Luna Isabella

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V. Alfie

Isabella’s POV:


He broke into a grin and nodded.

“H-Hi,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

Alfie chuckled lightly. “Hi.” he strokes my cheek softly.

“M-May I hold you?” He whispered, eyes staring at me with hope.

I nodded my head, and he slowly got up, wrapping his arms around me. “Thank you.”

“F-For what?”

“For not running away, for staying,” his voice was cracked, as he snuggled deeper into my neck. “Please, don’t leave us, my Little Flower.”

I pushed him away lightly. “Alfie, I can’t stay here.” I inhaled a deep breath. “I need to leave, and can you please hel-”

“No!” he shouted and stood up. I sat there, staring at his large structure as he grinds his teeth one against another.

I stood up, holding onto his shirt, praying he is more understanding than Damien. “Please, Alfie, I need to leave! I can’t be here!”

I understand I just met him, but I’m desperate for an ally by now. I need someone by my side, someone who can aid me in escaping from this place along with the others—someone whom Damien can’t punish.

He lurked forward as I tried to step back, but he wrapped his arms around me. “You are staying here with us,” he growled, gripping into my back.

I inhaled a shaky breath. “Alfie! Please under-”

“No! You belong to us,” he cracked his neck, causing me to flinch.

I wanted to cry as rage-filled my belly, ears getting hot. I glared at Alfie then spat out. “For the last time, I don’t belong to anyone!”

“You are our mate,” his face was a deep shade of red, eyes squinting meanly developed into a tight tic.

“I’ve heard, but-”

“Shhh.” his raw voice against my ear as he lurked forward, and I stumbled back. Before I knew it, my back made contact with the bed as he crawled over me.” Stay," I struggled against him, attempting to escape, but my movements were far too slow. My body refused to acknowledge my intentions, listening to his pleasant touches.

Hands were moving from my waist, he seized my arms, trapping them to my side. He pushed me roughly further into the creaking bed, shoving his face into my neck and inhaled my scent.

My body froze when I felt something sharp against my neck, causing my body to tremble. I held onto Alfie’s shirt, which suddenly ripped from my hands. He stood up, shaking his head. “Oh no no no, I’m so sorry Isabella. Please, don’t cry.” he pleaded, taking a step towards me, but I scurried back.

He shook his head, taking half a step back to reassure me. “I’m so sorry, my Little Flower, it’s been so long since I came out, s-so I can’t quite c-c-control myself and y-you’re my m-mate,” he placed his palms on his head walking back and forth.

“Fuck Alfie, stop making excuses. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! You are supposed to love her, not scare her!” he scorns at himself. Looking into his dark eyes, there was a thick trace of regret. His lips were stretched into a full-fledged frown.

Slowly, I got up, eyes tracing towards the door, wondering how long it will take me to run from here to the dungeon. If I rushed in there, avoiding enough werewolves, I could break Subject 34, Abby, and Trenton out. Ian is Damien’s Gamma so he won’t punish him, but Hee-Young. Would she be okay?

He went on his knees, seeing me eyeing the door. “Please, don’t leave us, Isabella.”

I shook my head, “Alfie I need to-”

Cautiously, he reached for my hand, causing me to flinch slightly. “Please,” he whispered. “You are our last chance, and without you...Damien will lose the last piece of himself.”

His hand went from mine towards my cheek. “Please, I’m begging here, Isabella,” he shut his eyes, “I am an Alpha, we don’t beg, so please understand how much we need you." his voice cracked, desperate.

Staring at his watery eyes, I felt that same uncomfortable tightness inside my chest. “Please...stay.”

There it goes again, my inner dialogue, not a friend nor an enemy. However, this time, there were two voices.

The first whispers to me:” Everything is going to go wrong if you stay. The man kneeling in front of you isn’t even a man. He is just another part of Damien, the man who was kissing another woman earlier, right in front of you, with no remorse.”

“I’ll speak with Damien, I promise.” he held my hand tighter.

“No, don’t believe him. Run, run away! Staying here means throwing away the freedom you gain.”

“I’ll convince him to let you eat with us.”

“Don’t believe him.”

“I-I-I will fight it when he tries to touch any other females, I promise.” his palms were sweaty as it twisted tighter against mine.

The world seems closer to my eyes, and the air becomes heavier to inhale,” Don’t start...Do not start...anything.”

“W-We can go tour a-around the pack, t-together.”

A glossy sheen coats my eyes, and my thoughts scatter like there’s an electrical storm in my head. Too many short-circuits to make any sense.

All the while, the only thing that comes through is the second voice sounding louder and louder. “It’s okay to believe him. Hee-Young said he is your mate.”

“We can do whatever you want, my Little Flower,” he whispered gently, chewing on his lower lips.

“He can help you find your sister.”


“He will love you.”

“One chance...for me.” he kissed my knuckles, “For us.” he kissed my other knuckles. “We can do this, help Damien...together."

He smiled, “I’ll talk to him to let go of your friends,” he said, and my eyes lurked up.


Alfie nodded eagerly, eyes brightening, “A-And I’ll tell him to go apologize to Ian!”

“But, he doesn’t seem like the type to-” I mumbled.

He shook his head, “I’ll talk to him, a-and we won’t hurt Hee-Young.”

“But, Damien -”

Alfie held my cheeks, “Damien is a good guy, I promise. H-He just went through some stuff, so he has a lot issues.”

“So, he doesn’t trust me?” I asked, understanding because I am someone he just met.

Alfie shook his head, “He doesn’t trust anyone...but he used to...a long time ago.” he strayed off.

His eyes shifted to the side again and became glazed with a smooth layer of tears. As he blinked, they dripped from his eyelids and slid down his cheeks. He bit his lip tightly in an attempt to hide any sound that wanted to escape from his mouth, and my heart sank. “He’s been through a lot,” he whispered.

Hesitantly, I removed my hand and placed it over his. “So the tour around the pack territory?” I mumbled, and his eyes brightened once again, lips were torn into a smile.

“And we can enroll you at Sakura High School!” he chirped, “With Hee-Young!”

“High School... What’s that?” I asked.

“Oh right, you’re a rogue,” he whispered, “A high school is a place where all the wolves around your age attend to learn about useless stuff,” he explained, and I nodded, not understanding.

“Don’t worry. No one will hurt you there. I won’t let them,” he stated, and I nodded slower this time.

He smiled, “Can I hug you?” he asked, hands shaking as he chewed his inner lips. “I-I d-don’t want to push my luck with you,” he whispered.

I smiled at him, and he returned it, “Yes, you can hug me.”

Slowly, he wrapped his arm around my body, laying his on my neck. I can hear him inhaling intently as he laid me down on the bed. He crawled on top of me, head still resting on my neck as his hands started trailing up my waist. “Isabella,” he mumbled, releasing a low groaning sound as he pressed his body against mine.

I held onto his shirt, a low vocal leaving my throat as I felt his waist pressing against mine. He inhaled and exhaled viciously, pushing me farther down the bed. His tongue ran up the croak of my neck. “Isabella.” he continuously repeated my name as his hand gripped on my chest.

He laid his lips onto my chin to my cheek, a light one on my forehead, and finally, he inched closer and closer towards my li- “What the fuck,” a harsh voice growled, and my eyes burst open, no longer meeting darkness.

Instantly, he jumped off of me as if I am acid, eyes fixated on my body. I sat up and the strap on my shoulder slipped down as I attempted to even my breathing, knowing Alfie is no longer here.

He marched towards me, “Why the fuck am I here?” he growled.

I sat there, staring at him, unable to respond.

“Fuck...Alfie," he hissed.

He glared at me with hatred in his cruel dull eyes. “Don’t fucking think this-” he placed a hand on his head, hitting it hard as his teeth ground harshly against one another. “Don’t fucking think this changes anything!” he shouted, placing two hands on his head as his face harshly grimaced.

Slowly, I stood up, reaching out for him, but he retracted himself. “Don’t fucking touch me,” he growled.

He grabbed my shirt, pulling me inward, and I can see the lust roaming around his eyes as it lurked downward. Not towards my eyes, but another region on my body. He gulped loudly and snapped his neck, causing me to flinch. “All because Alfie is on his hands and knees for you, don’t expect that from me.” his face twisted into a torturous pain, and he inhaled a deep breath.

“You are nothing more than my property.” he pushed me down the bed.

The door opened, and the same girl from earlier walked in. “Alpha Damien, you called for me?” she spoke in a sickeningly sweet voice.

“Come here,” he demanded.

She glanced at me, then nodded, walking towards him. Instantly, he slammed their lips together in front of me. Laying there, I watched as his hands explored her body, a pleasuring moan leaving her lips as he put his arm around her waist. He broke their kiss. “Wait for me in my bedroom,” he commanded.

She was still out of breath from their kiss, but she managed to nod. She glanced at me, a triumph smirk on her lips as she walked out towards his bed.

“Alfie, won’t let you,” I mumbled, staring at his feet.

He chuckled a fierce laugh. “You are a foolish girl. Aren’t you?” he took a step towards me, folding his arms.

Damien tilted half of his body down, eyes glaring into mine. “Alfie doesn’t control me,” he spoke in a low, cruel tone.

Strictly, he grabbed my chin, forcing me to face him as I bit my tongue. “Everything he told you, everything he promised, he can’t do it.”

“Alfie won’t lie to me.” I swallowed the lump inside my throat.

He smirked, “I never said Alfie lied, I said he couldn’t do it.” he grabbed a handful of my hair. “A tour around the pack? School? No fucking way...You are”

His face was close to mine. “And I am going over there and fuck her.”

That was the breaking point of my patience. My face has become rigid, jaw clamped tight, teeth grinding. It’s time to get out of here before I do something. I slapped his hand away and scurried out of the bedroom. “Get the fuck back here!” he shouted, but I started running.

I can hear his harsh footsteps behind me, pounding a thunderous roar, feeling water sliding down my cheek. “Isabella!” he screamed my name, and there was this unnecessary pain inside my chest as I jumped down the railing of the stair.

My eyes made contact with five wolves sitting in the living room. Instantly, their eyes snapped cold. “Luna Isabella, go back into your bedroom,” one of them growled.

Two of them lurked forward as I stepped back. Damien made his appearance. Eyes looked like they might pop out, fists clenched, hard staring eyes, “Come here.” his voice was venomous.

He stomped towards me, and instantly I went to punch him in the face. Everyone stood there, stunned by what I just did. Damien didn’t budge; instead, his head tilted slightly to the side, a tiny trace of blood slipping down his lip.




At that particular moment, I snapped. My chest tightens, but not in the same way as when I was with Damien; it was different, irregular. I held onto my chest, backing away. Then the inspiration comes, shallow, lungs unable to move much against the suddenly massive ribs.

Damien tilted his head, eyes gazing at me with pure confusion as I stumbled back.

My mind becomes static, thoughts making no sense, replays of horrors from the facility. Before I know it, I’m sitting on the floor, limbs unwilling to work at all.

Damien reached out for me, but I grabbed his wrist and shoved his face down the floor. “Don’t touch me!” I screamed as I threw a fist in the air, contacting his face.

While everyone was still in shock, I rushed for escape, hearing voices screaming my name. My feet made contact with the grass, and I ran faster than ever, rushing into the forest. I can hear a vicious howl and merciless paws hitting the ground, chasing after me.

The forest that was once so alive, feeling so free, now chills me.

“Hush, my darling.

Don’t you cry.”

Even if my body felt burning with fire, I’m actually shaking.

“Cover your ears,

And close your eyes.”

The trees that sheltered so many with their green spreading and provided so much is now dead sticks.

“Be a good girl.

And do not peek.”

I had always thought, the moment I escape from them. I would be free, but then they send me to the facility.

“What you see,

Is not what you seek.”

When I stepped out of the facility, I felt free, but this reality was cruel enough the first time when we stood mute before the flames, I don’t think I could survive that again.

“I won’t lie.

The pain won’t die.”

Who? Who is singing that awful song?

“You can try to run or hide.”

No, I know this voice.

“But the monster forever lurks by your side.”

My feet dug into the dirt as I saw her sitting there, covered in dried blood, a devious smile on her lips. Her fingers were twirling around the small blade on her fingers, eyes shut, body swaying back and forth.

“Luna!” a voice shouted.

I turned around to see three wolves who caught up to me. “Luna, you ne-” he stopped talking, eyes pinpointing towards her. “Who are yo-”

Before he could even finish his sentence, she stormed toward them, spitting with fury. Before I can even fathom what had occurred, one of them dropped down to the ground. The other two started getting ready to shift, but they didn’t have a chance, as she lunged towards them, swiftly piercing one heart after another. She pulled out the blade, eyes glaring at me momentarily, then left.

I stood there, staring at the place she disappeared, ears listening to her deadly whistles. The beating inside my chest increased, watching her skipping towards her next target, whoever they may be.

A growl caught my attention, and I turned around, only to be slammed against the tree, a hand gripped around my neck. His eyes were locked right into mine. There was a wrinkle in his nose that has nothing to do with a sneeze, muscles tight, jaw clenched.

“How dare you kill my pack members?”

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