My Guardian Demon

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Battle Part 2

"I need to find Satan and put an end to this once and for all"

As I stood up, my face probably red and blotchy, my eyes puffy from grieving I noticed people watching me.

Shannon ran over to me with Lewis and they both brought me into a hug, my best friends meant the world to me and always will.

I'll be damned if I let anything happen to them. When I was with them I felt at home, the two people I chose to be apart of my family and I wouldn't have it any other way.

There's only one way I can end this to make sure everyone else is safe. I wish I knew what the other me did from Elijah and Arlo's present did to survive and defeat Satan.

I took a step back, my hands still holding there's as they looked at me.

"I love you both so much, Shannon you are like the sister I never had, and Lewis you're like another brother to me apart from the times you hit on me" We all chuckled trying to keep the tears back.

"Please take care of each other"

"Rae don't talk like that..."

The corner of my mouth lifted slightly trying not to break down anymore. The look on their faces told me that they knew I was saying goodbye.

When I turned to see Elijah I saw Arlo appear behind him, and without even realising my hand drifted towards my little bump.

"You'll survive this mum, you did in our life so in this one you will too" I didn't say anything, I couldn't say goodbye to them.

I wrapped each of my arms around them both and they leaned their heads on my shoulder, wetness seeped through my top onto my shoulder.

Painful cries and the sounds of fire crackling became louder, then one of the windows behind my smashes. Landing on top of me and a few others.

"Elijah and Cael you need to make sure they don't get in" I ran towards the door.

Taking one last look at the people I love and walked out of the building, feeling sick to my stomach. My eyes are burning, I could feel my lips cracking and my hands were shaking.

There were fewer people now fighting, and luckily the angels had the upper hand. There was no sign of Nathaniel and I couldn't help but think the worst. It would kill me if I lost him.

I snuck around the building to search for Satan or even Zac. There were no Demons back her, but from the ashes there used to be, and some angel dust.

Up ahead there were two figures fighting without their powers, I couldn't quite make out who it was. Loud grunting and their harsh hits were heard, my legs started moving towards them quickly but before I could reach them a bolt of lightning hit my shoulder causing me to cry out in pain.

My back landed harshly against the floor, my head straight after. My name was being called and I recognised the voice, it was Nathaniel.

My head fell to the side to see him being tackled down to the ground by Zac, then as I looked up trying to ignore the ache in my head there stood Satan.

His arms were crossed over his chest, bright red eyes narrowing as he took a few slow steps. His sight never left me and as I tried to move to stand up I cried again holding my bleeding shoulder.

"I must say I'm quite impressed Athena, for such little time you sure know how to use them powers. Now why don't you hand over that necklace or let's just say it won't end well for your boyfriend"

"If you touch a hair on his head ill kill you, and don't think I won't"

He laughed loudly "Such a silly girl" I saw him look over to where Nathaniel and Zac were. Other Demons appeared out of nowhere ready to attack him.

I quickly lifted my hand up creating a wall of fire blocking their path and then I threw Zac over to Satan. His body collapsed on the floor

"Now I'll warn you" I spoke angrily, creating a ball of flame about my palm.

"take your army back to hell and stay down there, stick to your job or I'll kill you and every last one of your filthy Demons"

Zac stood up next to Satan with a wicked grin.

"Your best friend is dead and you don't care, what happened to you? I don't understand how you can be loving and kind one minute and then the next turn into someone I can't even recognise"

"I'm a demon baby, it's what I do best"

I closed my eyes and felt the power of my necklace radiate all over my body, slowly letting it take over.

The heart necklace blew up creating a storm of blue sparks and lighting heading directly to Satan. His own power matched mine as it met in the middle battling against one another, the colours mixing together.

Nathaniel was calling for me but I tuned him out, my only goal was to kill and end the spiritual war and good and bad.

The blue waves slowly started devouring the red flames, getting closer and closer to Satan. He scrunched his face trying his hardest to hold on but the further it got the weaker he became.

Finally, my power hit him with all its strength, an explosion erupted around us as he set on fire. His harsh cries and screams could be heard miles away, and his body slowly started to flake away into nothing.

Other demons that were scattered around fighting against the angels just started to disappear. Now they were bound to hell till another Satan was chosen to run the underworld. Zac was the only one left and he knew it was over by the look on his face. He looked beyond angry.

The beating of my heart was ringing through my ears, becoming slower as I struggled to breathe. Zac stormed over and as he stood before me, I managed to wrap my hand around his throat burning him from the inside.

Suddenly I felt a sharp blade slice through my skin, "Rot in hell" and then his body fell forward and turned into ashes around me.

My hearing and sight blurred, I could feel something wet against my skin as I felt for the place he stabbed me. The pain was like no other pain I've experienced. My legs gave out but before I could crash onto the floor someone caught me in their arms. They took hold of the knife and ripped it out of my body making me gasp.

They lay me on their knee, propping me up trying to keep me awake.

"Athena don't close your eyes, you have to stay with me... Oh god Elijah" His hand pressed against the wound trying to stop the bleed.

My body began to shake involuntarily "I'm cold"

"Just hold on you'll be okay baby"

I placed my hand against his cheek, and his hand covered mine as tears streamed down his face.

"Please keep an eye on Austin, I don't know if he can carry on by himself. Don't leave his side"

"No you aren't leaving me, I can lose you please Athena hold on" He sniffed.

"Thank you for everything, for loving me and just being you"

"You don't need to thank me, I'm getting you to a hospital now"

There were more voices, panicking and crying as they looked down at me. Lewis was holding Shannon as she whaled trying to get to me. I smiled at them then started coughing, more blood dripping from my lips.

The light slowly started to fade away, his and everyone else's faces becoming a blur.

He was yelling frantically for me to not leave him as he stood up ready to leave, pressing me against his chest tightly. The rain had stopped, only a light breeze whistled through the trees. Darkness started to surround me and my eyes slowly closed as my tears fell.

"I love you, Nathaniel"

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