My Guardian Demon

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I Love You

When we finally made it home, Marax left to go and see what Zac was up to but said he'd definitely come back later to discuss everything and that he wanted to speak to me alone.

Wonder what that will be about?

Elijah left to go and find Arlo, so it was just me and Nathaniel.


Nobody else.

Just little old me with a greek god.

"Athena, are you listening to me?"

"Sorry what?" Nathaniel was staring at me.

We were currently sat in my bedroom, ready to have whatever conversation he mentioned before.

He refused to leave incase a Demon showed up, I told him I'm a tough cookie and could handle it but he just gave me a look.

So stubborn.

"Look I need to tell you something about Zac, something I should have told you when you turned sixteen but I didn't want to break your heart. Especially after finding out you fell in love with him but at first, I didn't believe it myself until us certain angels had a meeting... "

I covered his mouth with my hand, his blabbering cut off so I could finally speak.

"And they say girls talk too much" I smiled and nodded for him to continue "Just spit it out please"

He Laced his fingers through mine, the soft-touch sending a shiver down my spine. Heat radiated my cheeks from this small interaction.

"You was never meant to have a guardian Demon, yeah you're the prophecy but you did have a guardian angel. Zirach killed him. The only reason I didn't know was because he never really revealed himself to me and I was too busy trying to stop Aiden from killing himself half the time. Between me and you, your brother isn't the sharpest tool in the box"

I snorted, almost forgetting that Zac killed my guardian angel. I always wondered why I was the only one to have a demon as a guardian.

Now I know why.


"Satan wanted to keep an eye on you, but he could never come up here. He was weakened in the last battle"

He took a deep breath.

"Zac was his spy, keeping an eye on you and reported everything back to him. I think in his own weird way he did learn to love you, just not the kind of love you deserve"

My lip trembled and I looked away from Nathaniel so he couldn't see that his words hurt me, I knew he was right.

"I love you, I always have" He whispered, I could feel his finger gently stroking my arm.

I looked over to him, a small smile on his face as his crystal eyes looked into mine.

"I understand that you still care and love him, you are human after all. Just know I will wait for you, however long it takes. You are special to me Athena, everything about you just mesmerizes me..."

He took my hand, his thumb grazing over my knuckles.

"The way your blue eyes sparkle full of life, the daunt little freckles that scatter across your nose. Your obsession for chocolate, and how clumsy you are. The love you have for people around you and your willingness to do anything for them without giving it a thought. Even your hate for swearing and not wanting to injure people, unless it's your brother" We both smiled.

"You are just something else Athena Rae Walsh, and you have my heart"

It felt like my heart had just stopped beating, his words ringing in my head.

Zac told me plenty of times he loved me and it made me smile, and I loved him too.

Now hearing Nathaniel express his love for me, the seriousness in his voice was all it took for me to fall madly in love with him.

The feeling was always there but shielded away because of my feelings for Zac. But now I know Nathaniel is the one for me.

He is the man that I love.

The man that I will always love.

The man that loves me.

Without even thinking I wrapped my arms around his neck as I straddled his waist connecting my lips with his.

He was still for a few seconds until I felt his lips moving against mine. It just felt right.

His strong muscular arms slipped under my bum as he hoisted me up, my legs around his torso holding onto him tightly.

My left hand tugged on the ends of his hair making him growl quietly, his chest vibrating against mine.

Suddenly my back was against the wall, I turned my head to the side so I could breathe and Nathaniel's eyes were swirling with lust and love.

I crashed my lips against him again, his tongue darted out and I granted access straight away.

He pulled me further against his body, our heavy breathing as he thought for dominance. My back arched against him as his hand slipped underneath my top.

"The cute one is here" Someone sang, then my bedroom door flew open revealing a very shocked Shannon and Lewis.

My best friends had just walked into the most heated makeout session I've ever had.

Trust them to ruin it.

I could feel my cheeks burning, probably turning bright red like a tomato.

Nathaniel placed me on the floor, clearing his throat then gave me a wide smile.

As he walked over to my bed in two long strides, he sat down and placed a pillow over his lap.

Shannon giggled and Lewis smirked.

"Well I didn't expect this, my little rae of sunshine getting it on with Mr. Angel over there" He chuckled, glancing over at Nathaniel.

"Do you want me to leave so you can take care of him?" He wiggled his eyebrows and winked.

I hit his arm "Shut up"

"Make me"

"Don't test me"

"Oh feisty, I like it"

"You are so annoying"

"You love me" Lewis puckered his lips.

"Unfortunately" I mumbled.

"Now give daddy a kiss" He shot me a wink.

The room went silent.

"I think the fuck not"

Aiden stormed in and whacked Lewis at the back of his head, a grunt escaping his mouth.

"Serves you right" Shannon commented before giving me a hug.

Oh how I missed her, there are way too many boys in my life.

"Where's Austin?" I asked Aiden who was glaring at Lewis.

"Gone to get pizza before we have a little granny meeting" Lewis smiled, probably at the mention of pizza.

"With pineapple," He asked.

"God no" Wel all said in unison.

"Oh come on, I always have to eat your crappy pizzas. Athenas has to have yellow peppers on hers because it's a happy colour and tastes different from the others. Which by the way is bullshit" I huffed.

I'll let him have his rant, then I'll beat him with his pizza later for swearing.

"Shannon with her stupid vegetarian pizza that no one touches" She rolled her eyes at our ridiculous friend.

"You" He pointed at Aiden.

"Always have to have half bbq and have tomato because you're a freak who can't make his mind up and your bloody brother who always asks for extra anchovies which is disgusting"

"So I want my pineapple, and if not then..." He looked at me, with a mischievous smile forming on his pale face.

A face I really wanted to punch right now.

What can I say? He brings out my violent side.

"I'll tell your brothers what you were doing with Mr. Angel over there" Then he left my room.

Now I'm going to beat him with Shannon's pizza.

"That's not my name" Nathaniel shouted and then disappeared.

Probably to chase after Lewis and now leaving me alone with my brother who looked like his head was going to pop and explode all over my wall.

That would be nasty, and I refuse to clean that up.

I gripped Shannon's hands, a nervous laugh escaping my lips trying to avoid his glare.

"He's kidding, come on we have a granny meeting to get to"

Then I ran out with Shannon just as I heard the front door close.

As we made it downstairs, Austin was placing the pizza boxes on the coffee table.

"Did you get pineapple?" I asked, giving him a side hug.

"I did"

"Which one?"

He pointed to the bottom one, so I opened it up grimacing at the pineapple that was all over his pizza.

I picked a slice up and slapped Lewis across the face with it then rubbed it into his hair. He swatted my hands away.

"What was that for" He yelled.

"You know what that was for" My eyes narrowed.

"You're evil"

"And you're an idiot"

I wiped my hands on his jacket before turning to face everyone. Now they all had their pizza boxes and I noticed someone new in the room.

"Marax" I smiled as I walked over to him and gave him a hug.

Nathaniel was leaning against the wall, his eyes lever leaving me. Aiden and Austin were sat on one of the couches devouring their pizzas like they had never eaten before.


Shannon was laughing at Lewis who was pulling bits of pizza out of his hair with a scowl.

Serves him right.

"Can we talk" Marax whispered.

I gently placed my hand on his arm, tugging him towards the kitchen.

When I closed the door I noticed Marax staring at the floor before looking back up at me.

"Something happened" He spoke lowly.

I kept quiet, waiting for him to continue.

"Zirach lost it when I found him, he loves you but unfortunately he's still a killer, and that's never going to change. There's a reason why he was chosen by Satan. He's sadistic, and not right in the head"

"Please just spit it out " My throat felt like sandpaper, struggling to swallow.

"There's a reason why Arlo isn't here" He avoided eye contact.

"How do you..."

"I know about Elijah and Arlo, so does Zac. That's why he went after you, to stop you from ever falling for Nathaniel and having his kids"

"What have they got anything to do with this" My voice raising, tears gathering in my eyes.

"Arlo kills him in the future, avenging your death, now he has him in the underworld"

I know I haven't met Arlo yet, but at the end of the day, he is my son. Well, he will be my son, mine and Nathanials. I'm really not liking where this conversation his heading. All I could hear was the low voices from the other room, and my own heartbeat echoing in my ears.

"He's going to kill him"

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