular arms.

I opened my blue eyes to be met with some dark brown ones. My Zac.

He was smiling down at me as he started to walk to my bedroom. Zac used his foot to close the door and made his way to my double bed laying me down gently before lying down himself right next to me.

"Zac I can't stay in bed, I need to go and get my necklace back" I tried to sit up, but instead he pulled me back down and threw his arm to the other side of me whilst he hovered over my body. His face was so close to mine, his breath was lightly hitting my skin. I could see his eyes wander down to my lips then back up like he was contemplating something.

"I can get you the necklace in a bit alright, for now, I want you all to myself" He purred.

Well, I would be very stupid to leave this gorgeous demon in my bed so I didn't bother to argue back. Both of my brothers were out so hopefully, nobody would disturb us for a while.

"Wait don't you have some demon duties to tend to?" I asked he shook his head before placing a kiss on my lips.

"You have no idea how much I want you" He whispered. Surprisingly I wanted him as well, it just felt right. When I was with Brandon, every time he tried doing something like this I felt sick. His touch just felt off but being with Zac was just something else. I really do love him, and this is why I want to do this with him.

Mature scene.

"Well, what are you waiting for then" I murmured. His brown eyes met mine in surprise.

"What?" He asked.

"You heard me" I gave him a smile.

"Are you absolutely sure because once I have started I won't be able to stop" He warned, his lips resting against my ear "Oh and demon sex is so much better" He nipped my earlobe making me gasp.

"Just get on with it" I rushed.

He didn't say another word, his lips crashed onto mine knocking the air out of my lungs at the impact. He was rough but loving at the same time, all I could think about was him and nothing else. As he left trails of kisses down my jaw and neck his hands start to roam underneath my top till he reaches the underneath of my bra.

My hands grip onto the hem of his top tugging it up his body, as I do this he stops kissing me and pulls his hands out from underneath my top to pull his over his head and throwing it onto the floor. I look down as he unbuttons his jeans swiftly pulling them down his toned legs before skillfully kicking them off.

His lips connected with mine again very eagerly, his tongue plunged against mine instantly taking over the kiss. I let my arms roam up and down his back feeling every muscle as the flex. I felt him glide my top up the front revealing my stomach and because I'm not entirely confident with the way I look and I cover my self up with my hands.

Zac peered down at me, his hands gently removing mine away from my body "Don't cover yourself up clumsy, your beautiful the way you are" He reminded.

Then he started to leave kisses up and down my stomach making me giggle as it tickled. With one quick motion, my top was now on the floor, my shorts following them soon after.

Now I was left in my underwear as well as him. His hand slowly snakes down to my underwear, so I raised my hips so Zac could pull them off till I was just left in a bra. My lips part as I feel his finger gently rub against my sex before plunging them into me, and with that surprise my back arches of the bed into him.

As he rests his head against mine as he pleased me I couldn't help but moan which was muffled by his kisses. The world starts to spin and I bite onto his bottom lip making him groan. Catching hold of his wrist to stop him from pleasuring me, even more, he smirks down at me.

"Eager aren't we," He said cockily, his brow cocking up.

"Shut up" He laughed before kneeling up to remove his boxers. My eyes sprung open even wider at the size of him. How is that even going to fit into me? I'm sorry but that isn't normal.

"Done staring baby?" He looked very amused right now, and I think he can tell by the look on my face that I was a tad frightened. Not because I didn't want to do this but because I didnt want to be ripped apart on my first time.

"Don't worry it will fit" Zac chuckled "It will hurt at first but that's normal but after a while, it will feel amazing. I'm a little worried myself cause after you've been with me I don't think you will be able to pry your hands off me" I swatted his arm as he lent down to position himself at my entrance, his hands slowly snaking up and down his length.

With his other hand he unclipped my bra before removing it from my breasts, his eyes darkening even more. Zac licked his lips making me blush with him staring at my now naked body.

"Wait we need a condom, Lewis didn't give me some for my birthday which I am now so very grateful for but my brother took them and..." My words were muffled once again by his soft lips. When he lifted his head up, his eyes were a shade darker.

"No need, I'm a demon so I can't get you pregnant. Now, are you ready?" He asked amusingly. I nodded in response, my throat becoming dry.

Slowly he started to enter making me wince, my eyes scrunching up trying to ignore the pain. I dug my fingers into his back probably leaving scratch marks along the way. A small whimper left my mouth making Zac stop and look at me.

"Not long now baby, ugh shit I'm just gonna do it" With that, he thrusts into making me bite into his shoulder, the metallic taste entering my mouth but he didn't budge.

"Everyone says to do it slowly but I think it's better getting it over and done with" He whispered into my ear.

I could see some blood trickling from his shoulder.

"I'm sorry" I squeaked in surprise. I didn't mean to hurt him.

"That's nothing clumsy, don't worry about it" Then he started to thrust in and out of me gently till the pain subsided and was replaced with pleasure.

"Mmm," I moaned into his ear, his thrusts because harder and faster. I felt his lips suck on the neck of my skin with his teeth lightly grazing against me from time to time making my moans become even louder. Unable to stay quiet anymore I started screaming his name between gasps, the loud groans coming from him was a turn on.

Our noises filled the room.

I never imagined for it to feel like this.

He felt my whole body that was starting to tremble as he continuously thrust deeply into me, not slowing down one bit. I could feel myself about to come undone and he knew.

"Let go baby" Then I released unable to hold back anymore, soon after he did the same as he groaned out my name into the crook of my neck where he probably left a few marks. I tried to catch my breath as he was lay on top of me, not putting to much pressure on my small body. As I finally came down from my high we both looked at each other with a smile.

"I love you" He pecked my nose. "God damn your gorgeous, how will I ever get enough of you?" I giggled.

"I love...

"ATHENA RAE WALSH" I heard Aiden's voice boom from downstairs.

Oh no.

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