Written In The Stars but Scattered in the Sky

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Sometimes not everything is what it seems and that is what Edward finds out through the power of love..So crack open the book and journey through a time where everything is not black and white.

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The mousy grey car tips over the edge of the cliff. A woman screaming for anyone to save her. To help her, to save her from death. A man stands in the distance with his arms by his side. He has golden hair with flecks of brown in it. His eyes are full of pain and sorrow, lost of something pure. While his lips smirk in a unidentified way. However if one could describe it, it would be like a cheetah who has finally,-after a long run,- captured its prey.

Alli wakes up with a start. Sweating profusely, like someone drenched her in water. The shadows laugh at her, but no one is there except for the boy who has always been there. The boy who stays with her all night and helps her in the early hours.Alli gets up out of bed and rushes to the lamp.

"Will you stay with me?"


"Do you mind if I turn on my laptop"

"No, not at all."


The boy laughs, "Of course."

Alli returns to her bed without turning the lamp on. She sits on the bed and relaxes against the headboard. The laptop lying in it's coma - like state.

"Why do you always flinch or run away when a light is turned on?"

"I'm...um.... I'm afraid."

"It's okay to be afraid. Everyone can be afraid at any time in their lives."

"I know."

"No wonder why you hate the light."

"Foolish mortal! I do not hate the light, in fact I enjoy it."

"You are one of them!"

"One of whom?"

"The soulless ones, The Vampires."

"It's complicated."

"I think that I can keep up."

"It's not that I don't believe that you couldn't keep up. For believe when I say, I know you would be able to. It's just that I never told my story to a mortal before.But in the shadow...I am me. But in the light I am like a moth, ladybug, or any other creature attracted to the light." He shudders but continues. "Whatever case that might be, I actually enjoy the light. For the light makes me feel almost human. Almost."

"Why do....How?....Can you tell me how you came to be?"

"It all started when I turned five. I was standing on the dock waiting for my parents to return from their job."

"Get away from there boy, unless you wanna be fish bait." My Grandmother yells at me.

Before I even have a chance to turn around a small motor boat is near the dock. So close in fact that the motor wires wrap around my wrists and pull me under. Then all of a sudden the pressure is released and I see a boy near my age, swimming near me.

"I'm sorry." He whispers in my ear. "It will be all over soon."

He takes my arms and pull me near the top of the lake.

I feel arms grab my underarms and pull me out.

* * 5 hour skip * *

"Mom, was the other boy saved with me? For I'd like to thank him for saving my life."

"There was no other boy, Edward." My mother tells me.

"I'd still like to thank him."

"Tomorrow." My mother promises me, before I fell asleep.

* * * *

“I never survived the night.”

Alli gasps.

Edward laughs. “But it was my new beginning.”

“Can you continue?”

“Yes. I always forget that mortals tend to interrupt in a good story.”

“I won’t interrupt, I promise.”

“Yeah, but I bet you that you will.”

Alli blushes.

* * * *

A blonde hair boy sings Sea of Faces by Kutless in the depths of the ocean.

I am not just a man

that’s been lost in this world.

Lost in a Sea of Faces.

Your body’s the bread,

Your blood is the wine.

‘Cause you traded your life for mine.

“I love you Edward, my half-brother.”

* * * *

Edward crunches in pain. “I’ll have to leave shortly. Damn sun.” He whispers very quietly, so quietly in fact that Ali couldn’t hear him.

“Are you ok? Do you need a drink; water, blood, something?” Alli asked on the edge of hysteria.

“No,I’ll be fine. Thank you for the offer though.” He says as he straightens up.

“Then can you come sit down?”

“Sure.” Edward said as he walked to the bed and sat down.“Now where in the story were we?’ He asked with a wink.

“I may not have survived the night, but I knew that in some distance of my room, there was someone there watching me.” He continues without a missed beat.

After some time,a voice came to the side of my bed, my right side to be exact.

“I can give you a chance to thank him, child. Can you squeeze my hand if you would like this?”

I did as soon as I felt his hand in mine. I felt that I was in the boy’s debt that’s why I agreed.

He bit me, hard. So hard in fact that I could have sworn that he broke my shoulder bone.

“Fire burning my insides. Tearing me apart.” Edward shudders as he remembers the pain.

“Although I was in pain, I still didn’t scream. I was a big boy. I kept telling myself, over and over again.”

* * * *

I don’t know how long I was laying there in the dark. But when I woke up I found myself in a small enclosed case. I tried to scream only to find that I had something in my mouth. Sharp things, in my way of speaking. After some time of trying to remove the sharpness so I could speak. I began to shake and bang the thing that was inclosed around me. No one came, no one heard. I finally gave up and spent several dark minutes alone. Well, some weren’t so dark. Memories, my memories haunted me. My past lives, my undying cycle playing right in my prison.

“Sometimes I thought I was going to die in there. Like my oxygen would finally run out, and I would lose my mind.” Edward said as he turned his head toward Alli.

“But you never did, did you?”

“No, but I felt like it for quite some time.”

“The prison began moving in a wave-like movements of the ocean.”

Creaking and moaning was coming from my left side. A sharp toothed mouth came crashing down on me. I wanted to scream so bad, but I couldn’t. Paralyzed of my own fear.

Waves began swallowing me whole. Dragging me in the depths of hell. My eyes tightly closed, and my lungs burning for air. I try to get my head above. As soon as my head hits the surface of the water. I have just enough time to take a big breath before I’m under the water again.

* * * * *

My body washes off on a nearby island. I’m barely conscious. After about a few moments, I see two people walking toward me. One a small boy with dirty blonde hair and shaggy clothing. His cheekbones are high in comparison to the woman's. I couldn’t quite see the eyes but from where I was standing he looked almost nineteen. If I wasn’t in pain,I would have said that he was cute enough to date.

The other, a woman had brown hair. Not just any colour brown but the kind that you find in nutella. The darkest colour I’ve ever seen. She had a very fancy dress on her, almost like she was going to a ball. Or prom."

I sigh. Something I’ll never able to do. I turn my head away.

“Hi!” The boy I saw walking toward me said in my face.

“Hello,child.” I stumble out politely.

“Move Jasper, so I may look at him.” The woman said.

“But Gran…”

“No buts, he must be tended to.”

“Yes, Gran.”

I watch the exchange with a tinge of pain.

“What is your name, child?” She asks kindly as she kneels to my level.

“Edward.” I say.

“Here take my hand. I’ll help you up.”

She did just that.

* * * *

“How old are you, Edward?” Jasper asks me at the small round table.

“Jasper!” His Gran scoles him. “It is impolite to ask such a thing.”

“I’m sorry.” Jasper replies as his smile fades.

“It’s okay, ma’am. He is only curious.”

Gran smiles but shakes her head as she scutters us off into the living room where I am forced to take my wet clothes off in exchange for clean ones. Jasper hands me a red pair of flannel pjs. He watches me with hawk eyes.

I don’t want to scar this child but it would be downright wrong to ask where their bathroom is…. Despite what my brain is telling me, I do the opposite and strep down to my birthday suit.

Quickly changing so not to scare anyone including me. “ I am almost nineteen.” I answer his question from earlier.

Sadly I wish I could trust these kind people, however not knowing what they could or would do to me is...well, unidentified.

I feel like I knew Jasper from somewhere, another place...or maybe perhaps another time.

A small bunny cloud dances in the sky, two young boys playing tag in the hot summer weather. Laughing and giggling surround the two. Both giggling as they fell into the soft green grass.

“I hope that we can stay like this forever!” Jasper says as he leans on Edward’s shoulder.

“I hope so too, I like it here…” Edward said as he turned his face to the heavens.

The memories fades like the old drive in movies. The two happy smiles slowly fade into the background. With the promise of new life.

“Here you go, my dear.” Jasper’s Gran says as she hands me a cup of tea.

The tea smells like cinnamon….like Deadly Nightshade; Belladonna.

“Don’t worry there are no tears of Belladonna in that!” Gran says as she laughs….

I take another whiff and it smells like chocolate delight. I take a sip, then another.

“This is quite good, ma’am, thank you.”

“Your welcome.”

“So Edward what were you doing in the water?” Jasper asks me.

“I….I real don’t know. I remember being offered to thank my savior and then darkness…” I trail off and Jasper and his Gran exchanged worried glances.

“Wait! I’m confused..” Alli interrupted the story. “So it took you fourteen years to get to that island?”

“Sadly, yes. I was in the prison for fourteen years.”


“Anyway that’s continue the story.”

“So you really don’t know why you were in a coffin or why you weren’t breathing?” Jasper asked me.

“Really...Wait, What!? I was in a coffin?”


No I couldn’t be….Could I?

I accidentally dropped the cup of tea on the floor and sat in a daze.

A blue kite flying high in the air. Two gravestones were position in a little clearing. A pile of red tulips laying on the ground in front of each one. An elderly hand places one single red rose on the pile of tulips. The rain drenching her. Her face tight with sorrow but her eyes were full of love. The love of her children. She slowly walks down the path to her car. She steals one last look at the gravestones before climbing into her car and driving away.

* * * * *

I must have fallen asleep at some point because when I awoke I found myself on a soft blanket of dreams. A small light in the kitchen, like someone was baking.An awesome smell floating to where I lay. I stay silent, waiting to hear some indication that someone was up. After hearing no indication, I quietly get up and walk into the kitchen. Without realizing what I am doing, I grab ingredients to make a potion to reverse the curse that was placed on me. The curse of the vampire.

“I thought I would find you here, Edward.” Gran said with a thoughtful undertone in her voice.

I whip around fast, almost dropping the salt.

“If you were attempting to reserve what has been gifted to you, it will not work.”

“How do you know that it won’t?”

She looked at me with sad eyes as if she knew all about this curse. As if she was one.

“It is not in an old lady’s role to explain to vampires why that would not work.”

I stood, pondering the information hidden deep within those few words.

It is not in an old lady’s role to explain. I thought…

“It would be in your best interest to try to wait until morning. I shall enroll you in the school here as my grandson.”

“Thank you.” I whisper.

“Now off you go, I don’t want to see you look like the living dead.”

She said that as if I would get the joke. Of course, I am a living dead so I do not understand why one would make such a joke. I thought as I walked back toward the living room.

“Before you sleep, one last thing to think about. You are not the living dead but you are not human either. You are a one of a kind vampire. Not born, but made. Not one who wishes this life but perhaps it is for the best. Anyway, an olde woman like me needs her sleep. I shall see you in the morning, frater.”

Brother? …

I turn around but no one is there. I sigh and turn back around and walk back to the sofa. I sit down, pondering what Gran said.

If that is true. That I am special why don’t I feel like it? Why did this happen to me?

I look at the ceiling, eyes wide open.

“I never believed in you. All things pointed to the fact, the truth, but you were a symbol. Weren’t you? I mean, you couldn’t have died at the cross to wash away our sins. Wouldn’t just wash away your own? “

I sigh and look down.

“Whatever the case may be, God. I thank you for saving me and giving me another chance. Even if I hate it at the moment. “

As I began to lose the ability to be awake any longer, I could have sworn that I heard God respond to me. If only for a brief moment. Of course that just could have been my mind playing tricks on me.

I slept until dawn. That’s when the sun winked upon me. I blinked my eyes sleepily and looked around the room. No one was up yet.

Perhaps I can be human again. Or just act like them long enough to live a selected life. Maybe...Just maybe.

I got dressed and walk out the door.

I walk a mile to the ocean. The sun was glistening across the surface of the water, like glitter on a piece of paper. I see a little girl, must be five or six. She is just learning to swim in the shallow end of the water with what I’m guessing was her mother. A further up my path. I see people setting up their towels and their own shade. I couldn’t help but to laugh. I continue to walk down the beach.

I sigh deeply.

They are all so careless. And do not understand the beauty in live.

* * * *

Years go by and Jasper has just passed. For the first time in so long, I have been alone. What I wouldn’t give to die like him; to die saving someone that I love. To jump into that river to save that little girl. I believe her name was Katherine. She had captured my cousin’s heart. Jasper was so much in love. You could see it in his face. Of course back then, it would not have been able to continue. She was twelve, he was twenty. But I know they are very much alive and in love, wherever they may be.

A little girl sits by the rose bushes observing the scenes of humans. She sighs deeply. And looks down at her lap. I walk toward her.

“Excuse me Miss, but is this seat taken?”

“Of course not! You can sit down.” She smiles at me.

I know that smile… Long ago, I saw it.

I sit down and ask her, “It is a beautiful day, is it not?”

She looks shocked but answers anyway.

“It is. But the clouds over others are quite hard to forget.”

“Indeed. But the scenery is better than what it once was.” I said absentmindedly.

“Of course, the normal day here is sooo boring.” She said enthusiastically.

“How so?” I asked genuinely curious.

“Well, the people here are on their phones all the times. Not realizing how beautiful this place can truly be.”

“I see. That is quite a shame, for this beauty is one of a kind.”

“Exactly! I mean if only they could see the beauty then perhaps one might return here with a different outtake of life.”

I look at her. Swearing that I have met her before.

“What is your name?” She asks me.

“Edward Lyold. And yours?”

“Alli Archbald”

“What a lovely name.”

“And what a olde name you have.”

She laughed and her laughter was like the whispers of little bells at a wedding. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.

“I hate to cut this extraordinary chat short but I must go now.”

She collected her things and walked away. And I watched her leave.

* * *

Months go by and I have yet to see Alli. She has been on my mind for a long time. I can’t seem to get her out of my head. So one night I had gotten butterflies in my stomach. You know, like you are hungry but you know something will happen if you go out. Well against my better judgement I went out and walked to my favourite spot; Gallows Cliff. There was no one there. Then why was I there? I have no clue. I ended up finding some hares to feed from. Personally I would enjoy human blood, but there are no feeders around these parts. It’s a shame really. But I understand. In the process of feeding off of my six hare I heard a car coming. It sounded fast and the driver’s heart beat was beating fast. Faster with each second that goes by. I get into the road hoping that whoever it was would end it. End it all.

The car came speeding around the corner as if the person was upset. Not really seeing what was in front of her, she almost hit Edward but made the car swerve at the last second. Making the mousy grey car tip over the edge of the cliff. The woman screams for anyone to save her. To help her, to save her from death. I stand there not fully wishing to believe that the person in the front seat was Alli.

It couldn’t be her. It just couldn’t.

I ran up the cliff’s road when I felt the monster fight me to go back to kill her. Eventually he does take control but I can still control my body. Even though I am above the scene.

Edward’s golden hair with flecks of brown in it whips in the light breeze. His eyes are full of pain and sorrow, lost of something pure. While his lips smirk in a unidentified way. However if one could describe it, it would be like a cheetah who has finally,-after a long run,- captured its prey.

But eventually he sprinted to Alli ripped her out of the car and waited until the car had fallen off the cliff before sucking her dry. After the Edward had his fill of the girl he then tossed her the same place her car was.

Several days pass and Edward has been plotting a way to rid himself of this horrible life he was given.

* * *

A single year passes and on the date that he met Alli at the rose bush. He took a walk to the rose bush and sits down. Observing the scenes. Many hours pass and Edward gets up and walked to the cliff to watch the sunset. The sky had exploded with colours of the day. As the last strip of light could be seen by the sun (,not counting by the moon) , he jumped off the cliff. And landed on a stake that he had placed there many weeks ago. He couldn’t live without Alli that he knew for sure. And now he has joined her.

* * *

An older gentleman in his late 70s stands on a stage with a filled audience, with dim yellow lights shining on him and a corded microphone in his hand, and begins to speak.

“Some legends say that love will find the way. However in this case, love did not prevail. Unless you count the eyewitnesses that say they have found Alli and Edward walking down Gallow’s Cliff hand in hand. Although that is a different entirely. And for now, it is best just to leave it like that. Although some people still go searching for love in unexpected places, and they usually found love at Gallow’s Cliff. Some say that it’s Alli and Edward ghost helping people find the love that they were looking for. Others say that it was something greater. A higher power.

Some might say that Alli was a piece of Jasper. But how might be possible, you might ask? I am only the narrator. But Jasper, he is well. Maybe without the one person who he loved uncontrollably. But it’s that how a brother’s love works? You love them because they have always been there for you or they knew for a long while. You love them with everything that you have. I am sure that wherever they are, that the love in their lives never died. A body may, but the memories, love, and soul does not. And that is where our story ends.

Your opinion of the outcome of the tale is up to you. But there is some things that are written in the stars. Even if they are small pieces of someone or something else.”

A smile lights up the old man’s face and when the camera pans to the theatre seats they are empty. The microphone falls to the ground and you can see the old gentleman disappearing in thin air. His gray hair turning into blue dust and his body shimmers and shines like soft melting snowflakes. There is no sound now. No memory of the man. Just a smile lingering on the surface of the air. The static fills the air.

One single sound echos the theatre. A single person clapping. Followed by more people joining in. They think it’s part of the show. An amazing show. When love prevails and Jasper gets set free. Yes, I was the old man. In a way, I suppose I always have been.

A bit of laughter is echoed in the walls of the booming theatre. A child’s laughter of happiness and love. There is another set of laughter joined by the first. A female’s, this time. Another set of laughter is joined in unison. The main characters of the story, if you were wondering. They, - we, - are happy. We are a family. A family with much more to learn.

The curtain covers the body of Jasper. The body is then placed in a casket and laid down to rest next to his brother and his girlfriend. A smile carved on his headstone. Another case has been close, another door has opened, and they have been greatly missed. There is always more than meets the eye.

A car lingers in front of Gallow’s Cliff. Just sitting there, enjoying the peaceful air the place seemed to bring. A set of couples smiling with a little boy sleeping in the back seat.

Thank you, they seem to whisper. For everything.

Perhaps life was okay in the end, wouldn’t you think? Even if things can’t always stay in the sky. They always find a way to thank the world which gave it life. No matter how small a life they did have.

Now that is the end. Or is it?

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