My Guardian Demon

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Get Your Nuts Cracked

Nathanials Pov.

Part of me was delighted that Athena was now able to see me after all these years but part of me was worried and a little sad because of the reason why she was born and why she can see us guardian angels and the demons.

The reason she is able to see us is that she's the prophecy and when she turned sixteen Athena acquired her supernatural abilities.

A guardian angel is assigned to one single person when they are born for the rest of their life. We are here to protect a particular person who is given to us. I was assigned to Athenas older brother Aiden which meant I was able to watch Athena grow as well.

Seeing her grow up into a beautiful girl who I have fallen madly in love with. The way she cares for her friends and family, her heart is pure and I want it to stay that way. It did anger me seeing her with her ex-boyfriend at times because she deserved better.

I'm not stupid though, I know that demon Zirach has feelings for her but he probably won't admit that for a long time. He has a very bad temper which he proved the other night when he hurt her. Usually, we aren't allowed to fall in love with someone who isn't the same as us but Athena is different. She has an ability that no one knows about yet and because she is the prophecy it doesn't make her human.

When this battle begins she has to decide on who she will fight against, but that will also make her become either a demon or an angel. That won't be for a while yet though.

Us angels and demons haven't been told much about this only that she is the end of all this constant fighting between good and bad in the supernatural world. We also don't really know the reason why she was given a demon as her protector. Satan has other intentions with her which I am determined to find out one way or another.

"So how're things going with Athena?" One of my closest friends asked me. Lailah walked over with a little skip in her step before falling onto the seat next to me with a massive grin on her face.

"Things are going fine Lailah, we actually stayed up for a few hours the other night talking" I sat forward a little with a faint smile forming on my lips remembering that night.

The way she giggles that could light up anyone's world. I found it really cute at how clumsy she is and how obsessed with chocolate she is.

"Just talking? Bloody hell Nath you need to do more than that before that demon idiot makes a move on her"

"Well, what else do you expect me to do?" I raised one of my perfectly shaped eyebrows up waiting for her answer.

"Are you stupid?!" She slapped me lightly on the back of my head before jumping onto her feet standing right in front of me, her hands placed on each hip.

"You're a hot guy... She's a gorgeous girl..." I just sat back crossing my arms over my chest as she just stood there staring down at me. It's best to never interrupt her when she's on one.

"God sake Nathanial, how can I put it in a good way"

"Rock her world"

"Make her scream your name"

"Butter her muffin"

"Tickle her belly from the inside"

"Get your nuts cracked..." I couldn't believe my ears, I started laughing so much at her choice of words. Before I could tell her to stop talking, her boyfriend and my other friend walked in with an amused look on his face as he looked at the both of us.

Which means he could hear everything Lailah was saying. Cael stood behind her and she still hadn't noticed yet, her eyes still on me whilst she ranted on with herself.

He gripped a hold of her waist then threw her over his shoulder as she screeched in surprised making me cover my ears. Wow, she has a set of lungs on her.

"Leave the guy alone Lailah, you know it's been a while since he's made a girl scream his name" Cael glanced over at me as his girlfriend started hitting his back repeatedly till he dropped her onto the ground making her glare at him. "I'm surprised you still remember where to put it," He said to me.

"Don't pick on him Cael, I like how he's waited so long for Athena. It's cute" My eyes kept darting from my two friends who started bickering with each other about me and the girl I love. Sometimes you wouldn't think that these two are together. I stood up facing the both of them making them stop in the middle of their sentences.

"I can't just take her to bed Lailah, she means a lot more to me than just a good one night stand. Obviously, I would love to but I would never pressure her into anything like that. I need to wait for her to like me first, I may have known her for years but she's only just met me" Both of them just gazed at me with a straight face.

I let out a small breath. "We know that Nath but what if she chooses Zirach? You would lose her forever and may need to kill her if it comes to it" I shot my hand up not wanting to listen to such words.

"We don't know that Lailah, and I need to go anyway. Aiden has just picked up Athena from school and there's a football game on tonight. Which means I need to be there so I can look out for her" I closed my eyes for a brief moment trying to figure out where they were until I felt a hand on my shoulder breaking my concentration.

I opened my eyes to see Cael looking at me intensely. "Let demon boy worry about her okay, you know God won't be happy if you're protecting her as it isn't your job" I groaned underneath my breath, shrugging his hand off me.

"I can do both, especially when there's a party tonight and she is going"

"Something bad always happens at parties and who am I to miss something so fun. We will come with you" Lailah spoke and gave me a little hug before I vanished.

I will protect Athena with my life. If anything were to happen to her I could never forgive myself. That is why I need to find out Satans true intentions with her.

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