My Guardian Demon

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Day's had gone by since I last heard of Nathanial, Marax, and Elijah. They didn't return after my brother Aiden saved me from being killed that night. I wish one of them would let me at least know that they are okay, I'm already worried about my brother who is currently lying in a coma.

Aiden is suffering from third-degree burns across his back from Zacs fireball, he also has a bleed on the brain from hitting it against the floor when he pushed me out of the way.

Zac is a dead man or demon. Whatever I don't care.

Not only does he have my son locked up doing god knows what but he tried killing me which ended up with him hurting my brother. Aiden may be the biggest pain but I love him, and no one gets away with hurting my family.

When he was admitted to hospital I never left his side, I didn't even let go of his hand. Austin, Lewis, and Shannon tried speaking to me but I couldn't even register what they were saying to me. I was too busy plotting Zacs death.

I didn't even care about satan anymore, Zac has done more damage to me and my family.

Austin got called away for a few days for a big job, which I had to make him go because he refused to leave.

He eventually agreed to let Lewis and Shannon stay over, not because he doesn't trust me but because he's worried about both of his younger siblings. It took a bit of persuading Shannons parents as they are quite strict.

My brother feels like it's his fault that this is happening, and that's not the case at all. It's mine, and as soon as this whole supernatural war is over the better.

To keep myself busy I've been practicing my powers none stop, from when I wake up till I physically can't stand anymore.

I'm quite surprised by how much I've learned, the feeling of my power flowing through my body makes me feel amazing. Like nobody can stop me.

I'll be damned if I let Zac hurt me or anyone I love again. It makes me feel sick knowing that I loved it, that I let him take my virginity.

Honestly I have no idea how Nathaniel can love me knowing I've been with a Demon.

God I miss him so much.

I even miss Marax.

It's finally Friday, the last day of school and we finally have two weeks off. Walking down the corridor with Lewis and Shannon arguing over what we should do tonight.

Lewis wants to order pizza and play spin the bottle whilst Shannon wants to watch movies as she talks about a new book she's been reading.

"We are not playing spin the bottle, there will only be four people including my boyfriend. I refuse to kiss you"

Lewis slapped his chest dramatically as he gasped "Shannon baby you just hurt my feelings. What's wrong with these lips?" He pouted.

"Well for one I don't have a clue where they have been, and I doubt Athena wants to kiss them either"

I rolled my eyes, slowly making our way to assembly for a big announcement. About what I have no clue. They are never really important anyway.

"Guys can you just stop arguing for one minute, why can't we just have some drinks, put a film on and have pizza..."

My hand covered Lewis's mouth "without spin the bottle"

Suddenly I felt Lewis's tongue lick my palm, I retracted my hand wiping it on his top.

"You're disgusting" I muttered.

He winked "You love it"

It was silent for a few seconds, other students appearing around us waiting as they chatted about their plans over the holidays.

I felt a pang in my chest as I thought about my life, all I wish is to have at least one day of normality. Without fearing mine or my loved one's death.

Aiden lays in a hospital because of me.

No teenage girl should have to worry about Demons or angels, let alone fall in love with them.

I want to be a teenager for one night, and that's what I plan on doing. Cause who knows how long I actually have left.


"Erm how many shots has she had?"

"I have no idea but I'm loving this new Athena"

"There's nothing wrong with the old sober Athena Lewis!"

"Don't slap me, god damn it Nathan keep your girl in check"

"I'm all good"

I turned around to see the three of them looking at me with wide eyes. Lewis was grinning from ear to ear, Shannon looked scared for her life and Nathan was fighting back a smile from the look on his girlfriend's face.

"You know what I want to be when I'm older guys"

A series of what's was said "A stripper" I beamed.

Lewis started coughing, his drinking spraying everywhere from his mouth and nose.


There was music playing in the background, pizza boxes scattered around the room. An open bottle of vodka and gin on the table.

Despacito started to play, one of my favourite songs. I started to dance swaying my hips. I gripped the bottom of my jumper and pulled it straight over my head and threw it across the room.

"Oh fuck"

Shannon took hold of Nathan's hand and ran upstairs with him, telling Lewis to deal with me.

I was now dancing whilst only wearing my Leggings and light blue lace bra, getting lost in the music without a care in the world.

Lewis came up to me with my jumper "Hey Atena, not that this isn't great but please put this on"

I smiled "I'm only stripping Lewis, you've seen girls bodies before. Might as well start now, you never know I could be dead tomorrow"

Before I could pull my leggings off Lewis took both of my hands and made me face him.

He looked so angry but eyes were swirling with sadness.

"Don't you ever fucking say that again, and don't even try to hit me because there's a lot more where that's coming from..."

My gaze drifted to the floor, hurting because I rarely see Lewis like this. He's always flirting and messing around, someone who can take your mind off everything.

"I hate seeing you like this, it isn't you. Your life is shit at the minute, yeah, but you have us. We will never leave your side, and Nathaniel absolutely adores you as I do. Rae you are my best friend in the whole world, I couldn't live without you"

After his little speech, I was a sobbing mess. He's right, I have my friends and family. I don't need anything else.

"Thank you Lewis" I stepped forward wrapping my arms around his torso, and he instantly one of his to the back of my head and the other around my back.

His chin rested on top of my head, my tears dripping onto his top with my mascara along with it.

We stood hugging for a few minutes, enjoying the warmth of my best friend, his hand slowly running through my hair.

I felt a gust of wind hit my back harshly, goosebumps appearing on my skin.


Lewis stepped back a little, his warmth disappearing in an instant. Shannon and Nathan tumbled down the stairs. Both of their hair was a mess, lips swollen and cheeks flushed.

Dirty dogs.

When I turned around I saw Nathaniel, Marax, Elijah and someone else who I didn't recognize. He had the same crystal blue eyes like Elijah, his hair was a shade lighter of brown and the same height as all the boys.

I noticed some bruises scattered across his cheek, his lip was busted and a deep scratch ran along his chin.

"Arlo" I croaked.

He was my other son.

They saved him.

"Mum, Where's your top?"

My eyes glanced in Elijahs direction who was looking everywhere else apart from my direction and that's when it clicked.

Everyone could see my bra, oh god I've probably scarred my kids for life.

Lewis started chuckling behind me as he passed me my jumper. Quickly I threw it over my head, heat rising to my cheeks.

"Our little Athena wants to be a stripper"

Before I could hit him Arlo stormed over to me and brought me into a bone-crushing hug, they all towered over me.

"God I've missed you so fucking much mum" He was shaking.

I'll let that bad word slide.

I felt more arms wrap around us, Nathaniel and Elijah joined in. It's mad to think that this is my family.

Sometimes I think I won't die in this battle because if I did then these two wouldn't be here, but I'm not in their future anymore.

The future could change, and seeing my three boys makes me want to fight harder.

I can't leave them.

We finally broke apart, all of them blinking the tears away so nobody could see them weak.

Typical boys.

"How did you save Arlo?"

Marax was the first to speak "Satan let us take him"

Did I just hear him right?

"I don't understand, why on earth would he willingly just give you Arlo? That doesn't make sense"

"because he has nothing to do with whatever Zac is planning, Satan doesn't give a fuc... Fudge"

Nathaniel was staring at me, he hasn't said a single word since arriving. Is he mad that I was hugging Lewis without my top on?

Oh god, that must be it.

I'd be mad if he hugged a girl without his top on, how could I be so stupid.

When I looked back at him he smiled, and boy does he have the most gorgeous smile. Enough to make any girl swoon.

He wasn't mad.

I really want to kiss him.

"Athena are you listening?"

"I'm sorry Marax, go on" I stood closer to Nathaniel, his fingers intertwining with mine. Sparks shot up my arm from the simple gesture.

"Satan has his full powers back..."

I could hear Shannon gasp, she took my other hand. When I looked to my side I noticed her eyes were glistening with tears, Lewis couldn't even look at me.

Everyone was staring at me now with sadness. I tried swallowing the lump in my throat but shook it off. This was it, and now I need to be stronger than ever.

Not just for my sake but for everyone else, especially the people I loved the most.

Nathaniel tiled my chin up, his pretty blue eyes looking into mine. He bit his bottom lip whilst he stroked my cheek.

"The battle is in a month"

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