My Guardian Demon

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My Poor Chocolate Cake

It was finally time for my favourite part of the day at school, the only thing worth my time.

Dinner time.

Even though I bring my own food in because the meals they prepare here are absolutely disgusting. The food consisted of either overcooked vegetables, boiled potatoes that were like chewing bullets, and steamed puddings with watery custard with skin on the top.

I honestly don't understand how some of the students here can eat it, but most of the guys here eat like animals so they probably don't even taste it.

I opened the large doors to the canteen, instantly being greeted by my favourite weirdos singing happy birthday. There were my two best friends Shannon and Lewis along with Shannon's boyfriend Nathan.

Two huge balloons on either side of the table, party hats, more presents, and cards, but my favourite thing of all. A huge mouthwatering chocolate cake. I didn't care that everyone in the canteen was giving us odd looks, I was just so happy right now so I skipped over to them throwing myself around them all.

"Happy birthday Rae" They all shouted making me chuckle with happiness. This is something I definitely needed after dealing with such an arrogant, sexy demon all day. Never thought I would ever say a sentence like that.

"So did you like the presents Lewis got you?" Shannon asked, wiggling her eyebrows whilst the other two laughed. I sat down across from her already ripping into my chocolate bars and stuffing them in my mouth.

Chocolate is like a drug to me, I eat it every single day. Everyone thinks I have a problem but I think it's better being addicted to this than drugs.

I didn't even bother answering, just because I'm the only virgin on this table they all decided to buy me condoms. How mature.

Shannon and Nathan have been together for a year, they were each other's first time. I love their relationship, it's so cute. On the other hand, Lewis is a player who doesn't believe in relationships. He just wants to have fun for now. Both of us girls don't agree with it but it's not any of our business at the end of the day. We are the only girls he treats with decency and respect. Sometimes I think it's because he's not grown up with a mum. Just his deadbeat dad and an older brother who is lovely by the way.

Opening my fourth chocolate bar I noticed a hand slowly making it's ways over to grab one so I slapped it making the person yank his hand back with a yelp. I glanced up, no emotion held on my face as Nathan just looked over at me, his bottom lip stuck out.

"Shannon please, control your boyfriend" Lewis couldn't stop grinning at me, constantly poking my cheeks because they were chubby and cute.

"Nath you should know by now she doesn't share chocolate, you'd be lucky to get a slice of this cake" Lewis spoke with amusement.

"She can't possibly eat all that to herself," He said in disbelief, quickly looking at all of us.

"Believe me she can" That was the only thing said before we started having our own conversations. I just sat there in my own little world, listening to all the voices mixing together in the dining hall. A little buzz came from my pocket so I pulled it out to see a message.

Idiot: won't be able to pick you up when you finish, I have a study session.

What a surprise, my stupid, idiotic brother manages to annoy me once again, but then a great idea came to mind. Opening up my contacts I found the one person who will change his mind. After sending the message I placed my phone on top of the table, a happy mischevious grin on my face.

Shannon lightly kicked my leg making me focus on her. "Why are you smiling?" She asked.

"Just wait and see" As soon as I said that my phone started to ring, so I counted up to three and then answered it.

"Well good afternoon Aiden, how can I help you on this splendid day?"

"You're such a bitch, why did you tell Austin I would rather spend my afternoon fucking a whore instead of picking my little sister up on her birthday. I said I have a study date" As he was ranting on like a crazy person, I noticed flashes of light appearing behind a few people before disappearing. For a second, a faint figure appeared looking straight towards me before vanishing again.

That was weird.

"Will you be quiet, we both know that your idea of a study session is, excuse my language, fucking anything that will open their legs for you. So for once in your life think about somebody else but yourself, it won't kill you for one night. So I will be seeing you when I finish. Goodbye Aiden." And with that, I hung up and threw my phone in my bag.

Lewis started howling as he threw his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer to him. "I love it when you swear, it feels like Christmas."

No, I hardly ever swear because I don't see the need for it. If I really have to, I'll excuse myself or apologize straight after, it might seem weird to some people but I have always done it and always will.

We settled back into a comfortable silence, then a familiar face appeared right in front of me. Zac was back with an angry scowl on his face, well angrier then it usually is.

I've only known him for a few hours and I can already tell what kind of person he is. I mean Demon. It's still so weird for me, I'm still waiting for some actual answers and explanations from him which I am determined to find out tonight. He can't ignore me forever, he's my guardian Demon after all.

I think he knew I was rambling on inside my head because a slight smirk appeared on his face. It's a bit creepy that he knows me so well seen as he's been able to see me since the day I was born and I couldn't see him. Wait but if he has always been able to see me whenever he wants, then that means he's seen me in the shower!

Oh my god, what a pervert. I can't believe it, this should not be allowed. Oh wait till we are alone, I'm going to give him a piece of my mind.

"Rae, why do you keep wiggling around on your chair, ants in your pants?" Nathan asked me whilst the others were staring at us both.

"No my bum just really hurts, I think I've broken it" I grumbled.

Zac made a snorting sound but obviously, only I could hear it, I wasn't thinking and elbowed him again as he was currently sat next to me scowling at my friends.

"Spasms," I said sheepishly, tucking back into my chocolate to avoid the confused stares of my friends.

"Anyway, whos place are we having the movie night at?" Lewis asked us all.

I shrugged, "We could do it at mine, Austin will be at the garage late and Aiden is off to a party seen as it's Friday," They all thought about it for a few seconds before agreeing.

"Your douchebag of an ex-keeps looking at you," Zac said making me stiffen thinking my friends would be able to hear but seen as none of them answered, still chatting away about the films we were going to watch and what snacks they were going to bring proved that I could only hear him too.

My eyes started to wander around the room looking for Brandon, and sure enough there he was stood with his little crew staring right at me. A low growl rumbled in my throat wishing somebody would just hit the guy with a truck or something.

Then his little fling made an appearance from behind one of them, her hand tracing lines up and down his arm trying to look seductive put epically failing. Brandon wasn't paying her any attention which seemed to frustrate her, then her eyes caught mine.

Well, that is not a happy face at all.

"Oh great" I huffed, all heads turning to me.

"What is it?"

"Excuse my language again but Queen slut is walking over." None of them even bothered to look because they knew who I was talking about.

"Why are you looking at my boyfriend?" Hannah snapped, placing her hands on the table in front of me. I noticed a few people were looking over here, stopping their conversations at the same time.

"He was the one looking at me" I pointed over to him so he knows that this was about him, but it only made him smirk.

"Maybe you should keep an eye on your 'boyfriend' from now on, cause he seemed to be very single before" As I stood up to leave I felt her hand grip my wrist, her bright pink nails digging into my skin.

I could hear a growl coming from Zac but it didn't sound normal. It was frightening, making me remember that he wasn't human like us but that he's a demon. This morning I didn't believe them, now I have one that's meant to be my guardian.

The demons that were in your nightmares, the stories that you were told when you were little. How they serve the king of hell, and that they were pure evil with no humanity. Fire and darkness surrounded them and trouble following them wherever they go.

Films and books portrayed them to be scarily looking, bright red with large horns. All in different shapes and sizes, but my demon wasn't. He's hot, no pun intended. You know with coming from hell and hell is hot, no? Okay moving on.

My friends all shot up from their seats angered by Hannah. It takes a lot for me to get angry as I'm usually a calm happy person so I took a deep breath noticing it relaxed Zac at the same time. Only a little though.

"Hey Hannah, would you like some cake?" I offered her, eyeing my birthday cake that was still untouched.

Her thick slug of eyebrows creased together as she looked at me and straight down to my cake.

"Why would I want to eat that? Do you have any idea how much calories are in that" She squeakily yelled in my face making me cringe a little.

I hope to god my brother has bought me another cake.

Without giving it another thought before I could back out, I picked up my cake with my free hand and shoved it in her face rubbing it a little making it smudge into her hair.

Laughter erupted from all around, a satisfactory grin on my face as I pulled it away from her. Her face was priceless. My gaze quickly flickered to my demon who was actually smiling but he dropped it as soon as he noticed me staring.

"Well, I hope you enjoy my cake, oh by the way you've got a little chocolate on your face. Make sure you get that" I picked up my bag and made my way out of the canteen, my friends following me not being able to keep in their laughter.

A loud screech was heard before I slammed the doors shut. I turned around to see all three of them with shocked grinning faces.

"That was amazing" Shannon gushed like a proud mother as she clapped her hands, the boys nodded away, their eyes filled with amusement.

All I could think about was my poor chocolate cake all over Hannahs' face.

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