My Guardian Demon

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Little spat

Zirachs Pov (Before they rescued Athena)

"You are not ripping my brother apart" Austin snapped as he gripped my arm tightly whilst I still had hold of Aiden who didn't even seem fazed by my threat.

He just stood there with a half smirk on his face looking between us both hoping we would end up getting distracted enough so he could escape.

My demon was partly in control now and he did not like to be threatened or touched. My head slowly turned to the side so now I was facing him and my eyes narrowed the blackness becoming duller.

A deep animalistic growl escaped my lips making him take a step back closer to the others.

"Zirach he is right, you can't just rip him apart to get answers out of him. Just let Nathanial and whoever she is to rip the demon out of him because I don't think Athena will be too happy to come home to a dead brother" Marax pleaded.

He was right, but all I wanted was Athena back and to hurt this bastard who helped to take her away from me. She is in danger because of him and all I want him to feel is excruciating pain. Pain caused by me.

"If we cast him out then we will have no chance of getting the location on where they took Athena" I snapped at him.

Angrily shaking I threw Aiden onto the chair and began wrapping the ropes a lot tighter than before around his waist, arms and legs till he couldn't move an inch. Every time I tightened a knot into the rope he made an annoyed and uncomfortable grunt under his breath.

I could tell he was trying to hide it but I heard it, a small faint smirk appeared on my face with satisfaction. I stood back up straight hovering over him before turning around to face Austin, Marax, Nathanial and his red-headed friend who kept smiling to herself.

She's definitely an odd one.

"I will not let Aiden die" Nathanial spoke sternly, "Lailah and I will be able to cast him out but we need another pair of hands to keep his demon-self from escaping as soon as he leaves Aiden's body" He turned slightly to look at the redhead.

"Go and get Cael, it will take the three of us to take this on without any mistakes," He asked quietly, she just nodded as blue orbs circled around her than disappearing into thin air.

We need to hurry this up, it's already been too long and it's killing me at the thought of what they could have done to her.

None of this should be happening to someone as innocent as my girl.

Marax was leaning against the wall as his eyes darted from each one of us. Austin cleared his throat and stood up from his seat quickly running his fingers through his hair before looking at me.

"I'm going upstairs to call Shannon and Lewis so they know what's happening" His voice came out roughly before he headed up the stairs leaving the four of us down here.

Nathanial looked pissed off as he glared over at me trying to intimidate me.

Does he forget I'm a demon?

Nothing frightens me anymore, the only thing that scares me now is Athena dying which could be very possible once this battle has started.

That is why I need to train her so she can use her powers and protect herself cause I won't be able to fight and help her at the same time.

One thing is for sure though, I will do everything in my power to make sure she isn't killed cause the thought of her not being in my life anymore breaks my dead heart that only beats for her. I know for sure it will end me.

"What the fuck are you looking at?" I asked becoming bored of the death stares he was sending my way.

"Just a disgusting creature who deserves to be dead" He fumed at me.

I laughed amusingly at his comment "Do you honestly think that is supposed to piss me off?" I walked a little closer to him as he crossed his arms over his chest, and I could see in the corner of my eye Marax grinning as he watched the show in front of him.

"Is someone sad because Athena chose a disgusting, pure evil demon who kills over the good, kind-hearted angel who can do no wrong?"

"She doesn't know what she wants, but once Athena knows that I would be the better choice because come on there's only a matter of time before you screw up something. Athena is innocent in every single way, and soon you'll want something from her which she will refuse to give" I smiled.

"You are so delusional Nathanial, I slept with Athena if that's what your getting at and let me tell you something," I came closer to him, and I could smell the anger radiating off him.

"It was absolutely amazing" I whispered.

His hand struck me across the cheek and it began to bleed. I wiped the blood away to see it smudged all over my hands as Nathanial stood there shaking ready to pounce on me.

My eyes blackened and I cupped my hands together creating a fireball. The heat began to spread through my body, his large wings spread out creating a glow making it bounce off the ceiling and walls.

"Your lying" He yelled, his voice boomed creating an echo through the room which causes Aiden who was behind us to scream out in pain and Austin ran down the stairs as fast as lightning with his phone against his ear.

The true voice of an angel can quite literally make a humans brain explode if it's used at it's strongest.

I walked over to Aiden who ears were bleeding, and I turned around to see a very guilty looking Nathanial who was now not alone. The redhead and Cael were stood right beside him looking quite relaxed.

"Are you an idiot?" I shot at Nathanial.

"You could have killed him! and you say I'm the monster"

"You are a monster"

"Shut it redhead"

"Make me" I tightened my jaw and Marax came over to stand by me, his eyes not leaving any of them.

"Oh, don't test me because I won't hesitate to rip you apart and burn every piece of your body as your little boyfriend watches" Venom dripped from my voice sending a chill through the room. I was definitely not in the mood for this and they are just wasting time.

"Erm guys," Marax said but nobody listened to him, and I was too pissed cause I have had enough staying in the same room as these idiots.

"Now Nathanial stop being a little bitch because of my relationship with clumsy, you may find it hard to believe but I fucking love her and I'll do anything for her"

"Erm hello" Marax tried to interrupt us.

"You aren't right for her and you know that Zirach"

"Oh piss off, I'm getting sick of your constant whining like a hormonal teenage..."

"GUYS" We all looked over at Marax who looked very agitated.

"Someone has told me that Orias and a few others have a girl held up in that room in hell where no one is supposed to enter, apparently they heard some awful singing just moments ago. I think it's Athena" Relief washed through me as soon as the words left his mouth.

I'm going to kill them all.

"Right Marax your with me" He nodded as he cracked his knuckles, I pointed towards the three idiots, "and you three pull that fucker out and keep him chained up till I get back, and that's not a request" I warned, Nathanial, grunted as the redhead rolled her eyes at me.

"Time to save my girl"

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