Luna Isabella

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0. Luna Isabella

We all hold a purpose

In this life of a circus

Bound to the cursed road

Waiting for the story to unfold

Stumbling and tumbling our ways

About the agonizing days

With a single pray

For a space through our constricted airway

Played by the suffrage

With a smile that is but a coverage

A single hand holding death

Attempting to grasp that last breath

Never following its lead

Even if the soul bleeds

I would never revert time

Even with the condemnation of the worse crime

But, as I laid there underneath the countless stars

With a body tattoo with scars

I never felt so lonely

And a phony

These once white pages

Inked with displeasure of rages

They say life is worth living

If only you start believing

But what if I fall

String like a broken doll

With the realization there’s no where else to run

And the acceptance that life is but a sick pun

And with time I’ll drown the emotions

Within the empty dark ocean

Please, don’t look at me with those leaky eyes

Telling me that you want to cry

For crying won’t pave the road to happiness

For I am not bliss

Maybe all the love is worth the pain

Even if my heart is filled with black stain

It’s all a pitiful fight

To find a single ray of light

For it’s all etched inside our minds

For I am forever blind

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