My Guardian Demon

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A few days have passed since Nathaniel told me the truth about Zac even gave me proof.

I saw a little glimpse of what he did to his family and I couldn't believe it. He had lied to me this whole time, so was he lying every time he told me that he loved me?

I've hardly spoken to him, I honestly have no idea what to say to him. We had one argument and he disappeared, part of me was glad but the other part of me missed him.

Today was my first day back at school and I am dreading it, why can't I just be home schools so I don't have to deal with idiots and teachers that have something against me.

Stupid Miss Reynolds.

Oh god, what if I bump into my stupid ex and his little crew. I'm so not in the mood today.

Wrapping my necklace around my finger I walked into the school and made my way to my locker, eyes staring at the ground not wanting to look at anyone.

All I want is chocolate and my bed. Shannon isn't coming today which means it's just me and Lewis against the world.

Out of nowhere, I bumped into something making me fall straight on the ground.

Since when was there a wall here?

"I am so so sorry," A deep voice said, his hand appearing in front of my face trying to help me up.

I placed my hand in his, lifting me up with ease. Well, I've never seen this guy before. He had bright blue eyes and dark brown hair.

This boy reminded me of someone but I can't quite put my finger on who.

"Are you okay, are you hurt?" Once we were looking at each other, something changed about him. He looked shocked and slightly happy at the same time.

"It's fine really, I'm used to it. Are you new here? I've never seen you before."

"Yeah I'm new, the names Elijah" He smiled, then looked behind me which was easy as he's a lot taller than me.

Why are all guys giants?

"I'm Athena" His blue eyes twinkled with the sound of my name, I can't get over this familiar feeling with him around.

"Hi slut" well I know that nasally voice very well.

I spun around to see Hannah staring at me like I was dirt she had just stepped in. I'll apologize now for any sort of bad language that escapes my mouth around this airhead.

"Hi, Hannah, goodbye Hannah" forcing a smile before opening my locker to grab the stuff I need for class.

Elijah was just stood there l, probably trying to figure out the deal between us both.

"I wouldn't get to close to this one, you'll end up catching something"

Don't blow up, don't blow up.

"Apparently she's shit in bed too according to her ex, that's why he left her for me. Well everyone leaves you don't they, your mum and dad probably killed themselves just to get away from you"

My hand gripped hold of the locker door and slammed it so hard it nearly came off its hinges.

"The only slut I see right here is you, why don't you grow up and just leave me the fuck alone. I've had a tough couple of days and seeing you, hearing your high pitched irritating voice is just the icing on the cake" I took a slow step forward.

"We all know I never slept with that idiot, I'd never touch him with a barge pole ever again, your welcome to have my sloppy seconds. The only reason he is with you is that you are so easy to get into bed, you'll open your legs for anyone who will call you pretty"

A few students had stopped what they were doing, intently watching what was happening in front of them.

"And don't you ever mention my parent's name again, now get out of my face before I do something you'll regret" I hissed the last part.

Her eyes were wide, steam practically erupting from her ears. Before I had a chance to move she jumped on me, both of us tumbling to the ground.

My hair was being pulled, and my fave stung from her bright pink nails scratching me. Luckily I managed to knee her causing her to squeal in pain so I took the chance in punching her, blood instantly pouring out of her nose.

The voices around us were becoming louder, then Hannah was gone and I was being lifted up. Elijah was holding me up, his hand lifting up to my cheek where she had scratched it.

Brandon was holding Hannah back, now Daisy and Greyson by their side.

"You bitch, I think you've broken my nose"

"Good, might make you look better" I shouted.

They were all speaking but I just zoned out, in the back corner behind all of the students was Zac.

He just stood there watching the show. Some guardian demon he is.

"Why don't you guys back off right now and just get to class" I heard Elijah yell.

He doesn't even know me but is sticking up for me when my own boyfriend won't. I took another quick look, still not able to figure out who he looked like.

Before any of us could register what was happening Elijah was on the floor and Greyson gripped my neck and bashed me against the locker.

Everything became a little blurry, his hands tightening around me. Lewis came out of nowhere knocking him to the ground.

"Do not lay another hand on Athena or I'll beat you until your unrecognizable" His voice came out harsh, wending shiver down my spine.

They all rushed off as the bell went, leaving me, Lewis and Elijah alone.

I ran over to him as he stood up, brushing his hair back.

"Thanks, for stepping in and helping my girl here. I appreciate it"

"Oh is this your boyfriend?" Elijah asked us.


"Yes," we said at the same time.

I rolled my eyes and elbowed Lewis in his chest, he just chuckled and brought me into a side hug.

"I'm kidding, she's my best friend"

The boys shook hands and then smiled at me. I could tell these two will get on. Something keeps nagging at me, Elijah was familiar even though I've never seen him before.

"Well as much as I hate it, we best get to class before Miss Reynolds loses it... I wouldn't be surprised if she's planned my death and figured out a way to cover it up " I chimed in, glancing back to where Zac was stood.

He wasn't there anymore. Instead, Nathaniel appeared in front of me, but he wasn't invisible.

"Dad" Someone said behind me causing me to freeze.

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