My Guardian Demon

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Cause Hell Baby Sister

That night it felt like my whole world collapsed, the light that surrounded me was overtaken by shadows. The pain coming and going like waves.

Austin was a mess, probably worse than me but in a different way. When he arrived after Aiden was killed it's like his whole body just shut down.

My clothes and skin were covered in our brother's blood. We both cried together for hours, Austin just holding me as we mourned.

Nathaniel was called and he had to leave immediately, there was some sort of emergency.

It's been a week and I can't sleep, I haven't slept a wink. Every time I close my eyes Zac flashes through my mind. Seeing him rip out Aiden's heart over and over again.

No matter what I do it's all I see to the point I refuse to sleep. I've been drinking endless cups of coffee and practicing more with my powers.

I need to be stronger, stronger then I am now to kill Zac. To kill every single last Demon till they are none existent.

It was a typical gloomy Sunday afternoon and I was just laying in my bed looking out the window.

Snuggling further into my blankets and playing with the sleeve of Aidens Jumper. All I've been wearing is his stuff, which makes me feel close to him.


I craned my neck round to see Nathaniel with a small smile as he walked towards me.

"Hey" I whispered.

His lips gently pressed against my forehead then sat down next to me, his fingers stroking my hair.

"Can you come with me"



"I'd rather stay in bed and cry till I'm all shriveled up" I tried pulling the covers over my head but Nathaniel caught my wrists.

"I know you're hurting baby, and if I could take your pain away I would but I've got something that will cheer you up" He smiles.

I was contemplating whether I should just go or glue myself to the bed so I could never leave. Then my gaze noticed movement behind Nathaniel.

Elijah and Arlo were stood there, sadness held in their eyes as they looked at me.

"Please come with us mum" Arlo spoke as he took a few steps towards us.

Seeing Elijah jogged my memory from the other night. When I found out I was pregnant. It's so weird to think that this full-grown boy is in my tummy right now.

Kicking my legs to remove Teddy bear quilts I stood up and crossed my arms over my chest "Fine" I mumbled.

They all smiled, ready for our little trip to do god knows what.

"Wait I need to tell Austin I'm leaving..."

"No need mum, he's had to leave to sort some stuff out. He knows we are with you"

"Okay, let's go then"

My body felt so numb but I need to be strong, for my family.

I already miss mine and Aidens arguments over the simplest of things like what we would watch on tv or when he would use my coconut shampoo. When he used to steal the last piece of food like a muffin or something, I'd lick it just so he'd give it back to me which lead him to call me a disgusting pig and I'd never get a boyfriend in my life and that I would grow old with twenty cats.

Well, look who has a boyfriend now.

Trying to rid of my thoughts I then noticed we weren't in my bedroom anymore. There were blossom trees surrounding me.

A beautiful crystal waterfall just behind, the water shimmering as the sun hit it. A cool breeze swirling through the air, hitting against my clammy skin.

I've only been in heaven once and now I'm wondering why I never visited more. This place is beautiful.

"Why are we here?"

No one said anything, Nathaniel just pointed in the direction behind me. So I turned around slowly wondering what he wanted me to see so badly.

My breath hitched in my throat, my heartbeat jumped a beat at the sight. There in front of me with that goofy smile of his and his arms open wide.

My brother.

Without hesitation I ran straight for him, my tears falling down for the millionth time this week. But these are tears of happiness.

My body collided with him, his large arms engulfing me as I wrapped mine around his neck as he lifted me off the ground. He twirled me around as a soft giggle escaped my mouth.

When he put me down I looked up to see him staring down at me, and I just collapsed against his chest. Never ever wanting to let him go.

"Hey little Rae"

"What are you doing here?" I took a step back so I could see him.

"I died, duh" my hand collided with his chest.

"Don't say that"

"Athena I'm dead and according to Mr almighty up there I was good enough to become an angel. I swear part of me wanted to be sent to hell so I could rip that son of a bitch in half"

"Well that swearing is inappropriate"

"but very much true" He smirked.

"Wait so does that mean you're a guardian angel just like Nathaniel?"

The other three now joined us, Nathaniel wrapped an arm around my waist bringing me closer to him.

"No baby, there are different angels. We all have different job roles and unfortunately, mine has changed. I'm still high ranked but seen as Aiden is... Erm... Yano..."

Aiden laughed "You can say it, man, I'm dead. Might as well get used to it, I've got to say there are some god damn hot ladies up here"

He reached over and high fives both of my sons as they all received a glare from me.

"Yeah dead, anyway I brought you here so you could say your goodbyes. Took a lot of persuasion with as your brother likes to call him God almighty"

"Wait no I can't say goodbye, I won't. Please Nathaniel, can't you bring him back..."

Aiden gripped both of my shoulders lightly, stopping me from panicking.

"Listen to me Athena, you will win this war and live a full happy life with Nathaniel and your boys. I'm sorry I won't be there with you when you graduate, have kids, or get married but I will always be watching over you no matter what. Don't blame yourself for any of this, and make sure Austin doesn't blame himself. Tell the fucker he can have my Xbox, but he best not break it... "

I couldn't help but chuckle at that, he's always been so protective of that games console.

A thought ran through my mind, I needed to tell him before we left even though I haven't told Nathaniel yet.

"I'm pregnant" I blurted, catching the attention of all of them.

Elijah and Arlo didn't seem surprised, but the other two looked completely shocked.

I smiled over at Nathaniel, my hand connecting with his as he looked at me. A massive grin spread across his face and took a look at Elijah, our boy.

They all hugged each other and I stepped towards a very still Aiden who was looking straight ahead.

"I'm going to name him Elijah Aiden"

His face didn't show any emotion, I was starting to worry that he would be mad. That's the last thing I want, especially if this may be the last time I see him.

Twiddling with my necklace as they shook slightly waiting for him to respond. I was about to take a step back when he pulled me in for a hug.

His lips gently pressing a kiss on the top of my head "I love you, Athena, I'm so happy for you. You will always be the most important girl in my life even though you pissed me off half the time. Just make sure you and Austin look after each other, and make sure to tell him thank you for raising the both of us. We wouldn't be the people we are today if it wasn't for him"

When I looked up a tear escaped one of his eyes which he instantly wiped away.

"You didn't see that"

I nodded, not wanting to bruise his ego anymore. A mischievous smirk appeared on his face when Nathaniel placed his hand on my shoulder ready to leave.

"Now get back down there and cause hell baby sister"

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