My Guardian Demon

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Chocolate Thief

"You have got to be kidding me"

I couldn't believe it, someone in this house has eaten all the chocolate that Lewis had bought me for my birthday. Fuming was an understatement right now.

I know who committed this crime, and they will not get away with it.

I stormed upstairs straight to my brother's room, planning all the different ways I can make him suffer. I swung open his door making it bang against his wall.


My brother bolted up from his bed in shock making his sheets fall off him, and I was not prepared for what I was seeing.

He was naked.

I scrunched my eyes up whilst placing my hands over my face screaming as loud as I could, I'm going to be scarred for the rest of my life.

"Athena! Get the fuck out" He yelled and I was already leaving. I could hear the anger and embarrassment in his voice. I tried running out of his room but with how clumsy I am and because I had my eyes closed I ran straight into the wall.

"Sugar, that hurt" I started to rub my head, already feeling a bump forming there I heard some deep chuckles. So I opened my eyes to see Zac, stood there looking gorgeous as ever with a massive smirk on his face. Obviously enjoying me being in pain.

"Oh shut up" I snapped as I stood back up on my feet.

"I didn't say anything"

"Not you Austin" I grumbled walking back out of the room, making sure not to bump into anything else.

"Who else are you talking to, I'm the only one here," He said with confusion in his voice.

My eyes widened a little remembering that Austin didn't know about my secret and the fact that I can see demons and angels now.

"Erm n-nothing... I have school bye." Then I was gone as fast as lightning, straight out of his room, past Zac and out of my front door. My brother frustrates me so much sometimes, but my stupid guardian demon frustrates me more.

First he thinks it's okay to hurt me because he can't control his temper but then he thinks it's alright to laugh at me when my clumsy self-manages to hurt me again.

Not today Satan.

"I'm not satan love" I glanced over to my left to see Zac walking alongside me with that annoyingly attractive smirk he likes to dish out so much. How can someone look so perfect but be so evil?

I still don't understand how I was given a demon, I do not deserve this and I definitely do not want to be this stupid prophecy. I'm only sixteen years old who should be enjoying their teenage years, kissing boys, going to parties, finishing high school, and attending college with their best friend's.

Not being thrown into a supernatural battle between good and evil, I don't even know how I can put an end to it all. I'm only human.

Wait. Can he read my mind? I don't remember saying that out loud.

My head snapped towards his as we both turned a corner, the view of my school just in front of us now.

"Satan is much worse than me, but you'll meet him one day so you can be the judge," he said casually as he stuffed his hands into his jean pockets.

I scoffed. "your stupid, I'll never meet Satan. Especially if he's worse than you."

I gave him one last look noticing his body stiffen a little then I stormed off towards the entrance where Shannon was stood waiting for me. I gave her a wide smile as she started jumping up and down clapping her hands.

How someone can be so happy this early in a morning shocks me. I'm definitely more of a night owl, I love to watch the moon and stars twinkle in the sky.

"Hey Rae," She said happily before giving me a tight hug which I gladly returned. As we pulled apart I had a quick glance around to see if Zac and disappeared. Dozens of students were walking past me to get to class but there was no sign of him. Thank god.

"So are you going to come to Nathans football game with me tonight?"

"Yeah sure I don't have anything else planned and Lewis is playing too. We wouldn't hear the end of it if we missed it" I started making us both giggle.

"So true, oh, and if they win one of the guys from the team is throwing a party to celebrate. We have to go!"

"You know I don't like parties, it's just full of drunk horny teenagers grinding on each other which always ends up turning into couple fighting due to them cheating on each other or people having sex in every room of the house"

Shannon just stared at me with a blank face. She took my hand dragging me into the school before going off on one.

"Come on Rae please, just this one time and I will never ever ask you to come to a party ever again"

"Fine," I said dryly making her squeal in happiness bringing me into another hug. I find it really hard to say no to her and Lewis, they are my best friends and have been for ten years now. We met in our first year of primary school and have been inseparable ever since.

"I'm so excited, we can choose our outfits together. We will look so hot" She said with so much joy as she pulled me down the corridor towards our English class. Which by the way was my favourite.

Shannon kept going on with herself about the party and what we should wear until we made our way inside the classroom where my favourite teacher Mr. Hart was stood with an amused smile on his face.

"I thought I could hear my two favourite students, now Athena is it true what I heard from miss Reynolds yesterday," He asked, one of his eyebrows raised up. He made his way over to us with our work in his hands.

I sat down in my seat next to Shannon before looking over to him with a genuine smile on my face. "She started it." Mr. Hart just chuckled quietly as he placed our work in front of us on the desk, giving me another look.

"Well she said and I quote you are the most irritating student she has ever taught apart from your brother, oh and that you were very rude" He tried to sound serious but I could see the slight hint of amusement in his eyes.

"I wasn't rude, I was just honest. It isn't my problem that she can't handle the truth" I lent back a little in my seat, crossing my leg over the other as Shannon just doodled in her book. Then the bell went signaling class was about the start. Students started to flood into the classroom making lots of noise as they found their seats. The odd one greeting our teacher or complaining that it's too early for class.

I definitely agree with that.

Mr. Hart gave us both another smile shaking his head a little before turning to make his way back to his desk, ready to start class.

As we all settled down in silence copying off the board the door swung open smashing against the wall making some people yelp in surprise. Brandon waltzed in like he owned the place with his best friend Greyson who was also a player.

"Sorry we were late sir, we were held up" As Brandon said this Greyson snickered next to him, a wide grin plastered on both of their faces. When they walked past me I noticed some love bites on Greyson's neck and a lipstick mark on Brandon's making it clear on why they were held up.

"Mr. Jacobs, Mr. Peters I would appreciate if you didn't spend your time playing tonsil tennis with girls that you probably won't remember tomorrow in my time" The teacher had his arms crossed, definitely not amused with the two of them interrupting his class.

I started to laugh at Mr. Hart's comment making Brandon glance my way. "You're just jealous that it wasn't you who I was kissing Athena" He purred in my ear making me shiver in disgust. They both sat down behind us.

"I heard you were a good fuck Rae, when can I have a turn," Greyson asked making me shake with anger, my hands clenching into fists but before I could speak up Shannon spun around facing the both of them.

"Both of you need to fuck off you man whores or I swear to god I'll do something so bad to you that it will make Hitler look like a saint" She threatened quietly. Both of them didn't say anything after that making my best friend turn around with a satisfactory smirk on her face.

"Thank you" I whispered. She gave me a little nod and squeezed my hand. I know she did that because my temper can get out of hand sometimes, especially when it comes to Brandon and his friends. She also understands that I really don't like violence or using inappropriate language cause once I start I can't stop.

Shannon didn't want me to get into trouble with our teacher either but I know Mr. Hart would let me off. I am his favourite student after all.

After an hour of English and listening to the two idiots behind us boast about the number of girls they have slept with and who their targets are going to be at the party tonight class was finally over. So I packed my things up quickly and left the room with Shannon before I had to hear any more vile things come out of their mouths.

"I need a lot of holy water after that class" I muttered to myself. Everyone was rushing past each other trying to get to their second class of the day on time but someone managed to barge into me sending my body flying straight into another.

Looking up to see who it was I just groaned at how unlucky I was recently. Stupid Brandon. He just held onto my hips with a disgusting pervy smirk on his face. "Hey baby, I heard you were coming to the party tonight. Save me a dance" And with that, he walked away into the crowd of people.

The nerve of him. One day I'm just going to kick him in his baby maker so he can never use that thing again, it will definitely be worth it.

"Rae come on, you can't be late for Maths" Shannon shouted over to me before skipping away.

Oh great.

Detention here I come.

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