My Guardian Demon

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Zirachs Pov

I was pissed.

The anger inside me was slowly bubbling away ready for me to explode.

How dare he mark MY girl. My clumsy.

My head couldn't get around why he would do this to her, knowing that he needs to marry her to strengthen his powers to destroy everything.

Athena is strong enough to kill him, but having that much power will kill her, and I will not allow that to happen.

I'll protect her at any cost, even if that is my life.

I've made Marax promise not to tell her, that when it comes to killing him it's going to be me that does it and not her. He cares about her too so I know he won't tell a soul.

Slamming the dark red double doors open, I stormed into Satan's office seeing him sat at his desk with his usual scowl.

"How fucking dare you" I roared.

Pieces of rock fell of the wall as the room shuck,my voice still echoing through the room.

His eyes snapped up to wards where I was stood.

"What is it Zarach, I'm busy" He stood slowly, walking to the front of his desk so he was closer to me.

"You marked her, you fucking marked her now she's dying! So unless you want me to rip you apart and feed you to the dogs, get up there and cure her"

I could feel my Demon trying to escape, wanting to tear him apart piece by piece but I had to wait.

He laughed.

"I will... But on one condition" Satan hissed, enjoying the pain she is in right now.


"I want the necklace"

"No way, you can piss right off"

"Well then, I hope you've said your goodbyes then. Such a shame to see a pretty little human like Athena die from my mark. The pain is most unbearable"

A low growl erupted from my chest as I charged forward attacking him. His body hit the wall with a thud, my Demon was finally set free aswel as Satan's.

My hand curled around his neck, tightening as much as I possibly could till he sliced my chest, blood seeping through my shirt.

Luckily my claws was able to dig into his neck, collecting some blood without him noticing.

"get out of my sight demon or ill go up there and rip her heart out and make you watch" Satan snarled.

I didn't need to be told twice.

Vanishing from hell arriving in Athenas room were she lay on her bed, her brother, Nathaniel and Maeax by her side. Watching her chest rise up slowly before sinking down.

Her brother Austin was holding her hand, his thumb gently rubbing her tanned skin. Auden was in the corner, unable to look at her. His hair was pointing in every direction from the constant hair pulling he did seeing his sister like this.

Marax was just silent, his black eyes not revealing any emotion and that douchbag angel was whispering whatever language it was to stop the poison from reaching her heart.

She looked dead. The bright red hand print on her neck made me so angry, the thought of Satan hurting her killed me. I really hope this works.

If not then I don't know what I would do if I lost her.

"Did you get it?" Marax questioned, the others unable to speak.

I nodded before walking forward, my claws still on show with Satan's blood on them.

Austin moved back just far enough for me to reach Athena but still holding her lifeless hand. I noticed her chapped white nail varnish indicating she had been picking at them.

She always does that when she's nervous.

When I was stood by her bed, I bent down as I lifted my hand towards her pale chapped lips realising a few drops of the blood into her mouth.

"Will it work?" Her brother Aiden spoke up.

His eyes were bloodshot, and I could see that he had been crying. He blamed himself thinking it was his fault Satan got into her head because he hurt her.

We knew it was an accident and either way that fucker would have found another way to get to her. He always finds a way.

"That's what Nathaniel said, if not I'll have to skin him alive" I growled the last part as my eyes darted towards him.

Oh I hate that bastard.

Suddenly the bedroom door burst open, spacing against the wall harshly revealing Shannon and Lewis.

"Oh my god" Shannon cried before leaping across the room to hold her other hand.

Her shoulders began to shake, the odd whimper was heard from her cries.

"Is she going to be okay? I can't fucking believe this, I thought you was here to protect her Zac? You clearly aren't doing a good job. My best friend is dying on her god damn bed, she's only 16 where the fuck was you?!" Lewis charged at me with so much hatred in his eyes.

Marax appeared in front of me, stopping Lewis from doing something that he would regret. When Athena is around ai can control my Demon but when she's in this coma, I don't know what I'd be capable of.

The last thing I want to do is hurt her best friend.

"Get out of my way"

"Calm it Lewis, you don't want to do this. Not now so I suggest you back off"

Marax hissed.

Lewis managed to push past him and his fist came towards me hitting me right across my face.

All I saw was red, the most animalistic growl erupted from my throat and my dark midnight black wings emerged behind me.

As I was about to fly forward to attack a small voice made me stop.


All of my anger melted, I turned towards the angelic voice that said my name. There she was, with her beautiful blue eyes open, just gazing at me.

She started to push herself up, I took to strides towards her and engulfed her in a hug. Pressing her against me, feeling her breathe and the warmness of her skin touch mine.

She wrapped her small arms around my torso, nusseling her face in the crook of my neck.

"I thought I lost you" I wishispered in her hair.

A single tear dripped down my cheek.

Athena pulled back and smiled at me which made me smile. She's so beautiful and she's mine.

I forgot about everybody else in the room, no one else mattered but her.

"you'll never lose me" She said before kissing my lips like it would be our last time.

I love this girl.

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