My Guardian Demon

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My Athena Is Gone

Zirachs Pov

Athena was gone.

My Athena was gone.

One minute she was laying in my arms as we made love, the feeling of her soft warm skin under my delicate touch was now replaced with emptiness. The thought of her being with demons who had no soul, no feelings and there only goal was to kill her. Someone so innocent, beautiful and pure-hearted who loved me.

Clumsy didn't deserve this, and I'll do everything in my power to get her back.

After being slashed through my abdomen by one of the demons that held me back from helping her, I snapped his neck and burnt him till he was nothing but ash. As for Aiden, I knew the moment I saw him rushing to the door with Athena that he was possessed.

I managed to knock him out without causing any harm, trying to blank out the burning feeling from my wound as it slowly healed itself. He needed the demon cast out of him, and the only people who can do that are angels.

So I tied him up to the living room couch with everything I could find. Austin was frantically pacing up and down the carpet with his hands tugging at his now messy brown hair. The odd tear was sliding down his cheeks at the thought of his baby sister kidnapped by monsters.

"We need to get her back" Austin whimpered.

My eyes gazed over to him and he looked completely broken down, his little sister was god knows where and his little brother was possessed by a demon.

Usually, demons can leave the body they have possessed but I have a feeling this one won't leave without a fight and even if I have to hurt Aiden to get to him I will.

"Why would someone want her dead" He yelled throwing a vase across the room, it smashed against the wall and the sharp pieces flying everywhere. His shoulders were raising up and down, his tears were now streaming down his face.

Austin's eyes were bloodshot, with heavy bags underneath him looking like he hadn't slept in years.

The darkness that was inside me was fighting to get out and most of the time I would let it consume me. That was until Athena met me and we could finally interact with each other. She had a way to calm me down that no one else could achieve through the one hundred years I've been a demon.

I couldn't let the darkest part of me break through because my beautiful girlfriend and her family need me.

Flashes of light sparked through the room revealing Nathanial with his little red-headed friend who always looked like she was up to mischief. They both looked over at Aiden who was still out cold and Nathanial rushed to him making sure that he was still alive.

What a dick.

"What did you do?" Nathanial accused me. He stood up and strode over to me, his fists were balling up making his fingernails dig into his skin. Who does he think he is accusing me of hurting Athena's brother.

Yes, I am portrayed as being evil as they come, but the human me wasn't. All I wanted to do was protect the people I love and in doing so I was turned into a monster. A monster that Athena fell in love with, looking past the evil.

She saw the real me. That crazy, kind-hearted, chocolate lover who manages to fall over anything fell in love with someone like me.

I need her back.

My eyes grew a shade darker from their usual dark chocolate brown as Nathanial stood just centimeters apart from me. I brought my hands out in front of me to stop him from proceeding any further because the person who can calm me down isn't here and there's no telling what I might do if he pushes me too far.

His friend took a step forward but I shot her a glare making her grumble and then take a step back.

Smart move redhead.

"If you take another step I won't be responsible for my actions" I warned him.

"What did you do to Aiden, demon? Do you think Athena will ever forgive you if you ever hurt one of her brothers or friends because I sure don't. God, you are delusional if you think she will ever choose you over me" He jested before taking another step towards me.

The noise that rumbled from my throat was animal-like, I could feel the fire radiating from my hands ready to burn him if he came too close to me.

Before I could strike him someone's hand caught mine in midair and pulling it away from Nathanial. Marax was stood beside be glaring over at Nathanial who was now accompanied by the redhead.

"He isn't worth it Zirach, and whether we like it or not we need him to rip out that fucking demon who took Athena" My tensed muscles relaxed making my black eyes disappear, my breathing was back to normal.

I nodded my head making Marax let go of me and he turned to Nathanial, "This doesn't mean I like you. If we were in a different situation and Athenas life wasn't in danger I would gladly let him burn you and your sorry arse to ash" He gritted his teeth angrily.

Nathanial looked taken back at Marax's harsh words, my scowl turned into a half smirk seeing him squirm like that.

"For your information dick, Athena chose me. Not you" I chuckled to myself as I walked around them and to Aiden who was no waking up slowly. His eyes were black as they glided across us all whilst a sick looking smirk spread across his face.

"You had sex" Marax chimed in looking very smug. I didn't look away from Aiden who was very quiet.

"You what?"

"Athena would never do that"

"It's about time, the sexual tension between you two was something else" Everyone looked over at little miss redhead who was smiling, "This isn't important" I added, "What's important is finding out where these bastards took Athena and who is involved before I let Nathanial rip you out of this body so I can deal with you myself" I threatened, inching very close to his face which still held no emotion.

"Because believe me when I say this if any harm comes to clumsy you won't need to fear Satan. I'll make sure to kill you in the most excruciating way your mind couldn't even possibly imagine, and that goes for everyone who is involved" My voice came out dark, the room becoming cold to the point you could see your own breath in the air.

A gulping noise was made from someone which was most likely Austin.

Everyone was stood around me, part of me wanted to let my demon take over but the other part was fighting against it. The good part that only Athena saw in me. The demon smirked.

"She's probably already dead" He chuckled darkly making my demon take over.

I gripped onto his collar yanking him up from the seat and lifting him off the ground slightly causing him to start gasping for air but he didn't panic. My mind was overtaken with anger at his words about Athena. Nobody will ever harm her.

"Now listen to me, the next words that come out of your mouth better be the answer to my question or I'll rip you from limb to limb and you'll be forced to stay in this body so you can feel every single pain, every tear until you are unrecognizable" I tightened my grip on him, bringing him closer to me, the heat from my hands was starting to build up.

"Now tell me where the fuck Athena is" I spat.

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