My Guardian Demon

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The Beginning

I hate life.

Why is there such a thing as school and people? I'm so done with today already and it's only the second lesson.

I'm currently changing in p.e trying my hardest to hide the tiny bump that has already formed. The last thing I need is for people to know I'm pregnant.

I've had to introduce Elijah and Arlo as my cousins because everyone is so God damn nosey and wants to know my business.

I've already learned that the two of them are extremely protective of me, especially Elijah.

"Oh my god," I heard a loud shriek behind me.

Shannon gave me a look, her eyes drifting to the person behind me and then back to me a few times. I huffed and pulled my top down than to turn around a see a very angry Hannah.

"Can I help you?"

"You are such a whore"

"Excuse me" I dropped my arms to the side and stepped forward.

"You heard me, I can't believe you fucked Brandon" Her face was turning red, her eyes scrunching up.

"That's funny, but seriously I don't have a clue what your on about" I laced my fingers around Shannon's wrist ready to walk away.

Hannah pushed against my chest, my back hitting the wall right behind me. Everyone was staring at the both of us, some smiling and some with confusion.

Does anyone else have anything better to do than watch a fight?

"You aren't going anywhere, you do not fuck my boyfriend and then walk away. You'll pay..."

She charged forward as her hand raised ready to hit me so I ducked out if her way.

"Fuck my nail broke"

"Are you crazy" I yelled, I then saw some more people coming in including some boys.

Lewis and Arlo appeared looking around to see where all the commotion was coming from.

"I'll kill you"

"Don't you think that's a bit extreme, I never touch your boyfriend. Like I said once before I'd never touch him, he makes me sick and so do you."

I was finally in front of her, her face just inches away from me not caring about the teacher yelling for the headteacher.

"Don't act so innocent either, I know for a fact you have fucked every single guy in the football team more than once whilst sleeping with Brandon. So the only whore in this room is you. Get your facts straight, I'm not as desperate as you" I hissed in her ear.

Pushing her shoulder with mine as I walked past to head straight to Arlo who was now smiling, his arms ready to give me a hug but I felt someone pull on my hand.

"It's a shame about your brother, the thought of you being his sister probably pushed him over the edge. It's your fault he's dead."

My mind went blank as tears were threatening to spill, I curled my fingers into fists and closed my eyes trying to control my power which was pulsing through my body. Urging to escape and cause chaos.

My body collided with the floor, Hannah on top of me trying to scratch my skin and pull my hair. Recovering from the shock, hearing everyone's shouts telling her to get off me or to rip my head off.

I could hear Lewis shouting for me to do something as he tried charging his way through everyone.

Her hand gripped my throat to pull me up and slammed me on the hard floor, my head throbbing from the impact.

Something snapped inside me, exhaling out of my nose I placed both of my hands on her shoulders and threw her off me.

My sight was blurry, the pain in my head gradually getting worse. My hand was drops of blood from where I touched it.

Hannah finally stood up and ran at me again, Lewis and Arlo were now by my side. One of them inspecting my head and the other held onto me making sure I didn't fall.

Without giving it a second thought I threw my arm forward and punched the side of her face making her fall down. Blood flowed from her nose, her hair was stuck up on end.

"You are pathetic, I'm out of here"

I stormed out of the changing room, both boys right behind me but they easily caught up to me with their ridiculously long legs.

"mum you really need to get that checked out"

"Yeah, Rae I completely agree with Arlo, the back of your head is fucking bleeding."

Making my way to the entrance ready to go home but something stood in my way. I bumped into them, a chest in my vision.

As I looked up I saw that stupid annoying smirk I used to love. Now all I felt was hatred towards him.

"I see you are having a bad day clumsy"

"Don't call me that, don't even touch me" I took a step back, wiping a tear away from my cheek.

Arlo was gone, I'm assuming to go and find Elijah. Lewis's hand touched the bottom of my back letting me know that he's not going anywhere, that I'm not alone.

"You still upset about your brother? Did you not like my game princess?" He taunted, taking a small step towards me.

"I thought it was quite enjoyable, the way his heartfelt in my hand. His life slowly draining away as you watched.."

I tilted my head, breaking every single bone in his arm. He howled in pain as he clutched it, but he still had a smirk on his face. So I did it again with his other making him drop onto one knee.

"Rae you need to stop before anyone else comes out here" Lewis warned me.

"Yes Athena, listen to him like the obedient little bitch that you are"

Quick footsteps were heard from behind me, echoing around me. Louder and louder as they caught up to where I stood.

I lifted my hand up, a blue light flowing down my arm in beautiful elegant twirls towards my fingertips.

Blood started to erupt from Zacs mouth, then his nose and deep black eyes.

"Mum stop" Elijah pulled me towards him, breaking me out of my trance.

"Why did you stop me, I was so close to killing him. It's what he deserves" I tried loosening his grip but he held on.

"Yes he does but not here, do it on the battlefield"

"But I need..."

I flew to the ground, a burning pain spread across my skin from the fireball that Zac just threw at me but there was no burn.

No mark.

Not even a scratch.

There was a blue shield that surrounded me and then it disappeared within seconds. I guess that what happens when you've got a baby that's part angel growing inside of you.

As I got to my feet trying to keep my balance from how hard he hit me I was ready to end him but he was gone.

"Athena" Nathaniel was now in front of me.

He pulled me into a hug, my small body fitting perfectly against his. I sighed when I felt his lips gently kiss the top of my head.

Thunder roared around us, lights flashing outside. The whole school became dark and cold. I peered over Nathanial's shoulder to see Satan.

He was stood outside, a vicious smile spread across his face as his glowing gaze was on me.

I let go of Nathaniel to see what he wants but he stopped me.

"You can't go"

"Nathaniel please, I just need to see what that idiot wants. Just stay with them, I'll be fine"

I could see the battle he was having with himself, and one thing I have always loved about him is he believes in me.

He nodded and pressed his lips against mine.

I loved this man so much.

When he let go, I smiled and quickly kissed him again "I love you" I whispered into the kiss.

"I love you too Athena"

The doors flew open as I neared and I was met with the harshness of the rain. The cold air hit my skin like sharp razor ice.

"Well hello, Athena" His voice was calm.

"What do you want"

"Well isn't it obvious my darling"

Demons appeared everywhere, flames surrounding them as they all looked at me.

"We have another week"

I couldn't believe this, he wants the battle to start now when it isn't for another week. He's ambushing me, thinking I'm still weak. Well, he's in for a shock.

"I got tired of waiting, though it would be easier to kill you as your all alone and with a broken heart thanks to Zirach" His deep chuckle rang through my ears.

"She's not alone"

Marax appeared next to me in his Demon form, he looked at me and winked.

Angels scattered behind me, all of them with their stunning white wings and eyes shining brightly compared to the Demons dark smoky black ones. Nathanial holds my hand as he stood by my side with our boys behind us.

"Let the battle begin"

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