My Guardian Demon

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Hiding Place

This sucks.

Austin is forcing me to go to school because education is so important. Doesn't he understand I'm a hormonal teenager, going through some sort of supernatural pregnancy and I have to fight satan and his Demons in a week.

I told him about seeing Aiden and what he said, thankfully it's given him some sort of closure but recently he's been working a lot more.

Not that I can blame him, he needs to do something to take his mind of things.

Me, on the other hand, is feeling awful, I'm throwing up every day and night. I can't eat a single thing apart from Haribo sweets. There's more power flowing through me which makes me shaky from time to time.

No human is meant to have this much power. One thing I don't understand is Elijah told me that he's part angel which makes sense because of Nathaniel.

Arlo is fully human which would mean that Nathaniel wasn't an angel anymore. How could that be possible though?

Humming some random tunes in my head at 7 am whilst I played with my hair at the kitchen table, I didn't notice someone sitting next to me.

I glanced to the side seeing Elijah was looking at me, and he was holding a bar of chocolate. Most importantly my chocolate.

"Where did you get that from?" I was now facing him as he bit a piece and smiled.

Chocolate all in straight pearly white teeth, I cringed trying not to throw up. Why was I given two boys?

"I found it" He shrugged and continued eating.

"That best not be my chocolate" I grumbled.

"Oh, but it is mum" Arlo interrupted us as he walked towards the fridge.

He took the bottle of milk out and started drinking it from the bottle, and when he finished he burped and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Are they actually serious?

"How did you find my chocolate?"

They both laughed at me, Arlo showing me his dimples just like mine. Well, he is the spitting image of me, and Elijah looks like a carbon copy of Nathaniel.

These two have probably broken quite a few hearts with how gorgeous they are.

Damn, I make some good looking kids, who are actually quite disgusting. Reminds me a bit of Aiden.

"Your hiding places never change, just like Elijah when he tries to hide a girl from you and dad in the morning"

"Your one to talk"

"I don't think with my dick"

"Not my fault girls prefer me"

"At least I'm not a walking std"

They both continued fighting, throwing insults at each other. I noticed both of them becoming angrier, but something caught my eye.

Elijah's eyes started flashing a silver colour, his hands curled up into fists. I totally forgot he was still part angel, and I'm guessing can't control his anger therefor his powers.

Before anything drastic happens, like the kitchen setting on fire or Elijah accidentally killing his own brother so I stepped in front of him and slapped him.

My hand stinging as soon as it came into contact with his cheek. He looked surprised, probably the same as I did whereas Arlo was laughing hysterically.

"What the fuck" Elijah held his cheek in shock.

"That's child abuse"

"you're older than me, therefore, it's not"

"It is because your my mum"

"not yet I'm not"

"This is so fucking funny, the look on your face Elijah. I'm used to girls back at home doing this when you kick them out but not mum"

Arlo was practically rolling around on the floor laughing like a hyena.

Why are boys so immature?

Although Elijah did deserve it, he ate my chocolate and I couldn't think about how to stop him from blowing up the place.

We all took a seat at the table, waiting to set off to school. Lewis is walking to school with us today.

"can I ask you a question"


"How come you are part angel but Arlo isn't? I get your dad would have to be human but I didn't think that would be possible to do" I took a sip of my water waiting for one of them to answer me.

"Dad gave up his powers for you"

"What, how?"

Arlo stopped talking and started playing on my phone, obviously avoiding something.

"It doesn't happen really, but dad was given the option to either stay a guardian angel but he wouldn't be able to be with you and they would have taken me of you as soon as I was born"

"and the other option was?"

"live the rest of his human life with you which he chose. It just never happens because humans can't see angels, with the exception of you"

He was avoiding something I could tell. His hands were pulling the chocolate wrapper as his foot kept tapping against the tiled floor. His eyes kept avoiding me, darting all around the room.

"Elijah you're hiding something, spit it out or I swear to god I'll ground you"

"You can't ground me" He snickered, taking another bite of my chocolate.

"I'm your mum so yes I can"

"Well that's not what you said before"

He got me there.

I groaned in frustration "Elijah just tell me"

"I don't think..."

"In order for dad to become human, he's not allowed back in heaven when he dies" Arlo shouted over us.

Elijah's sad face confirmed what Arlo said. I just don't understand, why would he do something like that.

"That's all we know, and you can't even ask dad because obviously he hasn't made that decision yet"

Before I could ask them any more questions, they stood up and placed their dishes in the sink ready to head to school.

I felt the both of them wrap their arms around me squeezing me into a little family hug. After a minute I returned it, a small smile forming on my face feeling happy for the first time in a while.

"Yoohoo family, who's ready for some fucking school...."

Lewis barged into the kitchen and joined in on our hug, being careful to not squeeze me too much.

"Let's learn and shit, maybe if we are lucky something interesting will happen today but I won't hold my breath"

Well, let's just say a lot happens in one school day.

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