My Guardian Demon

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A turn for the worst

"I am going to kill him" I stood back ready to leave the kitchen before Marax gripped my wrist lightly causing me to stop.

I glared at him "Let go of me" shaking my arm trying to escape his grasp but failing miserably.

"Look you can't just go marching off to find Zac without a plan, you're literally walking into your own death by doing that and I don't think pretty boy out there will be too happy about that" He gave me a pointed out.

Blowing a stray piece of hair away from my face I sighed "Well what do you suggest we do then"

He smirked.

"I don't like that face"

"What face?"

I pointed "That face"

"I don't know what you're talking about" He smirked again. Why on earth am I friends with this idiot?

Suddenly the kitchen door opened revealing Shannon who was trying to hold back Lewis. Nathanial's laugh echoed through the house, my heart fluttering at the sound. must be a good sign seen as the only people in the room with him are my brothers.

"Sorry to interrupt whatever this is..." She smiled as she tugged on my jacket trying to pull me into the front room with her "but I may kill your brother if he continues his cheesy flirting"

Nathanial was still stood against the wall, his arm muscles flexing every time he smiled or laughed. Memories of them being wrapped around me flooded through my mind as he kissed me with so much love and lust.

Snap out of it.

Austin was laughing along with him, then I noticed Aiden staring at me with his pizza dangling out of his mouth. His eyes turned into slits before he jumped up off the couch and stormed towards me.

"What the fuck is that"

Everyone became quiet, looking towards us both, I widened my eyes at his tone.

"What" I squeaked.

He pinched my neck then crossed his arms towering over me.

"Ouch, what was that for"

"You have a hickey on your neck" Aiden pointed out as he gave Marax a frightening look, I could hear Lewis chuckling to himself. Heat rushed to my cheeks, probably making me look like a tomato.

Marax held his hands up quickly telling Aiden he hasn't been near me in that way, I found it quite funny that he actually looked a bit scared. You'd think him being a demon that he wouldn't care about my brother's threats but I was obviously wrong.

Zoning the little argument out and completely blanking the annoyed looks of my brother I walked over to Nathanial who was smiling away to himself till he saw the worried look on my face.

"What's wrong"

"It's Arlo, we need to go and find Elijah now"

He nodded and took my hand leading me to the front door. Austin stopped us by placing his hand in front of me.

"We are all going, Nathanial has told me everything, Athena. You are my baby sister and I'm responsible for you. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened to you"

Sometimes I think he forgets that he may possibly lose me in this battle. I know I die further into the future as Elijah told me but that could easily change. Since my sixteenth birthday, nothing has been normal.

All I want is one day where I can eat all the chocolate I want and have a movie night with my friends. Or kiss Nathanials gorgeous plump lips. Attend school and bicker with Miss Reynolds before she sends me to the headteacher, or eating the most disgusting school dinners I have ever had.

"Well we have to split up, I'll go with Marax, Nathanial with Shannon then Lewis with my brothers"

Nathanial shot me a look but I ignored it. All I want to do when I'm around him is kiss him which would probably lead to something more so I can't afford to be distracted. Also, Marax doesn't trust anyone else properly apart from me and I just threw lewis with my brothers cause why not? Although I feel a tad bit sorry for Austin because I know my best friend and Aiden fight like an old married couple.

Whilst everyone else went to grab their coats and other belongings I looked up to Nathanial whos eyes were already trained on me. Elijah was his double, brown fluffy hair with the most gorgeous eyes. My hand cupped the side of his face and he leaned down capturing my lips.

I was in heaven.

Not literally because I know what that looks like.

This kiss was gentle and full of pure love. Sparks ran through me as I felt his hand on my lower back pushing me closer against his body. My other hand gripped his shirt trying to keep myself up from how amazing this felt.

Nathanial finally took a step back, a cheeky smile on his face "Be safe beautiful, because I want to carry that on" he winked.

I could feel myself burning up like I was stood next to a fire. Oh god, I hope my brothers didn't hear that.

As I took a step outside with Marax right behind me, everyone else heading in different directions, the cool breeze hit me. Shannon gave me a small wave whilst Lewis blew a very dramatic kiss.

I couldn't help but giggle to myself.

It was an unpleasantly cold winters night, dark, mystifying. The moon was sheltered by murky looming clouds.

Marax slung his arm around my shoulder sensing how cold I was and brought me to his side as we walked away from my house.

Something kept nagging at me. Why on earth was he helping us? Zac was his best friend and for some reason I trusted him.

"He's a dick"

"Hey" I scolded.

"Sorry" He chuckled.

Then he continued "I can't see someone as kind and amazing as you hurt, honestly I couldn't give a fuck about any human but you're different, and also the fact the only friend I have is willing to hurt you pisses me off. You're also hot" He whispered against my ear.

"Yeah well don't say that in front of Nathanial"

"Oh please, I could take him" I raised my eyebrow and glanced at him. A massive grin spread across his face, obviously enjoying our little chat.

It felt nice.

A few minutes passed, faint raindrops hit my skin and the air became colder if that was even possible. I could feel Marax's arm tense against my shoulders and we stopped in the middle of a park.

Looking up towards us, Zac was stood in his demon form. His eyes weren't to be seen as they blended in with the darkness that surrounded us.

"Well don't you two look cozy" He crossed his arms and moved forward till I could see his face clearly.

I turned to Marax.

"You need to go, go and get help"

"I'm not leaving you with him" He hissed lowly.

"I can handle him, go and find Arlo please" I pleaded.

I could see the hesitation, but after what seemed like years he huffed and then disappeared. not before he growled towards Zac which just made him chuckle.

Finally, I lifted my head and turned towards him, the anger bubbling inside me knowing he has my son locked up in hell in god knows what condition. He killed my guardian angel. He tricked me into loving him. Knowing he wants to be Satan himself, the only reason he wanted to help destroy the devil.

I don't care if he loved me in his own sick way, I hate him.

"Tell me where Arlo is?" The tone of my voice was strong, not revealing how nervous I actually was.

He took another slow step towards me, his black eyes never leaving mine. but I stood my ground, I can't be weak in front of him.

"Who gives a fuck about that kid, he'll soon be dead"

Soon enough he was stood right in front of me, and I noticed blood was splattered across his top.

"I do, so tell me where the hell he is or so help me I'll make you wish you had never been born"

"I'm going to kill every last person that you love, and when it comes to the battle I will kill you and take your powers. Then satan will be dead, then I'll take over. And the first thing on my list is to rip Nathanial apart, limb by limb till he can't take it anymore"

Bile rose up my throat, hearing the words made me sick. How could anyone be this evil and enjoy the pain that they inflict on others?

Anger that has been building up inside me just burst like a bubble and before I knew it Zac was on the floor groaning.

"You little bitch"

Before I could comprehend what was happening a flash of blue light flew towards me, I shot my hands up to cover my face then screams erupted around me. They weren't coming from me. I opened my eyes and my heart felt like it had been ripped open.

I fell on my knees unable to keep myself up. I couldn't even hear anything, just my own heartbeat. The rain hit the ground harshly, covering my skin with goosebumps.

My body stumbled over to the figure lay on the floor, tears rolling down my cheeks as I shook him to try and wake him up.

"Someone help..." My hands began to shake trying to check for a pulse.

"Please hold on Aiden, don't you dare leave me" I cried.

I've never felt pain like this before.

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