My Guardian Demon

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The Battle Part 1

This wasn't supposed to happen now, everyone is still in the school. My friends are here with me and I'll be damned if anyone else I love dies.

I want balance.

The world needs a balance between good and evil and I tend to keep it that way. Hell needs a new ruler.

Someone who will follow the rules instead of him who wants to wipe out the entire human and angel race along with his sidekick Zac.

They both need to die.

The sky was a gloomy black, flashes of light appearing every minute. The rain was pouring down, hitting our skin harshly.

Everyone was either in their Demon or Angel form. Nathaniel and Marax were stood by my side, their black and white wings contrasting together.

Satan gazed at me his red eyes flickering a firey red whilst his mouth formed into a smirk. Zac appeared next to him with the same look, only his eyes were his usual black but there was something different about them.

Scorching fire and bolts of lighting headed straight towards us, I raised my arms creating a shield in front of us, the hits vibrating against my hands.

"Elijah I need you to take Arlo and Lewis back into the school with everyone. Put a protection spell up if you can" I rushed out.

"No, there's no way I'm leaving you"

I snapped my head back to look at him "I wasn't asking, I can't lose anyone else so do it now" my voice was harsh.

His eyes held anger and sadness, having a battle with himself whether to leave or stay.

"Now Elijah"

"Fine" he quickly kissed me on my cheek and took them into the school, the doors slamming behind them.

"You know your gonna have to put the barrier down sooner or later" Nathaniel spoke softly.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, with one hand I reached my necklace feeling the heat against my skin as it glowed a bright crystal blue.

As soon as I dropped my hands, the barrier fading away everyone took off towards the Demons who did the same.

Nathaniel was fighting two Demons, throwing punches at one another. One of them lit himself on fire and charged at Nathaniel both of them falling to the floor, the other was tackled by Lailah. She gripped his head and ripped it off throwing it away from the body.

Oh god, I was not prepared for that, I'm assuming that's another way to kill them.

Everyone was moving too fast, I couldn't recognise who was who. I ducked quickly, a bolt of lighting just missing my head. As I looked up I saw Zac, but Satan was no longer there beside him.

Another Demon headed towards me, I threw my arm up and twisted his neck till it came off.

Zac stalked towards me, his eyes burning into my soul causing the hair at the back of my neck to stand on end. He threw one of his fireballs at me but I knocked it out of the way. More and more came flying at me but I dodged them all and managed to direct one of them back towards him which hit his chest and he hissed, his pink tongue darted out like a snake.

A loud was heard to my side and as I looked to see who it came from my heart started beating fast.

Marax was clutching his side as he fell to the floor, screaming in pain. I recognised the Demon heading straight for him. He was the one who kidnapped me at that time, but I can't remember his name.

Zac finally stood up dusting himself off like he wasn't in the middle of a battle, then he looked at me smiling. Showing his bright white teeth.

I can't let Marax die so I looked over at Zac one more time and broke both of his legs before running over to Marax. The wind was blowing my hair around my shoulder, the odd stray piece against my forehead. The rain pelting down long bullets.

"Marax" I yelled, trying to move my legs faster.

He looked up, I could see the pain on his face. His eyes kept screwing up, and I noticed blood on the floor.

The Demon was too fixated of Marax to see me coming and I jumped causing us both to collide with the floor. The stones scraped against my skin making me groan. He ended up on top of me, glaring at me.

His hands wrapped around my neck and he lit them on fire, I screamed at the top of my voice. The pain was excruciating, and it started cracking from the lack of oxygen. My lungs gasping for air as his hands tightened around me.

I've never done this before and it might not work now, I could hear Marax shouting for me. His figure hunching over as he tried to stand but he just dropped back down.

My sight started to fade so with the little strength I had left I placed my shaky hand against the Demons chest.

"This was too easy, now you can go and join your brother you little bitch. It's a shame we didn't get to have a little fun though" His breath hit my skin.

Suddenly he went up in flames, and I managed to throw him off me coughing as soon as he rolled off me. He was yelping in pain, thrashing on the floor before his body went limp and slowly becoming a pile of Ash.

My vision started to clear, more and more Demons were now focused on me. Focusing on the ones heading to me, each one dropped to the floor as I either made their insides explode into flames or decapitating them.

When I thought it was safe enough I ran over to Marax and knelt next to him, lifting his head up to look at me.

"I need to get you inside" I tried pulling him up but I won't be able to get him to the school just by myself.

"Leave me" He gritted out.

Marax growled as another wave of pain bolted through his body, his head dropping onto my shoulder and my arms trying to support him the best I could.

I scanned around to see anyone who could help me but I didn't recognise anyone, everyone was moving too fast. Grunts of pain were heard, the roaring of the thunder echoing through my ears.

Even Zac had vanished, and there was still no sign of Satan.

What the hell was he doing, he's the reason for this battle but can't even be bothered sticking around.

Cael, Lailahs boyfriend appeared in my vision. There was blood splattered across his top, a burn mark on his hand which looked quite sore. Other than that he looked fine.

"Come on I'll help you get him inside" He swung Marax's arm over his shoulder and I did the same with his other.

Both of us walking as quickly as we could, I held out my other hand shielding us away from whatever the Demons threw at us. The odd time I managed to throw it back at them.

Marax kept up with our pace as he grunted and grit his teeth together. We made it to the door and Elijah opened it instantly with it shutting behind us.

We lay him down, his face was dripping with sweat and I started to panic.

"How do we heal him? He can't die, I won't let him" Tears threatened to leave my eyes.

I took off my jacket and pressed it against his wound, trying to stop as much of the bleeding as I could. Cael and Elijah were looking at one another and then down to me.

"Mum, angels can't heal Demons"

"Bullshit" I snapped "I'll heal him then"

Both of my hands hovered over his wound and I cleared my mind trying to focus. I had no idea what I'm doing, all I could think was I can't lose him. He's one of my closest friends and he doesn't deserve this. Zac should be the one dying not him.

Someone's fingers stroked the back of my hand and slid them around my wrist. I opened my eyes, my tears sliding down my cheek to see Marax gazing at me.

"It won't work Athena"

"Yes it will I just need to try again" He stopped me, and cupped my face.

"End this fight once and for all Athena, I know you can do it. Then live a happy life as you deserve. I've said this before but I'm not fond of humans, you, on the other hand, are an exception" I hiccupped as I cried, holding onto his hand.

If I couldn't heal him, I'll at least try and take his pain away. So when I held his hand, black veins ran across his skin connecting to mine. His face visibly relaxed and I tried to hold on as his pain was passed through me.

Within a few minutes, he went limp and I cried harder. My head against his chest as my whole body shuck with sadness. Tears dropped onto his shirt till there was nothing left but his ashes.

Elijah bent down and wrapped his arms around me, I cried and cried into his shoulder as he rubbed my back and cradles me in his arms.

My heart cracked even more from another loss of someone close to me. Even though he was a Demon, he was still an amazing person and I'm glad that we were friends.

I'll never forget him.

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