My Guardian Demon

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My Necklace

The school looked and felt completely different at night time from the outside, the scenery looked like it had come straight out of a horror film and at any moment Michael Myers or Freddie Kruger will pop out to slash me. Then it occurred to me, why has Marax landed outside of the school instead of inside the teacher's classroom.

"Marax," I said.


"What" I turned to him to see him smiling away. He's definitely the happiest demon I have ever met, I think that's why we get on so well because he's weird just like me.

"Call me Max, Marax is my demon name" I nodded

"Alright Max, why are we out here in the freezing cold and I think it might rain sometime soon instead of just quickly grabbing my necklace and going home so I can crawl in my bed and sleep forever," I asked flatly.

Wrapping my arms around my small body trying to stay warm, I could now feel the odd raindrop land on my skin making me shiver. I could hear the wind whistling through leaves on the trees, a few of them drifted down slowly and landing on the cold floor gently.

"I told you we are gonna be spies, so first things first" He gripped my shoulder and his hand reached towards my nows messy brown hair pulling something out.

"Pick the lock" He boomed with happiness as he handed me the bobby pin.

I stared at it and then Max. Is this guy insane? I have no idea how to pick lock something or break in somewhere. Nope, I am not doing this.

"Are you serious?"


"You're crazy"

"I know"

"I'm not picking it, you pick it"

"I told you to do it"

"Yeah well, we don't always get what we want" He huffed.

"You're a shit spy... fuck" Max yelped and took a step away from me as he caressed his arm.

When will people learn to not swear in front of me?

"you're mean" His bottom lip stuck out making me giggle.

"I have a good idea, teach me how to control that power I accidentally used on all of you that time," I said happily.

"Don't you want Zirach to teach you first?" Max asked, one of his eyebrows raised up.

"Well we might as well start now, Zac can teach me some new ones. Pleaseeeee.." Max stuck a finger in each ear trying to block out my begging. I stood in front of him so I could give him my best puppy dog eyes and eventually it worked after a few minutes of fighting against it.

He took hold of my very cold stiff hand and we vanished and appeared again but in the teacher's office.

The warmth hit me and my goosebumps instantly faded away.

I honestly hate the cold.

My eyes spotted the necklace just lay out on her desk, glowing away faintly which was odd. It only ever did that if something evil was around, or if someone or something was trying to cause me harm. I slowly walked over to it as Max opened the door to scan the halls, just to make sure there was no one around.

As soon as my fingers wrapped around the glowsing pendant, a light shock pulsed through my hand and up my arm. I quickly dropped it back onto the desk and Max made his way to my side, he placed his hand on my arm to turn me.

"You need to put that on now" He advised.

The lights started to flicker off and on around them and the rain outside was coming down fast.

Cracks of lightning spread through the sky which lit up the outside and this room. I could see his eyes change to a dark shade of black.

Well, this can't be good then.

My throat became dry and I started to tremble as the room became cold in an instant. That only meant one thing. Demons were coming. That's why my necklace is acting all weird.

Max scooped my necklace on and attached it around my neck. As the blue pendant fell against my chest I could feel its power which I had failed to notice many times before.

My life is just a never-ending drama right now, and I kind of miss the old boring life I used to have were all I had to worry about was my maths teacher and who has eaten all of my chocolate.

At least now I have a hot boyfriend. This is not the time Athena.

"Right to use the same power as last time is easy, anger can help you release it but you just need to concentrate on it okay. Especially with the danger that's coming our way, I will do the best I can to protect you but I can't take all of them down without Zirach and he's with Satan right now" He rushed out as his eyes scanned the room waiting for them to appear.

"Why are they after me?" I croaked.

He looked into my eyes and spoke softly "I'm not a hundred percent but I think these demons are after your necklace" I traced over my necklace lightly with my fingertip.

"What could they possibly want with my necklace, it was a gift from my parents" I missed my mum and dad so much.

Even though I was young when they passed I could still remember them and how much they loved me and my brothers.

"I have a feeling Nathanial knows" He growled under his breath.

Suddenly a fireball came towards us and before I knew it I was laying on the floor with a throbbing arm. I looked up to see Max battling against five demons.

He seemed to be winning for now and he had all of their attention. His eyes met mine at the same time as one of the demons noticed me on the floor.

"ATHENA RUN" He roared across the room before he was hit in the shoulder by a fireball causing him to yell in pain. Before they could grab me I jumped up onto my feet and ran straight6 out of the room and down the hall as fast as I could without looking behind me.

I could hear some heavy footsteps but I couldn't tell how many were after me.

I knew for a fact all the doors would be locked making it impossible for me to escape the school until I noticed the gym door was slightly open that lead you to the schoolyard. My legs sped up as fast as they could but I could feel my chest tighten. I hated any type of sports.

All I could think about was trying not to fall over because that wouldn't end well at all for me.

The doors slammed open hitting the brick wall harshly, as my feet came in contact with the muddy, drenched grass I slipped and fell on my bum. A deep chuckle echoed behind me.

There were two demons that were in full form grinning evilly at me as they just stood there thinking they had finally caught me.

The weird thing about them was they had tails, I never really noticed that before.

"Nowhere to run Athena, now give us what we want" He demanded.

"I don't know what you're talking about" I stood up, my clothes were now full of mud and completely drenched from the rain.

"Don't test me, little girl, just give us that necklace or I'll have to take it from you instead and trust me you don't want that. Or maybe I should visit some friends of yours, maybe that will persuade you" He sneered.

"Or maybe we will just have to remove it from your dead cold corpse" The other added as he came closer.

I could feel my anger starting to bubble up inside my body, my fingertips started to tingle as the feeling in my chest became stronger and the glow from my necklace brightened around me.

The demons stopped as their eyes widened. The wind started to pick up around us and the thunder became louder.

My eyes closed as I could feel the massive amount of power building up inside me, something I have never felt before since I found out about this whole prophecy and battle I'm destined for.

Before I knew it I was screaming at the top of my lungs, the sound of the windows smashing into pieces.

A white light flashed around us making it impossible to see anything.

After the power had drained from my body the light faded and both demons weren't there anymore. Instead, all that was left was ash lay on the ground that had already started to wash away from the rain.

My body became weak, unable to hold me up anymore and the last thing I saw was Max rushing towards me.

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