My Guardian Demon

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"I'm sorry about Aiden baby," Nathaniel brought me into a hug, and I instantly melted in his arms.

Everyone was still downstairs chatting away, trying to come up with a plan with our war against the Demons. Marax is fighting with us.

Mad I know but we have become so close over time, he's nothing like Zac. He told me that he wants to be human again and I'm hoping I can make a deal or persuade God into letting him.

Being in Nathanial's arms makes me forget about all my problems, the stress, and worry about my life.

Then I just remembered that he is Aidens Guardian angel, why wasn't he there to protect him.

I pulled myself away from him and looked up "Why didn't you save him?" he looked down, his eyebrows scrunching up.


"When Zac attacked, why didn't you save him?" If he saved him then Aiden wouldn't be lying in a hospital bed fighting for his life.

My brother would be here, annoying the hell out of me and eating all my chocolate or calling me for being so clumsy.

He took a deep breath, "Demons ambushed us, and the only person I had with me was Shannon. I had to do everything to protect her because if something happened to your best friend you would never forgive me. I'm so sorry I wasn't there to save Aiden, but he's strong and I know for a fact that he will pull through it."

I can't be mad at him, I don't want to be. He did protect Shannon and I'm thankful he did.

My hand rested against his rock hard toned chest, he felt so warm. I just bit my bottom lip and nodded my head.

"You know I love you right, god I love you so much, Athena. All I want is you, every part of you," He whispered the last bit.

His eyes went a shade darker.

Was he turned on?

Oh god, what do I do?

"Nathaniel, are you okay? Would you like some food? I think I have some chocolate hidden somewhere up here, yano because Aiden eats it all if I dont.."

As I turned around trying to create some distance between us I ended up tripping over my other foot and ended up falling towards the floor.

Why do I have to be so clumsy?

Before I hit the floor, I felt Nathanial's arms circle around me and lifting me back up. We were chest to chest, my legs lent against the side of my bed, our noses almost touching.

"There are people downstairs, maybe this isn't the best time to..."


He slammed his lips against mine, they were soft and warm against mine just like I remembered, but there were so much lust and urgency in this kiss. Like he really needed it, that he had been waiting a lifetime.

Not like his usual sweet ones, but god it feels amazing and he's only kissing me.

"I don't care,," he mumbled against my lips.

"But what if someone comes in, they could hear us and.. and.."

"I've soundproofed the room, and the door is locked now be quiet," He gripped my bum making me gasp.

In my shocked state, he slipped his tongue in my mouth and growled. His fingers played with the hem of my jumper, brushing against my skin sending shivers through my body.

I feel so nervous, oh god I bet I look like a tomato. What if he hates my body? I do eat a lot.

He nipped my ear causing me to squeal and bring me out of my thoughts.

"Stop thinking, you're perfect the way you are. Now arms up," I did as he said and within a few seconds, my top was on the floor.

"We've been too long, they will know what we are doing and I'll never hear the end of it from Lewis."

His lips met the skin of my neck harshly and I clamped my legs together.

My turn on spot.

I started to pull at his top, inching it up till it was off and I threw it across the room. He went back to assaulting my neck, moving further and further down till he reached my blue lace bra.

"This is coming off," A snap was heard, the cool air hitting my breasts.

He took my nipple in his mouth, slowly swirling his tongue around. A quiet moan escaped my lips and I felt him smirk against me.

That cheeky good for nothing...

Nathaniel pushed me down onto the bed and climbed on top of me, one of his legs slipped between mine spreading them further apart.

He gripped my leggings and yanked them down my smooth tanned legs.

Thank god I shaved.

For a moment he stopped and looked at me, a hint of a smile on his lips, "so beautiful, I don't think I'll ever get enough of you." then he pulled my knickers down and plunged his fingers in me.

"Fuck," I shouted.

He smirked, going faster and faster, "you swore," then he kissed me.

I could feel my climax building up, my moans muffled by his mouth. My hands gripped the bedsheets and my legs started to shake. Then he slid another in causing me to bite down on his lip hard probably drawing blood. But he didn't care, it just urged him on.

Then Nathaniel said the three words that would make me blush so deep if I wasn't so turned on.

"Cum for me," His voice came out deep.

I did just that. Repeating his name over and over again till the feeling went away, his fingers slipped out and he brought them up to his mouth and sucked them.

"You taste amazing."

I blushed "shut up."

"So what's next?" His eyebrow quirked up, one of his hands reaching down towards his jeans.

All of a sudden he shot up and threw a blanket over me.

"Hey, girl... Woah Woah Woah, were we interrupting something?" I recognized that voice.

"Seriously Lailah," his head fell onto my shoulder, groaning in my ear from frustration.

This is so embarrassing, imagine you're in the middle of getting it on with your amazingly, hot Greek god angel and his best friends barge in.

Kill me now.

"Maybe we should have knocked," Cael whispered.

Yeah, you should have.

My hands were covering my face, now Nathaniel had stood up to put his top on with a very annoyed look on his face.

"God damn it Cael we interrupted our little Nathaniel losing his virginity, well we know you lose it eventually anyway with them two smoking hot boys downstairs."

"Lailah, not appropriate. Now can you please leave so Athena can get dressed."

"Alright alright keep ya knickers on, we will be downstairs. It's horror night, now chop, chop my little horn birds"

I peeked through my fingers to see them gone and Nathaniel with his top back on.

Sad times.

"I'll leave you to get dressed baby," he kisses me softly whilst holding my chin "cause I'll be finishing that."

He winked then orbed out of my room, leaving me and my thoughts alone.


"So what are we watching?" Lewis asked me.

I was curled up on the couch tucked up against Nathaniel, Lewis on my other side and a blanket draped over the three of us.

Shannon and Nathan were lay on the floor together with a few cushions and a comforter. Then Marax was by himself on a separate chair whilst Rose and Cael occupied our other couch.

Our two sons were also on the floor, on opposites sides to Shannon and Nathan although they weren't cuddling just bickering with one another.

"Hello Athena," Lewis was waving his hand in front of my face.

When I kicked his leg he laughed and threw some popcorn at my face.

"Too busy daydreaming about his huge.."

"Do not fucking finish that sentence or I'll make this film become your reality," Marax hissed.

I looked his way to see him smirk as he watched Lewis gulp loudly.

"Is it me or is he scarier than this jeepers creepers guy we are about to watch?" Lewis whispered in my ear.

"Scarier," I whispered.

Marax winked at me and pressed play.

Looks like we are watching jeepers creepers then.

Nathanial's hand was resting against my hip, his finger grazing across my skin.

After some time the scene came on with the crazy cat lady.

"Aw them poor cats," Shannon spoke aloud as she ducked her head to Bury in the cushions.

"Cats are fucking evil," Marax replied.

"Do you have to swear?" I narrowed my eyes towards him.

"Yes, I do princess."


"I'm not getting involved."

"Some boyfriend you are."

His hands held either side of my face and brought me into a kiss. Some ews coming from our sons.

"Seriously dad, you're gonna make me throw up in Elijah's bowl," He gagged.

"Why my bowl, throw up in your own you prick."

"Why would I throw up in mine when yours is right here?"

"Stop pissing me off."

A cushion flew across the room managing to hit them both.

"Quit it the pair of you or I'll tie you both together and dangle you out of the window in just your underwear," Lailah shouted at the both of them.

Remind me to never get on her bad side.

"Just keep running over its fucking head, it's god damn ugly," I could hear Lewis muttering to himself.

I think my head might explode if he keeps swearing, or he'll be waking up with no eyebrows.

"I'm gonna get a drink, anybody want anything?"

Everyone said no apart from Lewis who gripped my hand as I stood up to go the kitchen.

"I'll have a sandwich, ham with chicken, salad with tons of mayo."

"Get it yourself stupid."

As I yanked my hand back I stumbled over someone's legs and fell backwards onto Shannon and Nathan.

"Oh hey guys, long time no see," I gave them my best smile making them laugh.

Lewis was laughing his head off till Nathanial reached over and flipped him over the couch, then grinned at me before standing himself helping me up.

"I'd fight you but I don't want to make you look weak in front of your girl."

"Yeah, that's why."

We both made our way into the kitchen, I pulled out a bottle of water from the fridge and took a sip.

I noticed Nathanial staring at me with a worried look on his face.

"Nathanial, you okay?"

"you need to kill Zac."

Did I hear him right, why was he even thinking about this. A scream was heard from the living room and it definitely wasn't Shannon so I'm assuming it was one of the boys.

"He's going to try everything in his power to kill you after you've destroyed Satan. There's already going to be so many people wanting to kill you and he's the strongest of them all. You need to kill him."

I set my drink down on the table and took his large hand in mine.

"we will don't you worry, he will pay for everything he has done" I gave him a small smile.

A slight buzzing noise rang through my ears, then all I heard was his voice.

Meet me tomorrow at the graveyard, and come alone. If not then next time your brother will be lying in a morgue.

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