My Guardian Demon

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We are spies

We finally arrived back in my living room, Zac and Marax were still holding onto me in case I was to fall. I felt fine now, both of them are just overprotective.

A heavy body collided with mine nearly knocking me over.

"I thought I lost you little Rae" Austin whispered.

I felt some wetness drop onto my shoulder indicating that my older brother was crying. My hands clasped together behind his back and he tightened his grip around me.

His lips gently kissed the side of my head before pulling back to look at my face. Austin's eyes were red and swollen from the crying, he just looked so exhausted.

"Ow," I moaned when his fingers grazed the cuts on my chin which were quite sore.

"I'm sorry" he flinched his hand back away from my face looking guilty.

"It's okay," I said quietly.

Everyone was silent in the room apart from the odd grunting and rustling of chains. I stood on my tip toes to look over my brother's shoulder to see a demon in full form on a chair with Nathaniel, Cael, and Lailah beside him. Aiden was passed out on the couch.

My legs tried to move but they buckled unable to carry my weight as I was too weak from the blood loss. Zacs arm's circled around my waist just in time and then I felt my back come in contact with his toned front. Images flashed through my mind on the night I lost my virginity to him.

I loved every second, and I don't regret it at all.

Heat rushed to my cheeks making me the blush and that made him smirk. His lips inched closer to my ear till I could feel his breath tickle my tanned skin.

"You're so sexy when you're all hot and bothered" He whispered.

I felt like I was burning up, this was such an inappropriate time to be turned on. Luckily no one was listening as they were having their own conversations.

His smirk grew and he nipped my earlobe, I gasped and tried to hit him but he caught my hand.

Damn his quick reflexes.

"Don't do that again clumsy, or I'm afraid I'll have to punish you" I couldn't tell if he was serious or that he was playing a game.

Whatever it was I needed to move away because it was slowly turning me on. I rolled my eyes and wiggled out of his grip, he lowly chuckled and let go of me.

"Is Aiden okay?" I asked Nathaniel, making my way over to him.

"He will be, but he probably won't wake up till morning. I'm gonna take him upstairs to rest. I'm glad your back" He spoke.

I gave him a quick smile and a hug which he hesitantly returned. Once he let go he picked up my brother and headed up the stairs. Lailah practically jumped on me as soon as he left.

"I'm so glad you're okay! We have to go but I'll come and see you soon, I'll leave you to spend some time with your man even though I hate him" she said.

"Don't hurry back" He spoke sarcastically.

Lailah rolled her eyes "and if you want me to heal you, give me a shout" I nodded.

She held onto Caels hand who waved at me, then they both disappeared leaving me with the three demons and my brother who was just finished speaking on the phone.

"I've just been called out on a job, hopefully, I won't be too long. I'm gonna have tomorrow off so we can have a sibling movie day okay" He came over to me and kissed my forehead lightly.

"I get to chose the first movie" I was dead serious, I hardly ever pick.

"That's fine with me but you and Aiden will have to fight it out, like always. I'll see you later little Rae" Then he walked out of the door closing it behind him.

"Well aren't you a pretty little thing, even for a disgusting human" The demon spoke.

I looked down to see him staring at me, a small smirk forming on his lips.

"Excuse me" My voice came out low.

"I can see why Zirach over there is interested in you, small curvy petite body, great arse and don't get me started on..."

Zac was stood next to me in a flash, his shoulders raising up and down quickly. I could see him physically shaking with anger.

"Finish that sentence, I dare you" Zac snarled in his face.

His hands snaked around both sides of the chair that the demon was sat on. Zacs knuckles were turning white from the harsh grip and I knew if I didn't try to intervene he would kill him.

I didn't particularly want to see him do such a thing, not right now.

I gently placed my hand on his back to let him know I was still here, the violent shaking lessened from my touch.

"He's not worth it Zac," I said softly, hoping to calm him down some more.

He growls like an animal before standing up straight to look at me, his eyes were black from the rage. It was something he found hard to control, but he didn't frighten me. Zac placed a kiss on my lips making me feel warm inside. The way he makes me feel is indescribable, even by a simple peck.

I love him more and more every second.

He let go of me and gave me a small smile showing off one of his dimples. Then he gazed over my head to look at Marax.

"I need to deal with him and I don't want clumsy witnessing it so can you take her to the school so she can get her necklace back," Zac asked his friend.

Marax grinned and he made his way over, placing his arm around my shoulder.

"Most definitely, we can go on a secret mission. Have you got any black gear?" He looked down with a serious face.

"Erm, why do I need black gear to get my necklace?" I asked confusingly.

"Because we are spies, good gosh Athena your slow" He joked.

"Rude" I lightly slapped his arm.

He chuckled and Zac just rolled his eyes at him.

"Be careful with her will you, she's already injured and we all know just how clumsy she is" He said.

"What can I say, it's a talent" I spoke.

"Whatever you say beautiful, now go on" Zac slapped my bum lightly.

I glared over at him but he just smirked and shrugged his shoulders.

"PG 13 guys, I don't want to see that" Marax took my hand in his and looked over at Zac with a hard face.

"Make sure it hurts" He pointed over at the chained up demon.

"Oh, believe me, it will" Zacs voice came out dark.

Then we disappeared again, no light to be seen.

I've got a feeling this won't be a simple task with Marax. I'm definitely going to be in for a long night.

Hope you all enjoyed this chapter.

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