My Guardian Demon

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My Story

It's been five eventful years since the supernatural battle between the Demons and Angels.

I lost two very important people who I loved and cared for deeply, and there isn't a day that goes by where I don't think of them. They'll always be in my heart.

The Demons and Angels that died, unfortunately, aren't able to come back, they cease to exist. When Satan died, the very few Demons that wanted to become human again were out through a long trial with the angels and God to see if they were able to be given a second chance of a normal human life. Although it was pointed out if they ever repeated the same despicable actions then they'd face an agonizing death and tortured in the chamber of hell. A new ruler was chosen, they stay done there and do their job. The only ones allowed on earth are the grim reapers who collect the souls of the damned.

Somehow the angels managed to wipe everyone's memories from that day as well, everything was forgotten and nobody remembered. Apart from me and my friends.

Elijah is now five years old almost six, and what an amazing time it's been seeing him grow and become his own character. He's like me in many ways, obsessed with his chocolate which we've had to put a restriction on which means I can't have it just as much, although when his dad and brother aren't here we sneak some.

He's such a sweet boy, always helping out around the house, his best friend is Lewis's son Wyatt.

I was shocked when I learned that Lewis actually settled down not long after everything happened, and along the way, as we all went to college his girlfriend Ellie became pregnant. They are still going strong and their little boy is the biggest flirt, even for his age. Reminds me so much of his dad.

As for Shannon and Nathan, they broke up not long ago. Nathan had been cheating on her with some blonde bimbo bitch, Shannon's words not mine. Although I don't disagree, it was hard seeing my best friend break down and become a completely different person. She wouldn't speak to anyone, wouldn't eat to the point she ended up in the hospital. So me and Nathaniel made her move into our place till we helped piece her back together.

Now she's happy and started dating again, and I couldn't be more thrilled for her.

Nathaniel is now a police officer, even though he isn't an angel he still wanted to help people which I really admired about him.

Makes it even better as he looks god damn good in uniform.

I'm currently making sandwiches for the kids with Ellie and Shannon whilst Lewis and Nathaniel play with Elijah, Arlo, and Wyatt.

"So when is your brother coming?" Ellie asked as she took a wine bottle out of the fridge.

"Who knows with him, he should have been here hours ago" I cut into the cucumber, Elijah ran into the kitchen covered in dirt.

"Elijah Aiden Walsh, why are you covered in dirt and running through my kitchen like a hooligan" I questioned, crossing my arms.

He smiled as he clocked backward and forwards "Dad did it" he pointed towards Nathaniel who just walked into the room with a ball in his hand.

"I did what"

"Why is he covered in dirt?"

"He fell"

"No, you pushed me" Elijah whined.

"It was a tackle"

"You can't tackle a six-year-old dad"

"But you're five"

"I'm six"

"I think I know how old you are, you are five"

"Well, that just makes it worse" Elijah put his hand on his hip and scowled at his dad.

"Boys enough"

They both looked over at me and I almost forgot why I was telling them off. Nathaniel is honestly breathtaking, he had no flaws, and Elijah was taking after his dad.

I'm going to have my hands full with all these boys.

"Elijah go upstairs, clean yourself up, and change into some clothes. Shannon can you please help him" She saluted me and took off with Elijah.

"Now you shouldn't be arguing with a six-year-old"

"Don't you mean five"

"Thays even worse" He burst into laughter along with Ellie.

Ellie picked up some plates and drinks before leaving the kitchen, now I'm alone with Nathaniel who was smirking. His eyes running up and down my body.


"You look radiant today"

"What are you after" I eyed him carefully.

Nathaniel chuckled and slowly walked over to me. I had to look up with our height difference.

"Who says I'm after anything" I felt his hand slide up my arm sending shiver through my body.

Even after all this time he still affects me, every little thing he does gives me butterflies, and I'll never get tired of it.

His smile.

His kindness.

His beautiful blue eyes.

His unconditional love for me and our boys.

"You are always after something" I muttered.

He smiled and leant down till his lips pressed against mine making my insides melt, my tummy fluttered as I returned his kiss.

His lips were soft and fit perfectly against mine. I could kiss him every minute of every day and still never have enough.

"Do you remember when we first met?" He asked me after his lips left mine.

"Of course I do" I smiled at the memory.

"You were sat on my bed like some sort of creep... Ow," He pinched my side making me jump away from him.

"You mean a handsome creep" I tilted my head and laughed.

We both just smiled at each other as we listened to Arlo screaming and giggling in the back garden telling Wyatt to run before Uncle Lewis ate them.

"There's something I need to tell you" He just nodded for me to go on.

So instead of telling him, I guided his hands till they were placed against my belly.

It took a moment for him to realise why I had done that then his face broke out into a wide grin and suddenly I was thrown in the air and twirled around.

"How is this possible, I thought we only had two?" He set me back down and held both of my hands.

"I thought so too, maybe they just didn't tell us. Are you happy?"

"I'm ecstatic baby"

"You okay with having three kids?"

"Absolutely. If I could I'd have an army"

"Woah there tiger, I think you forget I've got to grow and give birth to these babies"

"Yeah, but making them is so much fun" He squeezed my bum and devoured my lips again.

"Alright guys break it up, that is not something a brother wants to see" I looked over Nathanial's shoulder to see him covering his eyes, and his wife Paige laughing her head off.

I ran over to him and tackled him into a hug which he returned in an instant.

Loud footsteps were heard from the stairs, and some quieter ones came from behind and before we knew it Austin was now being attacked by my two boys.

Austin lifted Arlo up as Elijah clung onto his leg, both of them grinning from ear to ear.

"How are my two favourite guys"

"Great, now uncle Austin can you please be on my team and beat dad's arse at football"

"Elijah" We both yelled.

He shot us a sheepish smile before running off laughing like a hyena. That boy has spent too much time with Lewis.

Everyone made their way out towards the back garden. I picked up the rest of the food and brought it out where everyone was sat. Music was playing, the sun was shining as the birds sang a beautiful melody.

Everyone was laughing and chatting amongst themselves, my eyes looking over my family.

I gently touched my necklace, little sparks tingled against my fingertips. As I gazed up to the sky I thought about those who I lost, my parents, Aiden and Marax but was beyond grateful for those who I managed to save.

When I looked back over to everyone my gaze landed on Nathaniel who was staring at me, his eyes never leaving mine.

I love every single person here, they are my family.

This is my story, and I'll tell my children about it and my grandchildren then so on.

It all started with my guardian demon.

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