V's Lost and Broken Soul

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Oprhaned and alone most of her life has made Victoria put up a wall around her heart. No soul or compassion for others as she steals to survive. But what happens when she trespasses on the wrong property. DAMIEN SHADOW had to take on the alpha position 5 years ago after a rogue attack took out his family. He never let other wolves or humans into his pack land. What happens when a thief try's to steal from him. An unknown pull between two individuals who have no idea how to love. Will these survivors cope with the unexpected? Getting the main concept down but will have to come back and edit it... so be prepared for issues such as grammar and spelling ...

Fantasy / Romance
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A blood hurling scream came from her mouth as I stood frozen....

RUN!... Vic.... as fast as your legs will allow..... far.... far from here. As my mother bled out she screamed for me to run, no to survive. I was frozen fighting my inner self to stay and help her. She was all I had left after father had run away.

"How can I leave you mamma" I screamed with tears running down blurring my vision. Remember what I told you? She asked. "Always momma," I replied still unable to see past my tears. I love you so much Vic; now go before it's to late. I screamed and cried but did as I was told for I had made her a promise and I planned on keeping it. That's when i felt the loss deep inside of my soul. I am so sorry momma; I love you and one day we shall see one another again.

Noooooo! Was all I screamed as I woke from the memory of losing my former life. BANG, BANG; shut up in there its 2 am you dam nut case. My loving neighbor Jeff hated when I made noise but I am only human. It easy to make nice but I have come to realize people are not nice without wanting something in return. So what do I do I bang and scream back "fuck off you son of a bitch."

Hey he earned it; trust me. Ok let me explain when I first moved in he was nice so I was kind back still keeping my guard up. Well only a few days later he tried grabbing my ass and asked if I wanted some company. Like what the fuck old man. He has since then tried multiple times to as he says hit it. I think we are at a common ground or understanding of I wont give in and he wont stop trying. I may be heartless but he and I are completely honest as it comes.

Since going back to sleep is helpless I decide to get my drenched sweaty ass body in the shower. I never understood why but I could smell the slightest things so I could not stand being dirty for too long. So this sweat smell was reaking of fear and something like a wet dog. I know weird right. Well I was enjoying the hot water flowing down my body WHEN I HEARD someone unlocking my door. Now I am pissed I raced out of the shower got dressed and grabbed my baseball bat. I lived alone so no one and I mean no one else should have a key to my apartment. I see the door opening and I swung the bat but stopped mid air when I noticed it was Blue my connection. His eyes were wide and he was scared and I could smell it. I think he peed himself too nasty, I pinched my nose before letting my bat fall. "What the fuck Blue", I say. Shit I wanted to surprise you but I am now seeing that was a mistake, he said. "You are lucky I still need you or you would be brain damaged or dead right now," I state.

"Now can you go freashen yourself up before I barf from the smell," as I point in the bathrooms direction. Man your ability to smell and hear is crazy, he said with reddened cheeks. I could not tell if it was due to flirting or knowing I could smell his accident. I feel like a freak but I just think that it is my desire to survive in this world. Blue heads to the bathroom and freshens up to something tolerable for me to be around.

"So what are you doing here breaking into my place?" I ask with as much attitude as I could give him. This was my way of telling him I am not sorry for almost beating in your skull but want to know why your here. Come on give me a break you know this is what I do and like I said I wanted to surprise you. Anyway I have a new job that can make you and me a huge pay day. "Wait what do you mean a new score?" I ask. Well the one we had planned on doing fell through when the ravens got to them first, he told me. "Who's the rat? For I know we had this planned for months and I was counting on this pay day." I say pissed." I don't know but this time it's just you and me as the client asked for your specific set of skills and my smarts of course. "How long do we have to plan this out, because I am not a fan of rush Jobs," I remind him. Well that's the thing the client who needs something had to change his team so it needs to stay on schedule for this weekend he says with a worried eyes. I just watch as he runs the back of his neck which means he already accepted the job. "You fuck head, I can tell you already said we would do it," I stated. HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT? "You have a tell well tells and before you ask, no I will not tell you what they are," I say.

I don't get why you dont just do your own jobs with your skill set you or we could be rich, he says. "First off I like to plan out not find places because you cannot do both or else people will say well there was this lady always around but now she barely comes after the robbery, I say my thoughts out loud. Guess you have a point, but what do you say about helping me out this time because you know I cannot pull it off without you? He is so trying my patience and when he notices my lack of an answer he says it is a payday of $35,000 each. "Now you have my attention but I need details to see if it is worth the risk," I tell him.

Well it is a remote location in the woods and they want a book from inside the main house. "Main house?" I ask. Well I guess it is private community so there are several houses but there is a main house for the owner of the community. Any way there should be an office on the 5th floor that will have this book we need to retrieve. "Do we have blue prints of the community and main house?" I ask. Nope apparently they are that private so no blue prints.

"No way we can go in blind, Blue," I yell at him. We cannot do this job without knowing the details of a building or surrounding area that's just stupid and how newbies get caught. I have been a thief for 5 years and I do not plan on getting caught over this stupid plan. I know 5 years is not that long but come on I am only 17 so the fact is I am that good atlas that is what they say. With my 18th birthday around the corner I will not be busted and end up tried as an adult. "If you cannot get me details of the community we will not be doing this job at all." I say holding my anger back. Come on V., I need this money and I know you do too, he reminds me. "I can survive on other jobs," I state. Maybe, but this could set you up so that you can stop and focus on building that legitimate foster home that you have been planning on doing. " Why did I ever tell you about my vision of creating a better life for those in my shoes". I can be heartless but I did not want the same fate for others after they loss everything. I want to create a safe place or home for them to be themselves and regain their inner self. Cheesy I know and here Blue was using it to get me on this job. " get me the infor.ation and I am in other wise my dream can wait," I say staring him in the eyes.

Alright I will see what I can do and get from the client, he says to me before leaving.

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