My Guardian Demon

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Let the games begin

Satans Pov (Short Chapter)

I love watching Athena squirm when she sees my dark soul on earth. Her frightened blue eyes that are angelic like pierce through my red ones when we make eye contact brings me happiness because I'm the one who makes her feel like this.

In my eyes humans are a disgusting species and should be extinct, they should all be demons who either work for me or rotting in my dungeons who have failed to please me.

I've never been attracted to a human either, and the only reason I need and want Athena is that her power will make me stronger so I can destroy everything on this planet. Including heaven.

The only thing that is stopping me is I haven't regained all my strength yet from the last battle we had against the angels. Also, there is a necklace that should be in Athena's possession that could end up destroying me. It holds a very powerful stone inside that was magically made at the same time the prophecy was.

The necklace needs to be destroyed.

Zirach and nobody else knows the real reason why I want this girl apart from my right-hand man who personally works for me. All they think is that I just want to convince her to be on our side so we can win. Some idiots don't agree with me and just want her dead because they think she will choose the good side.

I know her and Zirach are in love with each other, you would have to be plain stupid to not see that. It just makes it more fun for me when I go through with my plan.

Once me and Athena are married I will have no use for her anymore.

When all of this is over she will die.

I will be the one who ends her life, making me the most powerful creature on this earth.

"Have you any news on the girl or the location of the necklace?" I ask one of my closest men.

He closes the door behind him to my room and slowly makes his way over to me. Ashe bows he shakes his head slightly.

"We don't know if the girl even has the necklace you want my king but some of the demons did take Athena, they were planning on killing her even when you warned every single one not to. Zirach and Marax managed to save her in time before anything happened" I nodded, squeezing my jaw shut trying to control my anger. How dare they betray me and break my rules about harming the girl.

"I will deal with them later," I growled viciously, "Has everyone started their training yet?" My voice came out surprisingly calm.

"They have my king" He replied still stood up straight with his hands behind his back.

"We are in no rush as Athena doesn't know how to control her powers and I'm not powerful enough to take anyone on right now. Especially with that necklace out there which could destroy me and I cannot let that happen. Only God knows what that necklace can do." I stood up from my chair and walked over to him, straightening my tie out.

"For now I'm just going to have a little more fun with Athena till I'm ready for battle, and I think we are long overdue for a proper meeting" I smirked and my eyes darkened.

Let the games begin.

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