My Guardian Demon

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"I can't believe you let her choose the film"

"Will you stop moaning"

"No because you let her choose this shitty film... Ow fuck... Ow God damn it Athena stop slapping me"

I turned to my side quickly glaring at Aiden.

"I would of thought after living with me for 16 years you would learn not to swear in front of me, and now shut up whilst I watch my film before I tell every single girl in this town that you have sti" I yelled, causing Austin to laugh loudly.

We were only 15 minutes into my favourite film of all time, the fault in our stars. Aiden has already started his whining about how boring it is, and stupid to fall for someone so quickly and repeating okay.

Blah, blah, blah.

He has no heart.

I know for a fact he was going to out some sort of horror film on for his choice. Which by the way I absolutely hate.

It always ends up with me cuddled up to Austin and having zero sleep all night.

My life is too much of a horror story right now anyway.

"you wouldn't dare" Aiden threatened me after I turned back round to face the TV so I could continue watching.

Oh my Augustus Waters, I love you.

"I think she would Aiden"

"Well don't let her"

"Why not? I find this quite amusing if I'm being honest"

"That's it"

Aiden stood up from the couch and stormed over to the tv switching it off. Then he had the cheek to turn around smirking at me.







All I wanted was a nice day in with my brothers watching my favourite film but no, Aiden had to be annoying. Someone has it up there for me, I just know it.

"Turn it back on"

"No" He smiled.

Without hesitating I ran over to him and tackled him to the ground. Pinching his arm and smacking his chest as he laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world to wind me up.

Aiden wrapped his hands around my wrist making me stop, so I just gave him my most evil glare hoping he would just burst into flames.

Austin was laughing behind us, knowing not to get involved right now. I don't understand why he goes out of his way to just annoy me, specially now that I have powers.

Which by the way I can't control yet.

So I am not at fault if anything goes wrong.

I wriggled round trying to knee him but it was no use.

"You're an idiot, sleep with one eye open tonight or you might end up waking up with no eyebrows"

"I sleep naked"

"Your disgusting, get off me" I said a little louder. I tried pulling my hands out of his grasp then after a few seconds he let go without any warning causing me to fall backwards hitting my head on the floor.

The sound of two voices were slowly fading, the light in the room becoming darker and darker till I was surrounded by nothing.


My body jolted up, the cold air hitting my skin making me shiver. Everything was still dark apart from a tiny little read light ahead of me.

Where on earth are my brothers, or my house. Am I dreaming?

"No you aren't dreaming my sweet little Athena" A deep voice echoed through my mind.

My necklace started to glow, a strange feeling flowing through me. I know straight away that something isn't right.

Nothing felt good about this place, all I wanted to do was hide under my covers with a mountain of chocolate and Zac by my side.

I missed him.

My breath hitched as I felt hot breath tickle my neck. A low growl echoed in my ear. Stumbling up as quick as I could to get away from whatever that was.

Spinning round nearly giving myself whiplash, I came face to face with them deep red eyes. The ones that haunted me in my dreams, that kept tormenting ever since I turned 16.

My heart was almost beating out of my chest, and even though it was freezing my body started to heat up.

I can't show him I'm afraid, I'm the bloody prophecy. The one to end the war.

Who am I kidding. I hate spiders, the sound of people grinding their teeth go through me. There's no way I could ever go up against Satan who isn't afraid of anything, and must be like a million or a billion years older then me.

A malicious scowl spread across his face just inches away from my face.

To be honest I was expecting him to have horns and a tail and be bright red. I was so wrong.

He was stupidly tall like Zac and Marax. His muscles strain against the fabric of his shirt, deep black shoulder length hair which is tied back.

Well he was hot ill give him that, but my god I'm shitting myself right now.

Excuse my language.

No one can hear you Athena.

Oh shut up... I really need to stop speaking to myself.

"well aren't you a pretty little thing" his finger gently glided down my cheek.

"I'm not little" I muttered.

Seriously Athena, the big bad devil is right in front of you and you get annoyed with him calling you little.

"I can see why Zac and Marax have a taken a liking to you" He chuckled quietly before stepping back, his glowing eyes gazing up and down my body.

I started to shift uncomfortably as he watched me, fiddling with the hem of my sleeve.

"What do you mean Marax?"

"Oh, so you don't know about his feelings towards you?" Satan started to circle around me, like I'm his next meal.

Fire flicking from his finger like a lighter, he could literally cook me and eat me for dinner.

I could go for some chicken right now.

So not the time to be thinking of food.

"Marax doesn't like me, he may care about me but that's it. Now cut the chit chat, I want to go home. You can't kill me right now so why am I here?"

Wow, I actually said that without sounding I'm scared to death right.

Which I am.

Can you blame me?

Its true though, if he killed me now then yeah there wouldn't be a threat to his kind but then he wouldn't be able to win the war. He wouldn't be able to wipe out the entire human race.

He needs me to marry him to gain more power. Some of his Demons are afraid that I will choose to stand against them, that's why they want me dead.

All I want to do is destroy Satan, so Zac can live a human life. He's been trying to find a way for me to live, but I would rather die then see the people I love die.

That's why I can't tell him that I don't care what happens to me, I know I'm going to die but I can't kill Satan till I can control my powers.

His eyes darkened, a hiss escaped his mouth.

"Don't test me" he snarled.

"Well don't test me" I stepped forward, becoming quite agitated.

"I may not be able to kill you right now, cause I need you and trust me I will have you. But nothing is stopping me from torturing you till you want to die"

I huffed, folding my arms over my chest.

"Fuck you" His hand shot out in a flash, wrapping around my neck. His furious now back eyes stating deep into my soul.

Before he could say anything, a burning sensation shot through me causing me to scream out in pain. Satan flew backwards towards the red light.

The darkness disappeared and I was back in my living room. I bolted up still screaming and thrashing about l, it felt like lava was burning my blood.

I've never felt pain like this before.

"Athena what's wrong?" I heard Zac ask me, his eyebrows Knitted together.

"It hurts.. Make it stop Zac make it stop" I screamed and sobbed scratching at my skin.

Someone pulled my hands away, both of them shaking uncontrollably.

"Shit Zac, she's been marked" I recognised Marax speak in panic.

My body was lifted up quickly, I could feel myself becoming weaker and weaker every second that passed by.

"What the hell do you mean she's been marked and what the fuck is that bright red hand mark on her throat" Austin yelled angrily.

"It's something that Satan does to torture his victims, make them feel like they are dying till they want to kill themselves" Zac spoke with some much anger and worry.

"Well how do we stop it" Aiden said this time.

My body was heating up, my chest becoming tighter as I struggled to breathe.

"There's only one way, and obviously it's never been done before cause Satan has only done this to Demons"

"Well let's do it, I don't care what it is"

"Well I do" Zac growled, his body vibrating against mine. I was crying still.

Nathaniel appeared in the room, his glow shining in the corner of my eyes.

"There are only two ways actually, but you aren't going to like them"

"What is it?" Aiden asked.

The room became deadly silent, only my whimpers were heard.

"She either needs to be kissed by the person who did this to her or she needs to die"

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