My Guardian Demon

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Guardian Angel

After Zac had kissed me, he took a few steps back as both of my brothers threw themselves around me.

They were shaking, worried that they had lost me for good. I held onto them, happy to be with them again. My brothers were everything to me, the only family that I had left in this world.

Even though most of the time I wanted to kill Aiden as I said, we have a love-hate relationship.

"Erm guys, can't... Breathe" I croaked out.

Both of them were quite muscular and a lot bigger than me so it wasn't hard to accidentally squish me. Austin and Aiden suddenly both fell to the floor with a loud thud.

My best friends had charged into them to get to me, not caring who was in the way. We all landed on my bed, me being squished once again.

Shannon was on me and Lewis lay on top of her, well I think this may be how I actually die.

"Oh my god, I'm so glad you're okay. Don't ever do this to me again" Shannon cried on my shoulder, my top becoming drenched from her tears. She has always been a cryer, she cries when she watches Britains got talent for crying out loud, but that's one of the reasons why she has always been my best friend.

Lewis was like my other half though, he knew me more than anyone. Well except for my brothers or just Austin, Aiden doesn't even know himself. Lewis flirts and it's normal to have an attraction towards each other but nothing has ever happened because the friendship that we have is so much more important.

He is also a player, so no thank you.

Finally, after a few minutes, they finally stood up next to my very annoyed brothers.

If looks could kill.

"Good to see you back beautiful" Marax chimed in.

"Thank you" I gave him a small smile.

Satan's words repeated in my head "Oh so you don't know his feelings towards you"

Shaking the thoughts out of my head I had a look at everyone in the room. These people mean the world to me.

"Erm if you don't mind can I have a word with Nathaniel please" He was looking at me.

No emotion, I couldn't tell what he was thinking. We haven't really spoken since he found out about me and Zac, I don't blame him.

Deep inside I still care about him, and apart of me will probably always love him, there was just something about that cocky, gorgeous arrogant Demon that captured my heart.

Everyone left the room, but Marax had to literally drag Zac out by his collar and he said plenty of very bad words which I will never repeat.

Remind me to scold him later on.

I pushed my blanket away from my body, steadily standing up to maks my way over to Nathaniel who wSnt even looking at me.

My hand gently touched his soft cheek, making him look at me. His bright crystal blue eyes staring into mine, but he looked broken.

"I just wanted to thank you for saving me, if it wasn't for you I would be dead" He gave me a sad smile.

"Anything for you" He whispered, his face moving closer to mine.

His lips were inches away from mine but I couldn't move. Before I could react Nathaniel was kissing me with so much passion, a tingling feeling spreading through my body but I pushed him off a little bit too harshly.

I lost my balance falling onto the floor, sharp shooting pain up my bum.

Great, I think I've just broken my bum again. Oh, Deja Vu.

"Nathaniel you can't just do that" lifting myself up again, wincing at the pain. I came face to face with him again.

"I can't help it, I love you, Athena, I always have and always will"

"But I'm with Zac and you know that. I love him" That seemed to make him angry.

"No, you don't"

"Yes I do"








"No... Wait don't do that, don't confuse me" My hands pushed against his chest but he didn't move, he was like a brick wall.

Nathanial gripped both of my hands, tugging me forward against his rock hard muscular body. Heat radiated off him.

"Admit it, Athena, you only like the idea of having a bad boy. A Demon for god sake. Do you even know him?"

"Please stop" My heart was hammering against my chest.

I really hope Zac doesn't walk in on this conversation. He won't be able to hear anything cause Nathanial can cast spells to soundproof a room.

"Not until you've heard what I have to say" His eyes were glowing.

He was still holding my hands, my body still against his. I fit perfectly in his arms.

"How can you love him, there's a reason why he became one of the most feared demons in hell. He trains all the new Demons for battle, Athena he isn't a good person"

"He only became a Demon protecting his family, and he's good to me so please just stop" I rushed out, trying to take a step back away from him.

Nathaniel started to laugh at me.

"Is that what he told you, God Athena he lied. You fell for his lies" once he let go of my hands to run them through his hair.

Letting out a sigh before locking his eyes with mine.

"What are you talking about? He didn't lie"

A few tears started dripping down my face, I was torn between two supernaturals. This wasn't supposed to be my life.

Why is life so stressful.

Two hands were placed on either side of my face, Nathaniel was looking at me with so much sadness it was actually breaking my heart.

"Zirach didn't kill his dad to protect his mum and sister"

The room was silent, waiting for him to tell me the truth. It can't be that bad, can it?

"The reason he became a Demon was that he killed his family"

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