Luna Isabella

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IV. My Little Flower

Isabella’s POV:

I stood there, staring at Damien as his lips continued tracing around the girl who had her arms tightly wrapped around his neck. For some inexplicable reason, the discomfort inside my chest was increasing by the ticking second. Ian stood in front of me, blocking the view of what was occurring, and I held onto his shirt tightly as Hee-Young rubbed my back.

“What are you doing?” Damien growls.

“What am I doing?” he releases a scoff. “What the fuck are you doing? Isabella is your mate!” Ian shouts, throwing a hand in the air.

Heavy footsteps lurk inside the quiet room, as Damien hovers over Ian. They were both tall, like trees with limbs. I peek upward to see him menacingly glare at me, so I quickly avert my eyes towards the floor. “She is my mate, so what?” His voice is excruciatingly acidic.

Ian’s body starts shaking. “How can you! You know how precious a mate can be and yet you -”

“Step aside.” Damien snaps.


“Step aside Gamma Ian,” he said a lot harsher.

With a deep exhalation, Ian shut his eyes then steps to the side, exposing me. My eyes travel towards Ian who mouths: “Sorry.”

Damien takes a step towards me, and I can smell unbearable sweet perfume lurking off of his body, undoubtedly from the female he was embracing earlier. The girl stood in the background, staring at her nails as if this whole situation is normal. “Why are you out of your room without my permission?”

My eyes travel towards Hee-Young who’s trembling. With a shaky step towards us, she opened her mouth. I didn’t want her to get hurt, and it seems that Damien might hurt her. “I was hungry, so I left the room to grab some food,” I said, glaring back at him, pushing the massive heartache back.


“Y-Yes Alpha Damien.” She came, bowing down at him.

“Is that true?” he asks.

She tilted her head towards me, and I gave a single firm nod. “Y-Yes, Alpha Damien. I met Isabella in the living room,” she said and after some intense stare. He gave a firm nod, accepting the response.

His attention travels towards me. “Go back to your room,” he commands.


“Hee-Young will bring your food to your room from now on,” he states.

I stand there, firmly planting my feet on the floor. He takes another step towards me, eyes glaring into my own, as his chest hit my own, hot breath tracing my skin. ”Go.”

Clenching my fists, I feel my nails tracing into my skin, my eyes inches back towards the girl behind him who smirked at me, her scent was overwhelming my nostrils. “So, you can continue fooling around with her?” I swallow the bitterness inside my throat.

He grabs my cheeks with one hand, forcibly pulling my attention back to him as the water swell inside my eyes. I can see his eyes soften for a mere second, but the cold exterior flashes back. “What I do is none of your fucking business.” Suddenly, I feel someone pulling me back out of Damien’s hand. I looked up and saw Ian pushing me behind him. “How dare y-”

“Enough,” Ian states, grinding his teeth together.

“What?” Damien scowled, clenching his shaky fist tightly as he cracked his neck.

“How can you treat Isabella like this? She is your mate, and you want to lock her up in a room so that you can fuck other females all day?” he shouts.

“And who are you to interfere?”

“Isabella will become Luna of SilverStone one day, and it is our duty to protect her from getting hurt, both physically and mentally,” he states, standing in front of me protectively.

Damien started laughing, running his fingers through his hair, and throwing his back head lightly. “I never said I’d make her my Luna.”

Ian stands there, seemingly stunned by his words. “H-How could you say that Isabella -”

“Is my mate, but it doesn’t mean I have to make her my Luna.”

Ian breathing suddenly hardens as he takes a step towards Damien. “And what are you going to do with her?” he questions, eyes flickering black.

Damien tilts his body slightly, eyes traveling up and down my body. “Perhaps a mistress?”

Suddenly, Ian grabs Damien’s shirt and throws a fist on his face. Damien’s head tilts, hair swaying to the side, but he doesn’t fall. His eyes menacingly glare back at Ian who stands there chest rising and falling with brute force. “How can you fucking say that!” he shouts.

Damien spat out the blood etching to the side of the mouth and pushed Ian back causing him to stumble. “I’m going to let that one go because you’re my Gamma.” He takes a step towards Ian, slamming a fist on the wall. “But, know your fucking place. Isabella is my property, and I will do whatever I please with her”

“Women are not objects,” Ian growls and launches another fist at Damien.

Before I knew it, Damien grabs Ian by the collar and punches him, causing him to fall to the ground. Damien lurks over Ian and continues hitting him, blood splattering all over the floor. The girl Damien was with, gasps in horror, and rushes out of the room.

Instantly, I rush towards them. “Stop!” I scream, but Damien continues. Ian harshly receives a black eye, bloody lips, without a single chance to fight back. I grab Damien fist, and he stops, blood dripping down his hand, as well as the tears on my cheeks. Ian is nice to me, trying to defend me. Why would Damien do such a thing? “Don’t hurt Ian, please.”

Damien scoffs, then releases Ian and harshly retracts his hand. “What are you doing?” he steps towards me, while Hee-Young rushes towards Ian to make sure he is still breathing.

“W-What?” I respond stepping back.

“You’ve been here for barely a day, and you’re seducing my Gamma? What do you want?” he growls.

“I-I didn’t do anything,” I stutter, feeling a wall hitting my back.

He cocks his head, indicating he did not trust my words. “You didn’t do anything?” he question, and I shook my head. Damien grabbed my wrist. “Then we have to check, don’t we?” He forcibly drags me towards the door and I scream in protest.

Ian attempted to stand up, but couldn’t due to the injuries on his chest, from Damien’s punch earlier. I dig my nails into the staircase ramp, hearing it screech lightly, as he continues pulling me upward towards the bedroom. I cry and shout, seeking for aid, but all the wolves we pass merely bow at him, granting me a pitiful look. He opens the door, and pushes me inside, slamming it shut.

“What are you doing?” I shriek.

He lurks forward. “Strip.”

“W-What are you s-saying?” I feel my body trembling under his glare.

“Strip,” he growls.

“Why should I?”

“I need to make sure you haven’t been messing with my wolves,” he states.

I couldn’t fathom the words coming out of his mouth. “I didn’t do anything!”

“And how the fuck do I know that?” he inches forward.

“Because you locked me in this room-”

He grabs my neck, pushing me on the bed as his body lurks over mine. “You fucking talk too much,” his hand tightens. “If I say strip, then fucking strip,” I held onto his wrist, attempting to get out of his grasp, as he left me barely enough room to breathe. My legs were kicking, eyes jerking with tears, as I shook my head. His teeth were clenched tightly, making this awful grounding sound. ”Fine.”

He releases me, grabbing the shirt, he rips it apart. I turned to escape, but he held my ankle, dragging me back. He grabbed my pants and forcibly pulled it off. I laid there in nothing but the bra and underwear Hee-Young gave me earlier, wondering how far he would go. “Spread your legs,” he commands, but I laid there, covering my body, telling myself not to cry.

“Unless you want me to do it,” he threatens, and I knew he would follow through with it.

Slowly, I open my legs for him, shutting my eyes, fearing what he may do next. I want to run, far away, but I can’t leave Trenton, Abby, and Subject 34 behind. Then, there is Hee-Young and Ian who have been so nice to me, who will undoubtedly get punished.

I can feel his eyes tracing every inch of my body. Gently, his fingers were positioned on my knees, inching its way down my inner thigh, and I bit my lips as my body refused to stop trembling at his touch. My breath hitches as he outlines my skin, edging towards the underwear.

A gasp escapes when I feel a finger tracing on top of the dampen underwear, as my back automatically arches. His thumb rubs in a circular motion, my eyes open, meeting his intense stare with what I could only assume as pure lust.

Quickly, he withdrew his touch and got off the bed, shaking his head. I lay there, watching him as he walked out of the room, shutting the door, leaving me there, body burnt with displeasure.

I lay under the covers, fully clothed, rolling myself up into a ball. I had never hated myself so much for enjoying the touch of a guy like him. I don’t understand this whole soulmate thing, it’s so stupid. I will rather be at the dungeon with everyone else, then to be here locked up in the bedroom.

The door creak opened, and Hee-Young made her appearance. Gently, she closed the door and sat beside me. “How is Ian?”

She smiles. “He said he wished he could be here, but he is getting treated at the hospital right now. Don’t worry, even if Ian steps out of line, Damien won’t put him in the dungeon,” she attempts to reassure me and start patting my back.

That’s too bad. I think Ian would like Abby, Trenton, and Subject 34.

“Why did he try to protect me?” I ask, noticing that no one else in this place would stand up to Damien.

Hee-Young gave me a gentle smile. “Honestly?” she asks, and I nod my head. “Probably because of his belief.”

I poke my head farther out of the blanket. “Huh?”

“He believes that mates should always be treated with love and respect, where their other half will never hurt them.”

“His mate must be very lucky,” I mumbled, wishing I was mated to Ian instead of Damien.

Hee-Young lips pressed into a firm line. “She was.”

My head tilts, “Was?”

She nods sadly. “Ian was mated to this girl, who is kind to everyone else despite being in this pack. She doesn’t care about status and is friends with everyone,” her lips twists. “Ian loved her a lot.” She stops, fingers playing with one another. “But she died.” She releases a deep breath.


She shrugs. “Cancer. It gets everyone, even the kindest person.” she brushes off the tears from her cheek.

She brought a smile back on her lips, attempting to ease the tension in the air. “Want to go and eat? I asked Alpha Damien for permission.” I shake my head. “He will be in his office, so you won’t see him.” She tucks a strand of hair behind my ear.

I smiled back at her, and got out from under the covers, holding her hand towards the kitchen. I like Hee-Young; she reminds me of my older sister. When we reached the kitchen, Hee-Young started cooking some food, and we sat on the counter. I listen to her as she talks about anything and everything so that I can learn more about the world.

Pushing back the nearly empty plate, I lay my head on the cold counter as Hee-Young ran her fingers through my hair. My eyes shut, feeling myself dozing off at her warm touch.

I can feel myself floating in the air, as I hold onto the warm body beside me. My face snuggles farther into the broad chest, feeling a gentle rock. A muffled moan escaped my throat when I felt something soft laying underneath me. A muscular arm lay on top of my body, pulling me into his body and my eyes blast open, meeting with a familiar pair of eyes.

Slowly, a smile appears on his lips. ”Isabella" his voice was a few octaves lower than usual as his hand cautiously laid on my cheek. “Please, my little flower, don’t be afraid” he begs, placing his forehead against mine.

He looks the same; the voice was the same, but the atmosphere around him feels completely different.

“W-Who are y-y-you?”

The smile re-emerges as he stands up, straightening himself out. I sat up, seeing him getting down on one knee, softly holding my hand and placing a gentle kiss on it.

His eyes travel up, meeting mine. “It’s a pleasure to finally be able to meet you, my little flower. My name is Alfie.”

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