My Guardian Demon

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After hearing my brother yelling my name downstairs, who by the way sounded very angry I quickly shot up making Zac fall onto the floor naked bringing my covers down with him. I felt the cold air hit my naked body.

"I hope you make yourself invisible before my brother walks in to see you naked, cause if he finds out you had sex with his little sister, then we are both doomed" I rushed out trying to find my underwear as I could hear my brother's footsteps grow closer to my room.

Quickly throwing them on as Zac was laughing his head off at my fumbling about the door burst open "What the hell Aiden I'm just in my underwear, you can't just barge into a girls room like that" I scolded trying to cover myself up.

I noticed one of Lewis's hoodies on my dresser so I snatched it and threw it over myself with it reaching mid-thigh. I glared over at my brother who was heavily breathing, his eyes not moving from me making me squirm under his stare. I felt awkward because Zac was still sat on my bed naked.

Great how am I supposed to concentrate with his gorgeous body on show, but I can't make it noticeable that I'm not alone.

"I've seen you in a bikini before" He flatly spoke.

"Well stupid I wasn't in a bikini" I retorted.

"Same fucking difference" He growled taking a step further making me take a step back.

"Get out of my room Aiden and come back when you have calmed down"

"I wouldn't be fucking angry if you didn't play this stupid pregnancy prank on me you bitch, do you know how worried I was about the possibility of becoming a dad Athena?" Wow, that's the first time he's ever called me something like that.

That's a little harsh, even for him.

I could see in the corner of my eye Zac becoming furious at my brother, he was putting his clothes back on just in case he had to step in. Wouldnt be the best idea if he was still naked. Although I could handle my brother.

"Well, maybe this will teach you to not sleep with every girl whos willing to open their legs for you because it could happen. So just think of it as a well-learned lesson" I stood straight, but my brother still looked annoyed as he made his way over standing right in front of me. He gripped my hips and threw me over his shoulder roughly.

"Put me down now Aiden, or so help me I'll..." He pinched my leg making me yelp.

"Shut it, this is payback" He snapped making his way downstairs where I almost hit my head numerous times against the wall from all the swinging. As he stepped into the living room I heard a car door shut outside signaling my other brother was home.

"This way my payback for eating my birthday chocolate, now put me down because I don't feel too good" I lied. The door burst open revealing Austin who just stood there staring at us wondering what was going on.

"Now time to swim with the fishes" He chuckled darkly.

I started hitting his back with my fists repeatedly, probably hurting myself more than him.

"Aiden put me down! I can't swim and you know that"

"Well learn"

"I don't want to"

"I suggest you start now if you don't want to drown"

"This isn't funny"

"Too bad, maybe me and Austin will be able to have a better life once your annoying arse is fucking dead. Your just a burden to us both and your friends" He spat coldly. I could see the back door coming into view making me struggle to breathe at the thought of being thrown into a freezing pond in this weather unable to swim.

"Aiden put her the fuck down now before I make you" Austin yelled loudly but he didn't listen, he just continued walking towards the door. As soon it opened the wind hit my naked half causing goosebumps to spread up my body. My brother tightened his grip around my waist so I couldn't wriggle around anymore.

Austin tried storming towards us but the kitchen door slammed closed making me jump in Aiden's grip. The loud banging coming from behind us with his frantic yells made me weep.

"Please, Aiden just put me down, this isn't you! Why are you acting like this" I cried. This wasn't him, I know we would argue most of the time but it never went this far. it was just normal sibling behavior. He never ever said that he wanted me dead or that I'm a burden to the people who I love.

"Athena it isn't Aiden" I snapped my head up to see Zac coming towards so, before he could make his way to me I was thrown off my brother's shoulder to see his eyes a dark black resembling Zacs and Marax's.

My screams overpowered everyone shouts before I landed in somebody else's arms, he squeezed me so tight I yelled in pain.

"Get the fuck off her" I could see Zac struggling against Aiden and somebody else who was holding him back, they were all turning into their demon form. The man who was holding me against him looked familiar, it's the same guy who threatened me that time when I visited hell.

I took one more look at my boyfriend who was just kicked to the floor, his sad and angry eyes staring at me.

The tears started falling down my cheeks, and there is nothing I can do because I have no idea on how to control my powers and I still don't have my necklace.

Black smoke started to whirl around us making my vision foggy. The last thing I heard was the agonizing screams from Zac which broke my heart in two.

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