My Guardian Demon

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Spiders vs Demons

I think my scream was that high pitched, dogs could hear me.

The stranger just sat on my bad looking my way with an amused smile on his face. Then as soon as I finished with my screaming I heard my brother Aiden running up the stairs whilst yelling my name.

Sugar what am I supposed to say, I can't tell him that theirs a hot, invisible guy sat on my bed.

My brother ran next to me, slightly panting from the stairs he ran up. His eyes were darting from me to my room wondering what I was screaming at.

"Why did you scream?" He questioned just before Austin appeared, checking to see why I was making so much noise.

Okay, think Athena, think.

"I er I... I saw a spider" Was the first thing I could think of, but I mentally slapped myself in the face.

My mind went black, I'm usually not this stupid.

They both looked over at me with a straight face.

"You do know the spider is smaller than you?" Aiden spoke.

"Yeah, so is a grenade" I shot back.

Then they just walked away, leaving me standing alone in the hall, well not totally alone.

The handsome stranger was still sat on my bed, a wide grin on his face. I stepped inside the room closing the door behind me, just so Aiden didn't think I was turning crazy speaking to no one.

Austin obviously knew but I'm not quite sure I should tell anyone else about this, Zac can be quite moody and I really don't want to be burnt alive.

He's a demon, they live in hell. Hence the fire. No? moving on.

He suddenly stood up from the bed and took a few small steps towards me, so I took a few steps back until I hit my door.

Hm nowhere to go now.

I glanced in every other direction trying to avoid his gaze. Then my eyes caught his, and I just couldn't look away.

They were beautiful and unusual at the same time, unlike Zacs who's were quite scary to look at these were mesmerizing.

They were a bright crystal blue just like mine. Then they flashed a bright silvery-white colour making me blink.

I felt my heart beating a little faster as he smiled at me. He took one step closer to me, his hand reaching up the rest against the door just beside my head.

I gulped, still not being able to look away from his face, his dark brown hair was styled to perfection. He had this cute dimple on his left cheek every time he smiled making my heart flutter a little.

Who was this guy? Was he a demon or an angel? Wait, no he doesn't have them deep black eyes like Zac does, which creeps the hell out of me by the way. He doesn't have red eyes either which I noticed from that dark figure outside my house before.

Just thinking about that sends shivers down my spine. Not the good kind from where you kiss someone, or when electric sparks flood your body from a single touch.

"A spider really?" He says grinning making me blush a little. His eyes wouldn't leave mine, was he looking into my eyes?

He didn't try to hide the fact, he just carried on with that gorgeous smile on his face showing his bright white teeth that most people would be jealous of.

"What? Spiders scare me" I shrugged as a deep chuckle left his throat.

"And demon's don't?" He questioned. His smile faltered a little.

Good question though.

I would literally run a mile if I saw a spider, but I didn't when I met Zac and learned what he is.

Something is seriously wrong with me if I'm more afraid of a small, hairy, black spider that has eight long legs that can move really fast. Some can be poisonous or even jump... Okay, that's not the point.

Spiders scare me more than demons, and they are literally the definition of evil. There is no good in them which makes me wonder why I was given a Guardian Demon. Someone who doesn't even swear and isn't a big fan of violence.

Whoever made this so-called prophecy had a lot to answer to.

"So who are you, strange guy who's in my room..." I started to ramble on until my eyes noticed my fresh clothes on my bed, including my underwear.

Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god.

I sprinted to the bed right past him and stuffed all my clothes, including my underwear under my duvet. Fingers crossed he didn't see them. No guy has ever seen my underwear, only my brother's but that's because they live here.

I also may have been with the biggest manwhore in the school, excuse my language but I didn't want to lose my virginity to him so he could add me to his list.

Yeah, sadly my ex-boyfriend has a list on girls whose virginity he stole.

"I saw," He says walking up to me. I tried to hide my blushing cheeks with my hair but it was no use. The look on his face gave it away.

"Let's forget about that, shall we... Er what's your name and why are you here?"

"My name is Nathaniel, and I am a guardian angel. More specifically your brother's guardian angel" I noticed his eyes changing again and the most beautiful wings appearing behind him. They were spectacular.

His wings had that silken blue gleam, more silver in the top than below. The smaller feathers blended intricately with the larger ones as they rounded the delicate, narrowing curve toward the bottom tip.

My hand slowly reached out till my finger lightly hovered over a single feather. I quickly gazed into his eyes to see his reaction but he was just faintly smiling at me, his eyes still glowing a pure white.

I felt his wings brush against my hand which made me smile in aw. They were so soft and just astonishing.

"Who's guardian angel are you?" I brought my hand back to my side, his wings disappearing and eyes turning back to a light blue.

I hope all angels and demons don't look this good, or I am done for.

"I'm Aiden's angel"

"Oh you poor thing"

"It's not that bad," He said, with a sour look on his face.

"Sure it isn't" Then I sat on the bed, too tired to be stood up any longer. I'm lazy, sue me.

"It's quite amusing watching you two though, definitely makes my job a lot more fun" A half-smirk plastered on his face as he took a seat next to me.

"Quick question but do you know where Zac is?" I had no idea why I asked him about a demon, they are arch enemies. As I said, I'm having a very dumb day.

His smirk turned into a scowl. He pushed off the bed making me slip on to the floor, for like the billionth time today. I groaned but stopped abruptly when he came back over and lifted me up onto my feet like I weighed nothing.

I placed my hands on his shoulders steadying myself, Slight tingles shot up my arms making me let go. He was just staring out of the window, his jaw tightly shut.

"I don't know where that demon is" He tried to speak calmly but I could hear the hatred in his voice as he said demon.

He shook his head, slightly glancing my way now. "I don't have much more time before he turns up, I just really wanted to meet you after all this time. I don't trust Zirach, even if he is your guardian. He's still a demon at the end of the day"

He took a deep breath as he placed his warm hand against my cheek.

"You are important to us angels, to god as well. You're also important to Satan, a reason we do not know yet but I'll find out. It's not just because you're the prophecy."

"What do you mean Satan? He can't honestly want me, I'm just a normal, clumsy girl who's obsessed with chocolate..." He slapped his hand lightly against my mouth, a little chuckle coming from him.

Is it possible to love someone's laugh?

"You have no idea how special you are, do you?" I blushed again.

Today is just not my day.

"You're blush is cute"

"No, it's not"

"Yes it is"







"Yes.. wait, what?"

"Glad you could agree" He teased making me huff at the little game he just played.

I walked over to my wardrobe trying to pick out some clothes to wear for my birthday meal. I could feel Nathaniel's eyes burn into the back of my head making me feel a little self-conscious.

"Er, do you mind turning around whilst I get dressed" I spoke quietly.

"Sure," As he turned to look out of the window I quickly stripped off my clothes, replacing them with something more suitable for a fancy restaurant.

"Okay, I'm done" He was still looking out of the window, watching the drops of rain patter against the glass.

"Rae! Are you ready yet? Some people are starving down here" I couldn't help but roll my eyes at my brother who was more of a drama queen than me.

Nathanial turned so he could look at me, but I noticed him quickly glance behind me then back to me.

"I have to go but we will speak later" I was going to ask why but he just vanished. The room became cold making me shiver.

"I leave you for a few hours and I find out you've been speaking to that angel" I instantly knew who that was by his deathly tone in his voice.

I spun around but stumbled backward not realizing how close he was to me. He did not look happy at all. His eyes had turned an even deeper black which I thought was impossible.

"Why so moody?"

"Just answer me"

"I don't have to answer you at all, now I'm gonna go. I have places to be and they do not involve you." Before I could walk to my door I felt him grip my wrist pulling me straight into his chest.

"Don't walk away from me" He growled into my ear, his hand tightening a little making me whimper silently.

His black eyes were staring into mine, and his black wings had become visible. The room became an ice-cold, so cold I could see my own breath.

"Let go of her" My eyes snapped to the deep voice, revealing a not so happy Nathaniel.

Zac didn't flinch though, his breathing just became heavier, his chest moving up and down rapidly. I could literally see the steep coming out of his ears but then he let go and just disappeared just after sending us both a deadly glare.

"You okay?" I nodded, rubbing my wrist where Zac had gripped onto. Nathaniel looked down to where my hand was being cradled, his eyes instantly changing to concern.

He made his way over to me instantly taking my hand into his. My hand looked so small compared to his large ones.

My wrist was red and sore. Suddenly a faint tingle spread through my hand, and a faint white light shining around us. I gazed down to see what he had done, and as he removed his hand from mine the redness had gone. My wrist wasn't sore anymore.

"How did you..."

"Shhh it's our little secret, I'm not really supposed to use my powers here" He sent me a calm smile and I couldn't help but smile back. How is my brother so lucky to have such a caring angel as his guardian, whilst I am stuck with an arrogant demon who hurts me?

My door swung open making me snap my head towards it, I couldn't even react before I was thrown over my brother's shoulder and carried downstairs.

Rude much, I was having a conversation.

As soon as we made it downstairs he dropped me onto my feet, and not nicely either.

"I hate you" I mumbled. He just crossed his arms, sending me a glare which just made me scoff.

Not wanting to get into an argument with him again because I knew once we start, we won't be able to stop which means Austin would have to intervene. So I just turned around ready to walk out of the door but I didn't realize where he had put me.

I walked straight into the door.

I hate my life.

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