My Guardian Demon

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My Boys

Nathaniel was looking at me but I couldn't take my eyes off the boy who just called me his mum.

"Funny but that's impossible, we are the same age and I've never slept with him. I... I can't possibly be your mum. No, no, no this is a prank, where are the cameras?"

I paced up and down trying not to look at them staring at me. Them stupid beautiful blue eyes which were similar to mine.

"Mum I'm not lying."

Elijah was the spitting image of Nathaniel but he seemed to have my personality. I noticed him excusing himself for his language before.

"Look I don't think it's best that we speak here," Now Nathaniel was speaking towards me, Elijah now stood next to him. They could be twins.

"I can't exactly walk out of school, I've missed too much already. Austin would have my head on a stick if he found out. Aiden will eat all my chocolate, Zac will kill you if he sees me with you. Oh my god, I'll never get married or have kids, see my grandkids grow up... "

During my rampage, one of the boys managed to take my hand and transport us to a small cafe which consisted of one person reading a very old newspaper.

The place was squeaky clean but deathly silent. Just the sound of the woman behind the counter humming to herself making coffee.

Nathaniel let go of my hand and I spun around so fast I ended up tripping over my own two feet and stumbled, ready to hit the floor.

My eyes squeezed shut but two hands wrapped around my waist tightly, slight tingles shooting through my body just from a single touch.

As I opened my eyes, my favourite angel was grinning at me, amusement dancing in his sparkly clear blue eyes. I couldn't help but lift my hand, gently touching his cheek which was starting to grow facial hair.

"You really are clumsy," He chuckled.

I love that sound.

Someone coughing caught our attention, I stood up straight, Nathaniel's warm touch leaving me. Elijah gestured for us to sit down at one of the tables in the back.

I took a seat first, the two boys following behind. We all ordered a coffee and a slice of chocolate cake.

What? I'm a nervous wreck, chocolate is my life.

Elijah spoke first.

"Look, mum, dad I know this doesn't make any sense to you and I think Arlo would have been better to explain this to you but because I'm the oldest I had to come."

"Wait who's Arlo?" We both asked Elijah at the same time.

"Oh, he's my brother. Your other son."

"How many kids do we have?"

"Just the two thank god, Arlo is a pain in the but and just like you dad but looks like mum," He smiled towards me making me melt inside.

This is so weird, especially because right now he's my age.

Before we could ask any more questions, he interrupted us with the answers.

"I'm from the future, the only reason I am here is that you chose Zac over dad which was not meant to happen at all. You are meant to be with each other, not that damn God awful Demon Zirach," The last part he spat out like his name was poison.

"I and Arlo won't exist, that's why I'm here. To make sure you end up with the right person," He held tears in his eyes, something else was wrong.

The waitress came over with the coffee and chocolate cake, but I couldn't eat just yet. There was something he wasn't telling us and I needed to know what that is.

"So Athena doesn't die in battle?" This time Nathaniel asked, taking a sip of his coffee.

How the hell can he drink it this hot? Crazy guy.

"No mum didn't die in that battle."

"What do you mean that battle?"

Elijah glanced out of the window, the rain hitting against the clear glass leaving shiny streaks behind.

"There's another reason why I hate Zarach," He mumbled to himself, gripping his dark brown hair before turning to look at us both.

"Elijah you can tell us," I said calmly.

That was enough to set his silent tears off. My heart physically broke seeing my boy cry even though I have just met him. There was a connection which I couldn't explain.

I can't believe I have two sons in the future. Honestly, I love kids but I never really thought about settling down with someone. Most of the time they hated me though, probably because I wasn't really around them much as I am the youngest one in my family.

"Zirach was angry that you didn't pick his side, you turned against him and sided with the angels. You destroyed Satan which nearly killed you but its true that Zirach wants to become the new king of hell and he did before you almost killed him. Wiping out most of his powers and nearly destroying hell along with him but he managed to survive. It had been years, we were all happy but one day he threatened Arlo and Me. He wanted you to come along and you did, you'd do anything for us."

He took a deep breath trying to hold back his tears.

"H... He killed you mum, he ripped your heart out right in front of us."

My hand started to shake, my cup of coffee falling out of my hand smashing on the floor, coffee spilling everywhere.

I couldn't move.

How could he kill me?

Someone's hand took mine, their fingers intertwining with mine. My watery eyes looked over at a very angry Nathaniel. I could see a sad expression appear on his face for a second.

The same face as Elijah.

"I will not let anyone hurt you, Athena, do you hear me." He wiped a tear away from my cheek.

"This is just too much, are you sure it's him who does it?"

"Yes mum, I'm here with you till this war ends. Arlo should be joining us soon, he just couldn't really face seeing you right now. It affected him a lot when you died."

I stood up and walked over to Elijah, my arms wrapping around his neck, his head buried into my shoulder. He was shaking softly, indicating that he was crying.

"The Plus side is, at least we make one good looking kid. Now I can't wait to make him," Nathaniel chimed in.

I slapped him on the back of his head making him laugh, Elijah, covered his ears.

He took hold of my hand, our son excusing himself to go to the bathroom leaving us alone.

"I love you, Athena, you don't have to say it to me. I understand that you still love that thing, it's not something you can simply just forget but I know you love me too. Look at what we made," He gripped my hips, pulling me forward till I could feel his toned muscles against my small frame.

"I need to speak to him first, but he can't know about Elijah or Arlo okay"

Nathaniel nodded, his eyes glancing towards my lips. My throat became dry, liked I'd swallowed a cup of sand. Before I could comprehend what was happening his lips were against mine.

It felt right, like nothing I had felt before. Even with Zac. It made me wonder if I did choose the right one.

My lips moved against his soft ones, like we fit perfectly together. A low moan escaped his mouth as I dug my fingers into his back.

"What the fuck is this"

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