My Guardian Demon

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My Parents Letter

"Well, don't you look happy to see me," I said as soon as I sat in my brothers car, who was glaring right at me with so much hatred right now.

I just shuck my head with a smile looking straight ahead. I didn't want any more arguments today, I just wanted a nice afternoon with my two brothers celebrating my birthday.

Now Aiden was sulking because he couldn't have his daily dose of sex, and I have a demon following me around. I noticed Aiden scowling at me as he clenched the steering wheel, his fingers turning white a little from the pressure.

"What the fuck are you smiling at?" I just can't deal with his attitude problems right now, I'm not a violent person, and I don't like swearing much but he's already annoying me to the point only one of us will make it home at this rate.

"Just because I'm smiling, doesn't mean I don't want to hit you in the face right now" I grumbled, not moving my gaze from the window. Watching people walk down the road, kids holding hands with their parents chatting and smiling away.

I was young when my parents passed away so I don't remember as much as my two brothers, especially Austin with him being twelve years older than me.

I do wish they were still here with us but I'm glad I have Austin and Aiden with me, even though I want to kill a certain one most of the time.

We all look the same with our dark brown hair, lightly tanned skin which made many people jealous. All of us had dimples though which I think are cute but they disagree. According to them, it makes them less of a man.

The only thing that was different was my eyes, both of them had deep brown eyes. They are that dark it's hard to see their pupils but mine are the complete opposite. Mine are a bright blue with flecks of white surrounding my pupils. They definitely stand out.

Another thing I have is a birthmark. It is situated just above my collarbone in the shape of a crooked wing. I always thought it was weird but I have learned to embrace it. We finally made it home in silence, which I think was for the best seen as we are both still alive.

Too dramatic? Oh well.

As I stepped out of the car I realized Zac hadn't made an appearance for a while now. I'm not complaining though, it's hard to hate someone and their arrogant self when they looked so good. Why couldn't he be an ugly demon like the ones from the films or books I have read.

Aiden had already left me stood outside, probably already arguing with Austin about me and that he's always on my side.

Perks of being the youngest and a girl.

I closed the car door behind me making my way towards the house, before I could step in I noticed a tall, dark, smoky figure behind a tree in my next-door neighbors garden.

It instantly sent chills down my spine, red glowing eyes staring right at me making me turn away and run into my house. I slammed the door shut before leaning against it trying to catch my breath.

I have never seen anything like it. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't remove the images of the red, evil glowing eyes. I seriously need to find out more from Zac, that's whenever he decides to show up. He can't just show up out of nowhere telling me he's my guardian Demon with no explanation.

Someone clearing their throat brought me out of my daze, I looked up to see them both standing there with a weird look on their faces. I gave them both a smile before flicking my long wavy hair behind my shoulder.

"I'm really out of shape," I dropped my bag onto the floor before taking a seat on the couch with a huge sigh leaving my mouth. Austin was the first to speak, "I'm just surprised you didn't fall through the door, we know how clumsy you can be."

Both of them started to laugh in agreement, it's true though. I'm incredibly clumsy, it should be some sort of talent. Which explains why I'm terrible in p.e, that's why I'm incredibly clever in history and English. I would probably be better in math if I had a different teacher though.

Since finding out angels and demons are real there must be a Satan right? King of hell, well it's made me question if my delightful teacher miss Reynolds is maybe the queen of hell. Or at least a Demon in disguise. It would make perfect sense.

"I have fallen over enough for today, but tomorrow is a new day. Maybe I'll break my neck so I don't have to attend math" I sarcastically smile at the both of them, secretly wishing that something like that would happen so I don't have to go.

"What did you do today?" Austin asked this time whilst chuckling a little, he jumped onto the seat next to me making me move closer to him. He threw his arm over my shoulder with a half-smirk forming on his lips.

"I didn't do anything, I only told her she needs to learn some manners which she totally does..." I rambled on before my other brother interrupted me.

"You never change do you, I'm surprised you're not stuck in detention like always"

"You can thank my wonderful headteacher for that, even he knows how much of a witch she can be" I pointed out.

"Anyway, I'm sure you would rather open your cards and presents instead of talking about that witch as you like to call her" I smiled widely as I noticed my gifts on the table.

"There's a card and present from mum and dad as well" I looked over at my brother who held sadness in his eyes as he looked into mine. His deep brown eyes glazed over with tears making me wrap my arms around him in a tight loving hug.

He took a deep breath as I hugged him. As he exhaled he tightened his hold whilst burying his face into my hair.

"I love you Rae, and they would be so proud of you like I am" A single tear trailed down my face hearing those words, my brothers are my world and my only family. He gave me a little smile and handed me my present and card.

I ripped open the envelope to reveal a happy birthday sweet sixteenth card. I opened it up to see my mum's handwriting. I remember my dad having childlike writing so he never signed our cards, our mum used to scold him when he tried to cause she would have to buy a new one.

To our beautiful daughter Athena Rae Walsh,

We are so sorry that we can't be with you on this special day or any other day for that matter, and not being able to see you grow up to the incredible woman we know you'll turn out to be. I hope your brothers look after you well and try not to fight so much with Aiden. I know you have started to see things other people can't now that you have become of age, and I will try to explain a little even though it won't really make any sense to you. You can now see the supernatural, demons, and angels to be specific. A long time ago there was a battle between good and evil, many lives lost but there was no winner as both sides were just too strong. That's when a prophecy was made to settle this feud. A girl would be born with the brightest blue eyes and the purest of hearts who is destined to end this battle once and for all, but at what cost? Will she lose herself and let evil overcome her or will she stay pure-hearted?

I know you may not believe this and we didn't at first, we didn't want to believe that our daughter would be the prophecy. The one to end the spiritual war, all we wanted was for you to have a normal life. To have fun, to grow up and meet that special someone and have the perfect family. We hope you make the right decision in all of this and stay safe, me and your dad will always be watching over you and your brothers. We love you all so much baby and just please be careful, this is all we were told but the rest is up to you.

Happy 16th baby girl, lots of love your mum and dad x

More tears had fallen onto the card as I finished reading the most confusing letter in my life, I did believe them though. My oldest brothers face made me believe in it more. He was just staring down at me, fear and concern held in his eyes. He knew what was in the letter. He knew about me being the prophecy.

I gazed back down to the small wrapped box from my parents. I peeled away the paper revealing a shiny black box so I carefully opened it up by the latch to see a beautiful necklace lay there.

I lifted it out of its box to take a closer look at my present, an angels wing outlined with crystals. A blue heart attached to the wing, very similar to the colour of my eyes. My brothers hand reached out before asking, "Want me to put it on for you?"

I just nodded my head as I struggled to put any words together right now. His fingers brushed against my neck slightly as he attached the necklace together. The cold chain fell against my chest making me shiver a little from the contact. A small smile formed onto my lips as I ran my finger over the shiny beautiful pendant.

"They said to never take it off Rae, no matter what" Austin nudged my arm gently making me look his way.

"We will talk about the letter later, why don't you go and get ready then we can celebrate your birthday" Austin said happily making me cheer up a little.

"I'll be back down in a minute" I jumped on to my feet ready to run up the stairs but I stumbled over Aiden's feet making me fall flat on my face, both of them laughing hysterically.

"Shut up" I grumbled finally getting back to my feet. Making sure there was nothing else on the floor I could fall over I walked up the stairs leaving my very amused brothers. Opening up my bedroom door I noticed a very good looking guy sat on my bed, who I have never seen before.

So I did what any other normal teenage girl would do.

I screamed at the top of my lungs whilst covering my eyes.

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