My Guardian Demon

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Did I seriously just kiss Nathaniel? oh god and Zac caught us. Well, to be honest, I don't even know if we are still together.

This is how I'm going to become a Demon, isn't it? Breaking hearts and whatnot.

My mum used to tell me I was absolutely beautiful, like a little angel and I'd break so many hearts with boys fighting over me. Which would turn into an argument with my dad and brothers saying I'm not allowed to date till I'm fifty.

Didn't think it would become a reality, especially between a Demon and an Angel, and now I find out I have two sons? I just don't know what to do anymore.

I definitely need some time to myself, time with my friends to clear my head. Elijah told me Zac kills me in the future but that can be changed right?

We all need to sit down and have a proper talk about this but it's going to be hard getting these two in the same room and trying not to kill each other.

"Can we talk, please," Zac glared at me as he growled.

"I think the fuck not," The door to the bathroom opened revealing Elijah.

His eyes went wide for a second trying to figure out what was happening and before I could even blink he was in front of me.

Towering over me like his dad.

"Back off," His voice was deep.

Nathaniel stood in front of me too, shielding me away from Zacs glares which made me really uncomfortable.

Zac let out a dark laugh, "I see you've got another guy on the go, how many have you been fucking behind my back Athena?"

I winced. It felt strange when he said my name. I'm so used to him calling me clumsy.

Elijah lost it and ended up punching Zac in the face, obviously shocking him to make him stumble over.

He slowly lifted his head up, his eyes darkening as he looked at Elijah. Rage overtook him, and it was then I was unable to recognise the Demon I fell for.

Before he could hurt him or even worse kill him I pushed them both out of my way with every little bit of strength that I had to successfully move two giants.

Well compared to me they are.

Zac didn't even realize that I was in front of him now, his Demon was fully taken over. Anger radiated off him, everything around us was becoming cold, the windows tinting with frost.

I've never seen him like this before, he scared me. I can now see the monster he truly is. I refuse to be one of them girls who fall for the bad boy again, thinking you can change them because, in reality, you can't.

However, Zac isn't a bad boy. He's a Demon. Working for Satan. The worst of the worst.

I let him touch me.

How could I be so stupid?

I let him control me. Make me think that I love him. I should have listened to Nathaniel and Lewis.

Time stopped, and all I could think about was the people who I love, my friends and family who I would protect with my life.

Lewis, my weirdo best friend who likes pineapple on pizza, that secretly loves rom-coms. Who cuddles up with me on Friday nights eating popcorn as we bawl our eyes out at titanic. Screams when he sees spiders. A none stop flirt, who can't keep it in his pants. I love him though, he's like a brother.

Then my other best friend Shannon, my little nerd. Probably read every single book in our school library. She's the reason I always buy two milkshakes when I go to McDonald's just so she can dip her chips into one of them. The way she absolutely adores her boyfriend who's also become a close friend over time.

Austin my oldest brother, a dad, and friend rolled into one. Whenever he washes the dishes, he hums barbie girl. It's his go-to song which I can't wait to tell his future girlfriend about. He also makes the best chocolate chip pancakes in the world.

Then Aiden, who annoyed me 99% of the time. Who eats my chocolate just to wind me up. Every time we have a meal he always has to take something off my plate just to test it to make sure our food tastes the same. When I was little and had nightmares, Aiden was the one who would come into my room and read to me until I fell back to sleep, and would kill anyone who hurt me.

Finally, Nathaniel, his smirk makes my insides flutter. His smile that shows off his pearly white straight teeth. The way he looks at me with his bright blue eyes that makes me weak in the knees, feeling like the only person that matters to him. How he has managed to watch over Aiden for 19 years is beyond me.

There's no way he can love me now, he's too good for me. I wouldn't blame him, I chose someone else over him when I know deep down I was completely and utterly in love with this gorgeous angel.

Now we have Elijah who has just walked into our life, and I can't describe this sudden feeling I have to protect him more than anyone else.

I suppose that's what you call motherly instinct or whatever.

We still need to meet Arlo who apparently is the most annoying lad you'll ever meet that you just want to shove him off a bridge. Elijah's words, not mine.

Suddenly my hands made contact with Zacs chest trying to form some sort of power to stop him but nothing happened.

God damn stupid powers. Never work when I want them to.

Everything was quiet and before I knew it I was flying across the room and straight through the cafe window. Glass shattering everywhere, the rain hitting my ice-cold skin.

My eyes were shut ready for the harsh landing but it never came. I felt two pairs of arms wrap around me and I was brought into someone's chest.

I looked up to see who saved me.

"Marax," I whispered.

He wasn't looking at me, so I followed his direction straight into the shop where Zac and Nathaniel were throwing punches at each other. One throwing fireballs destroying everything in its path luckily missing Nathaniel as he skillfully dodges them.

Lighting bolts erupted from his hands, one hitting Zacs shoulder making him snarl in pain. Elijah ran next to me, his eyes scanning my face.

"Mum are you okay?"

"What the fuck did this kid just say?"

"Uncle Marax,"

I swatted Marax with a scowl.

"Sorry sweetheart," He mumbled.

Marax gently put me down on the ground, still eyeing up Elijah with curiosity.

"I'll tell you later but you need to stop Zac, please or he's going to hurt Nathaniel." I was pulling at his top trying to make him move.

"I don't think he needs help."

Before I turned my head to see what he was on about Zac came flying past us followed by lighting and straight through another building.

Nathaniel stood there, his eyes shining a silvery-white with his beautiful wings on show. Some of his shirt was ripped revealing his muscly chest.

"Are you drooling?" I shook my head getting rid of any dirty thoughts to see Marax laughing and Elijah rolling his eyes.

"Shut up," I growled.

Nathaniel strode over towards me, cupping my face. His hands were so soft, I leaned in a little as I closed my eyes enjoying his gentle touch.

"We need to leave before he comes back, and we need to call everyone over. I'm not letting that bastard hurt you or my son. But we also need to talk" He whispered the last bit and I nodded.

His hand slid down and gently took my hand with his, lifting it up towards his lips and placed a small lingering kiss before we all disappeared from the street in a swirl of orbs.

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