My Guardian Demon

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I would never leave you

My eyes fluttered open. I looked around to see I was lay in a hospital room, the beeping of the monitors to my side. The walls were a crisp white, with light blue curtains that were currently closed.

The last thing I remembered was the pain from the blade that sliced through my stomach.

I placed my shake hand onto my bump but there was nothing, it was flat, little bumps lay on my skin which I'm assuming is a scar. Please don't tell me I lost Elijah. When I looked around the room the second time I noticed a figure crouched on one of the chairs, lightly snoring and their head lay on the bed with their hair stuck up in different directions.

It was Austin.

Another figure was lay face down on the couch across the room, their arm on the floor, and one of their legs stuck in there. That definitely didn't look comfortable.

"Austin" I croaked.

My throat felt like sandpaper.

He lifted his head up and winced at the possible whiplash, his hand started rubbing the back of his neck as he faced me. Quickly standing up to take my hand, his calloused fingers stroking my skin as tears started to fall, a happy smile spread across his face as he hugged me gently.

"Thank god you're awake, I thought I lost you little Rae" I could feel his body shake.

My arms latched onto him behind his back, his familiar scent hitting my nose making me take a deep breath and sigh into his shoulder. As he kissed my head, the other person started tossing and turning till they slipped off the couch into a heap on the floor.

"Fucking hospital couches, crap hospital food. You'd think they would give us a god damn bed or at least a pullup couch, it's been mon... Athena"

I was smiling as Lewis gazed over at me, his eyes widening as well as his mouth. He looked like a deer caught in headlights. Austin took a step back as Lewis ran over to me and practically jumped on the bed engulfing me in a massive hug. Luckily he was careful and managed not to hurt me.

"I've missed you" He whispered into my ear.

"I mi.." My throat felt like it was on fire, words failing to come out.

Austin quickly poured a cup of water and gently placed it near my lips. I took a few sips and nodded for him to pull it away.

"Is Elijah okay?" I looked at both of them as they stood there with their arms crossed.

They looked at one another and then my brother turned towards me, the corner of his lip lifting "He's fine little Rae"

"Well, where is he, my bumps gone which means something went wrong..."

"Athena, you've been in a coma for a year" I gasped. Breathing suddenly became hard.

What has been going on for the past year then and where on earth is my son. My scar was so uncomfortable as I tried to sit up properly but Lewis tried pushing me back down and moving my pillow up.

"You need to be careful Rae, you've been through a lot"

"If I've been in a coma for six months then where the hell is my baby" I rose my voice becoming fed up, all I wanted was answers.

"He's with Nathanial, we haven't seen them in months. We were told that you'd only have a 10% chance of waking up and he couldn't bare to see you lying in this hospital bed possibly dying and this isn't really the place for a baby. Elijah managed to survive the attack due to being part angel, if he were human then he wouldn't have a chance. Elijah arrived by c-section, earlier than most babies due to the speed he grew. We even had to have angels sort some stuff out cause we couldn't exactly tell the doctors why..."

Lewis walked out of the room with his phone without saying a word, the door slamming behind him making me jump.

"Elijah is now six months old, we need had to pull the plug on you because you were showing no signs of life, honestly Athena this has been hell for me. The thought of losing you after Aiden killed me... I just can't believe you are here" I took his hand and gave him a quick smile.

"Austin I need my son, I need Nathanial now"

"We don't know where they are, we've spoken a few times but I haven't heard anything in a while. It's like he's disappeared. I'm sorry Athena" I pulled my hand away shaking my head.

"Don't say that just find him please" I closed my eyes repeating his name to myself hoping he would appear in front of me.

"He isn't an angel anymore, even thinking that you might not survive he still gave up his powers to raise your son. It also broke him that Arlo would never be born" My bottom lip trembled.

I buried my face into my hands sobbing uncontrollably then without a second thought I ripped out all of my wires, blood now dripping from my skin onto the bed and my clothes. Austin was yelling for me to stop, trying to grab me but I pushed his hands away as I stood up from the bed holding onto the wall.

Clutching my wound I slowly walked out of the room ignoring Austin, all I could think was I've just lost the two most important people. I need to find them, tell Nathanial I'm fine, and to see my baby boy.

A sharp pain jolted through my stomach causing me to fall against the wall, my teeth gritted together as I tried staying stood up. Lewis walked over to me and took me in his arms but I tried escaping them, shouting for him to let me go and that I needed to leave. I hate hospitals, last time I was here I watched my own brother die.

He wouldn't let go, he pressed me against him trying to keep my arms from hitting and scratching him. People were walking past giving me strange looks like I were mad. Well, they would be the same after everything I've gone through and then finding out you've been in a coma for a year, now your son and love of your life are now gone.

"Athena you need to get back to bed, you're still healing from whatever Zac stabbed you with. You've only just woke up"

"No" I shouted "I need to find them" I was now hysterically crying.

A doctor rushed over with a syringe in his hand along with a nurse, trying to tell me to calm down but I kicked one of them. My emotions started to consume me and I just exploded, the doctor flew back into the wall.

I still have my powers.

"Lewis" Someone shouted.

He still had a hold of me as I had a firm grip on his arm, Shannon was stood there with a pram, and right behind her was Nathanial. My breath caught in my throat from seeing him again.

"Nathanial," I said to myself.

Still handsome as ever, just wearing dark jeans, a fitted black shirt and pumps. His hair was messy and now he had stubble.

He took off in my direction and Lewis let go of me and soon enough I was in his arms, both of us crying. Nathanial lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him as I sobbed onto his shoulder, a grin now on my face. His arms cradled my back as he repeatedly told me that he loved me. I leaned back to look at him, his eyes glistening with tears.

As he tucked some of my hair behind my ear his other hand still holding me up against him, I leaned into it feeling relieved he was here. I cupped his face and kissed him, his lips still soft as ever. I move my hands around his neck as he deepened the kiss. Our lips fit perfectly together.

Nathanial makes me feel loved and wanted, and every kiss feels like our first.

We pull apart and just stare at each other, both grinning like Cheshire cats.

"I can't believe your here"

"I would never leave you" He gently placed me back onto the floor, and swooped back down to peck me on the lips. His arm snaked around my waist to help me stand.

"There's someone who wants to meet you" He spoke softly.

We walked over to where Shannon and Lewis were stood, Austin was holding Elijah and my heart just stopped. I was seeing my baby for the first time and he was beautiful. Dark brown wavy hair, bright blue eyes with a little button nose. As he looked over at me and his dad he started to giggle and waved his arms in front of him.

I carefully lifted him out of my brother's arms and brought him towards my chest, his little hands held onto my shoulders as he kept on giggling, and then his head lay on my chest. I have never felt so happy before.

Nathanial kissed both of us and smiled.

From then on I knew everything is going to be okay.

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