My Guardian Demon

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What Is Heaven Like?

I was not speaking to either of my brothers right now.

We were having a great time at my birthday dinner, joking and laughing with each other. Reminiscing about our childhood. Then I find out that neither of them had bought me a cake.

I wasted my chocolate cake on Hannah at school today. If there's one way to get on my bad side is forgetting to buy me a cake, or any form of chocolate to be exact. For fifteen years I always had one so you can understand why I'm so upset about it.

I stormed up to my room as soon as we got in, ignoring them.

I opened my door to find another person sat on it but this time it was my best friend, that didn't stop me from screaming though. My brothers still ran up the stairs to see what it was this time, but I didn't have to come up with the lame spider excuse.

Both of them glanced into my room to see a grinning Lewis.

"I'm not even going to ask, night guys" Austin chimed, walking away to his room and shutting the door behind him.

I pushed my brother away without even looking at him.

"Oh come on Athena, if it means so much to you I'll buy you a chocolate cake tomorrow"

I still ignored him as I sat next to Lewis, avoiding my brothers now puppy dog face. I may hate him right now but that look just kills me.

Aiden came into my room a little more till he was knelt in front of me, just so I couldn't avoid him. I narrowed my eyes at him, annoyed at the fact that I couldn't stay mad at him.

"It best be a massive chocolate cake, or you'll have to learn to sleep with one eye open" I pointed out making him shake his head quickly. His eyes shifted from me to my bedside table, his face becoming angry.

I turned to see what he was looking at and my heart literally stopped. I am going to kill Lewis.

There on my bedside table, visible for people to see. My older protective brothers to see where the pack of condoms Lewis had bought me for my birthday. My brother shot up from the floor and snatched away the box, his eyes glaring at me.

"Why the fuck do you have condoms in your room" He yelled making me gulp. I could hear Lewis trying to keep his laugh held in but failing miserably so I gripped his hand in mine, digging my nails in a little.

I've actually never seen him this angry before, "They aren't mine, well they were given as a present but I don't want them" I quickly spoke, trying to get him to calm down before I had to deal with the older Walsh.

He shot a look towards my friend who was now not laughing. He just tried to hide behind my small frame. What an idiot.

My brother pointed towards Lewis, anger radiating off him. "Why did you give her condoms, she isn't a whore or a fuckboy like you. My little sister will not be having sex, not now and not ever." I jumped up off my bed and pinched his arm making him yelp like a little girl.

"Don't use that word."

"Shit alright sorry... Ow okay okay I won't swear anymore, god."

"Also you have no control in what I do. If I want to have sex I will have sex, why is it okay for you to do it but not me? Who says I haven't already done it huh?" Lewis stood up next to me, putting his arm around my waist.

"You're my baby sister, it's weird thinking about it...Wait why is he, it's not him who your sleeping with is it cause I swear to god..."

"Will you calm down" I snapped. "He's my best friend you idiot and no offense, not my type."

Lewis slapped his hand onto his chest, pretending to be hurt. "Wow, Rae you know how to hurt a man."

I snickered at his words. I was about to make a sarcastic comment till I noticed Nathanial stood behind my brother, a playful smirk spread across his face.

Okay, I need to think of a way to get rid of these two idiots.

"Alright well I'm tired, now both of you get out" They started to object so I gripped onto both of their shirts, tugging them out of my room. As soon as they were both stood on the landing I slammed my door shut locking it instantly.

I pressed my ear against the door listening to them bicker at each other about who's fault it was that they were kicked out of my room.

Finally, their voices stopped. I could hear footsteps fading away until there was nothing heard but silence. Then I remembered who was in my room.

"I thought you were meant to be my brother's guardian angel?" I questioned. I walked over to him until he was only a couple of steps away. He towered over me making me crane my neck so I could look at him.

I looked straight into his beautiful blue eyes, noticing my reflection in them.

"I am but I said I would see you later so here I am, ask me any questions you have" he smiled down towards me, his cute little dimple showing.

Wonder what our babies would look like?

Wait, what?

Shut it, Athena, angels can't have babies, can they?

Not the point idiot!

"What going on inside that pretty little head of yours?" Nathanial softly asked me, his eyes studying me.

"Erm... just how I'm going to survive another math class tomorrow with Miss Reynolds," Was the first thing I thought of, I couldn't tell him what I was actually thinking.

"Oh yeah, I saw that you put on quite the show" A smile was tugging at the corner of his lips, obviously amused by what he witnessed. I glanced down trying not to make it obvious at how attracted I am towards him.

"So you said I could ask questions?" I sat on my bed, resting my back against the wall watching him as he did the same with some hesitation.

"Don't worry I don't bite" I joked, as he glanced over at me. I didn't miss his eyes shifting towards my lips for a second before back up to my eyes.

"I'll answer as many questions as I can, seen as the demon won't" He tensed a little so I held his hand without thinking. I thought he would pull away but he didn't, he just smiled.

Damn dimple.

"So what's heaven like?" Really, that's my first question.


He didn't comment on my stupid question though. I've only known this angel for a few hours but it feels like forever. I guess we have known each other since I was born, I just never got to meet him till now.

"Well, it's peaceful. The trees, the meadows, the sky is totally different from anything we know on the earth. The light is much more brilliant. Heaven really is beautiful beyond any possible comparison with anything I know of on the earth." His eyes met mine again.

"Apart from you" I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks, probably impossible to hide even if the only light in this room was from the moon outside.

I started to cough a little, hoping he would move on.

"Would you like to see?"

"What?" I asked.

"Would you like to see what heaven looks like?"

"Am I even allowed, I thought there were rules. You know like the magic you weren't supposed to use like before" I stated as he just shrugged.

I crossed my legs on the bed so I could face him. "Well I'm not supposed to but I could do something else for now" He sat up a little and turned his body my way, bringing his hands up to my head.

"What are you doing?" I murmured.

"Just trust me" So I did. There's just something about him that made me instantly trust him. I felt his fingers on either side of my head.

"Close your eyes, and clear your thoughts"

"Trust me, there are no thoughts in my head today" He chuckled.

After a few seconds, a bright light flooded my mind creating a fuzzy image. I tried to relax my mind so I could see what he wanted to show me. After a few more minutes, I could finally relax which made my vision clearer.

I couldn't believe my eyes, it really was beautiful. I thought it was just going to be surrounded by fluffy clouds. A massive gold gate for the entrance to heaven, you know like the one in Hercules?

I'm a Disney fan okay.

But it was nothing like how I imagined it to be.

There were flowers scattered everywhere, in every colour imaginable. The grass was emerald green, the sky a bright crystal blue. Angels were flying around, sparkles trailing behind them. Their wings were different from Nathanial's though, well they were all different but still beautiful.

I could see a giant gold mansion ahead with jewels outlining the glass windows. I could hear the trickling of water coming from a cliff that was half-hidden behind blossom trees. Petals flowing down, scattering on to the ground around me.

I opened my eyes to see Nathanial gazing at me, but this time I didn't look away. I could feel his breath lightly hit against my face, that's when I realized his lips were just an inch away from mine.

My breath was caught in my throat, was he going to kiss me?

He looked to be fighting with himself as to what he should do right now. Instead of kissing me he just gently lay his forehead against mine, taking deep breaths.

"I need to go" I just nodded, unable to speak.

With one last look, he just disappeared, leaving me alone in the darkness.

I missed him already, I'm so screwed.

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