Luna Isabella

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VII. Silence

Isabella’s POV:

Slowly, he parts our lips then pushes it back. I can feel his tongue desire for entrance. I grabbed his chest and forced him back, but he refused to budge. Instantly, he grasps my wrists and pins them on both sides.

I continued my struggles as he pushed me further into the bed. Parting my lips, I bit his causing him to back away. He reaches for his cut lips, but he didn’t seem surprised by the blood on his fingertips. Instead, his sight raises until it meets mine.

His full chest increases and decreases with high volume as his muscles clenched. A smirk made its appearance as his eyes flickered black, the blood oozing past his lips.

Instantly, he smashes our lips together once again. He caught me off guard, and I tasted the metallic blood inside my mouth. He ran his tongue into the roof of my mouth, gazing at the tip against it. My body betrayed me as it arched involuntarily. A hand slips under my head and presses us closer together.

Instantly, I bit his lips again, causing him to jump back. Without a mistake, I punch him. Damien rolls to the ground and a grunting exiting his throat as the blood on his lip drips farther downward. He sat there, resting an elbow on his bended knee. Using his thumb, he wiped the bottom of his lips, devious eyes lurking upward towards me.

I sat up and folded my arms across my chest as if it’s some sort of protective barrier. The tears jerk down along with my tangled hair. “D-Don’t touch me.” my voice was a lot stricter, firmer as I attempted to contain the anger and unfortunately, the lust.

My thighs tighten as his eyes roamed downward, the smirk re-emerging on his face. He stands up in a steady motion and stalks towards me as his neck cracked. I swallow while his eyes wander around my throbbing body. My body scurried back but halted. No more running away. I went on my knees, and as he got closer. Instantly, I threw my fist into the air, ready for another punch.

My heart halts as he stops my punch with his palm. The bones inside his hand shatter, but he didn’t even flinch. He wraps his fingers around my fist despite the high pain. Steadily, he got closer, and I can feel his steamy breath grazing my face. I turned my face away from his, but he forcibly held my cheeks.

Parting his mouth, he chews my bottom lip, nibbling on it. Instantly, my eyes widen as he fiercely bites my flesh, causing a painful sensation to shoot into my system as I push him away.

With a trembling hand, I feel the blood oozing down my lips. I glared at Damien, only to receive a smirk in return. “Now, we’re even.” his tone hinted amusement as if playing with me the whole time. This was all a game to him and nothing more. My pain was a game to this horrible man.

I licked the blood off my lips and got off the bed, pulling the sheets onto the ground. “We are not even.” my tone was a lot more forceful than previously. I refuse to waiver and bow to this man.

I was angry, frustrated with the werewolf in front of me. I want to punch his face relentlessly till satisfaction, yet there is this nerve-wracking emotion inside of me, begging me to forgive him. If I could, I would tear that part of me away from my body. It was too much, too suffocating.

He tilts his head, his large body hovering over mine. “You’re right,” he leans downward. “I shouldn’t play to be even.” a menacing growl left his throat.

Damien steps backward, crossing his arm over his broad chest as his eyes still locked into mine. “Do not leave this room. My last warning.”

“If this is the mating bond that you all speak of-” I said as he continued his glares at me, “that is created by the Moon Goddess.” I swallow the lump inside my throat. “I loathe your Goddess.”

I expected him to defend his Goddess, someone who seems to be significantly worshipped by werewolves, and yet nothing came out of his mouth. He didn’t even look angry by what I had to say.

After some time, a huffing sound left his nostrils. “I guess that’s something we have in common,” he said before slamming the door shut.

Unable to contain my anger, I grabbed the lamp beside the bed and threw it at the door as he left. I stomp towards the bathroom to see myself in the mirror, eyes scorching red from the constant tears. The clothes on my body were wrinkled, rough hand mark grazing against my wrists and neck.

I bite my lower lips, tasting the blood, mind flashing with the memory of what had occurred before. Next thing I knew, I grasped something off the counter and threw it at the mirror.

I didn’t know what happened that night.

I was beyond angry at Damien for his outrageous behavior.

I didn’t want to stay here, yet he forced me to stay.

He didn’t want me here, yet he still forced me to stay.

There was no logic in his actions.

In the end, I trashed the whole room, throwing whatever I can get my hands on. I didn’t care if he came in here and punched me. I didn’t care if he beat me to a pulp for destroying his stuff.

“I’m will say this once again; you are my property, so you will stay here and shut the fuck up.”

I kept throwing.

“All because we are mates, don’t you expect me to change. I will do whatever the fuck I want, like always. You sit in here and look pretty, spread those legs for me when I tell you to do so. You are here to settle down my wolf and have my pups. Don’t ever think you are equal to me.”


“I never said I’d make her my Luna.”


“Isabella is my property, and I will do whatever I please with her.”


“Good, hate me.”

Nothing happened.

No one came.

After I finished, I looked outside, past the bars to see the bright stars. I didn’t think of anything. The anger was no longer there as pieces of items that used to be whole surrounded me.

Collapsing on the floor, I merely sat there, staring at the stars. Slowly, I crawled towards the balcony doors reaching for the exit only to get slightly electrocuted.

I didn’t make a single sound from the pain, merely staring at my burnt finger. Gazing down, I can see the guards walking back and forth, ensuring I won’t escape from this hell.

I didn’t know how, but before I knew it, I was in the corner of the room. My arms were firmly wrapped around my legs. Laying my head on my knees, I stare at the blank wall beside me.

The door creaks open, shedding some light into the dark room. Soft footsteps were heard, and soon, I felt a warm hand on my cheek.

Cautiously, he inches closer and wraps his arms around my curled up body. I refused to acknowledge his presence. “I’m sorry, my little flower,” he whispers sweetly against my ear.

My head raised, eyes made contact with his dark ones. The bright light behind him disperses as he grazes his rough fingers against my skin.

Slowly, giving me time to back away, his lips traced on top of mine, tongue running across my cut.

At that moment, I want to vomit when I smell the scent of another woman on his body.

Instantly, I pushed him back, seeing the pain washing across his face. He parts his lips, probably trying to make up some excuse for his inexcusable other half, but nothing came out except tears.

He didn’t utter a single word and stayed on his knees. “I really did try to stop him,” his voice was filled with pain as the tears refused to stop rolling down his cheek.

Alfie reaches out for me, and I crawl farther back into the corner, rejecting his advances. “I really tried,” he repeats.

Alfie didn’t do anything to me that night. He merely kneels there, saddens eyes burning into mine.

The whole night, I didn’t acknowledge Alfie’s presence, except for that moment. I just sat there, curling myself as my eyes stared in the distance.

Soon, morning arrived, and I was still at my usual spot, not once fallen into slumber. The sun rises, ready to start a new day, while I was not.

I wished the sun would never advance, so I didn’t have to witness the red marking on his neck and his wrinkle clothes. The scent of perfume was fading, but only in a disturbingly minimal amount.

“I have to go, my little flower,” he said in a soothing voice, but I merely sat there.

He reaches out his hand, and once again, I reject his advances, tilting my head to the side. Alfie clenches his fist, inhales a deep, shaky breath, and stands up.

Right when the door closes, I heard a vicious growl on the other side. “This is your fucking fault! She rejected us because of you!” Alfie screams.

A wall crack.

There was a loud howl.

“I fucking swear, Damien. If you hurt Isabella anymore, you will regret it!”

After some time, the door creaks open once again. My eyes quickly maneuver over, seeing Hee-Young with a sympathetic look and a tray of food. She inches towards me, looking as if she wanted to cry, but held it in as she set the tray in front of me. “Please eat,” she whispers.

Hee-Young inhaled a deep breath. “Please Isab-”

“Not now.” those two words manage to leave my throat.

She sat there staring at me, then nodded in understanding. With a heavy breath, she took the tray out.

Not too long after the door slam opens, revealing a specific someone. Damien marches towards me as I continue staring at the wall. “Are you going to eat or not?”

I ignored him.

“Isabella,” he growls out my name.

I hate the tingly feeling inside my chest.

However, I continue ignoring him.

“Fine.” He snaps his fingers.

“Yes, Alpha Damien,” a guard responds.

“Do not feed my mate unless I say so,” he commands.

The guard threw me a pity look then hesitantly nodded, “Yes, Alpha.” his tone was unmistakably pitiful.

The door closed, and I continued my stares.

I want to die.

Perhaps this is it; I’ll die of starvation.

I don’t care anymore.

It seems like no matter what I do or where I am, I’ll always be a prisoner.

The subjects in the cellular are smart, so I’m probably the one who is holding them back. My sister doesn’t want me anymore, and that’s the reason I was sold to the facility.

I have nothing and no one.

Dying seems like the best way to go.

No more pain.

No more sadness.

No more...Damien.

I don’t want him. It hurts more than when a knife stabbed me whenever I see him.

Days passed, and I only laid my head against the corner wall. My throat was profoundly dehydrated, and my stomach was growling endlessly.

The broken items around me were long cleaned by Hee-Young, who relentlessly begged me to eat even the smallest bread, but I refused.

Damien would come in each day. At first, he was calm, asking me if I learned my lesson. Soon, that calmness was overdue to my non-responsive behavior, which angers him. Then, he trashed the room and screamed senseless words at me.

I ignored it all.

Alfie would come in at night and sat there, gazing at me with his empty sorrowful eyes. In the beginning, he would beg me to eat, but now he sits there, mumbling a word of apology once in a while.

It was the afternoon, but the room was still dimmed. I feel weak, lightheaded by the refusal of food and water. Then, the memories of the facility flood in.


The door creaks open. I expect it to be Hee-Young, yet all I heard was a low whistle capturing my attention.

“Damien must be pissed.” An overly familiar voice sang.

I glance over to see Ian with a dashing smile.

Earlier, Damien arrived with fierce silence, demanding me to eat. After ten minutes of no response, he threw the food across the room and left. The mess he made was from the day before, once again, throwing out a tantrum for not getting what he wants.

Ian headed over towards me, laying his back against the wall. “So, Hee-Young told me what happened,” he said.

I was dead inside and out.

“You know, I tried to visit you a few times, but the guards stopped me.” he continues with a heavy breath etching out his throat, then a chuckle left. “A Gamma who can’t visit his Luna, even though it’s his job to protect her.”

He peeks at me once more while I continue ignoring him.

“You must be wondering why I’m here,” he continued.

Not really.

“Alfie came to me this morning and -” he shakes his head, resting his forearms on his knees, “man was he frustrated.” He chuckles unamusingly.

“I was surprised.” He continues speaking despite my unresponsive behavior.

“I haven’t spoken with Alfie for nearly eight-year then bang-” he chuckles once more, “here he was this morning, practically begging me to talk to you to eat.”

A hazy breath left his throat. “You know; he cares, Alfie cares about you a lot,” he pauses for an eerily long moment, “and so does Damien.”

“Even if he doesn’t express it, he cares.” his voice was in a lower tone.

“When we train, I would see him constantly looking towards the window, and there it was, something I haven’t seen in a long time. Do you know what that was?”

I shut my eyes, not wanting to hear the next words.

“Regret, sadness, and guilt.”

The air inside the room continued to dampen while a tear slid down my cheek, praying Ian would leave.

“I’m not siding with Damien and making excuses for him, but he really feels sorry for his action,” he scratches his head. “He just doesn’t know what to do. How to behave. He is afraid.”

“Don’t.” A tiny whisper of my voice captured his full-grown attention towards me.

My eyes stalk over, meeting Ian. “Don’t make excuses for him.”

After some time, Ian chuckled and nodded. “You’re right. I am making excuses for him.” he bit his lower lips. “What do you expect? He’s my-”

“Alpha.” I cut him off.

Ian shakes his head, “He is my brother.”

My eyes widen slightly.

“That was an expression. Damien is like a brother to me.” he chuckles by my reaction, which quickly faded.

Before I knew it, Ian grabbed my wrist forcibly, pulling my weak body upward. “Let’s go,” he said.

I shake my head, and the oily hair caresses my dry cheeks.

Ian smirks, “We are going out of this compressed sad room whether or not you like it,” he said with a playful tone while lifting me in his arms.

When we walk out, the guard stops us, which was expected. “Gamma Ian, Alpha Alfie told us you should only speak with Luna Isabella,” one of the guards firmly told him.

Ian straightens his back, glaring at the guard who made a gulping sound. “I will take responsibility, step aside.”

They all glanced at each other, eyes filled with hesitation. “Or would you rather your Luna continue sitting in the corner and rot away?”

“You must remember, we do follow our Alpha’s order, but one of our responsibilities is to protect our Luna, physically and mentally. So far, we have failed both,” he continues.

The guards all look at me. Steadily, their eyes scan my skinny body, not in lust, rather in utmost curiosity. The thin layer of skin was attached to my bones. Lips were peeling due to intense dehydration. There were heavy bags underneath my eyes due to the refusal of proper rest. I was a skeleton laying in Ian’s arms.

After some time, they nod and back away. “We will protect our Luna,” one of them said while the other bowed in a perfect angle.

Ian walked out while I glanced back, seeing their apologetic eyes at me. Soon, we reach the outdoors. It wasn’t that bad. Ian chuckled at my sudden responsive behavior and continued walking towards the forest.

“I will get into so much trouble for this,” he mumbled under his breath, but the smile was still on his face.

He peeks down at me. “But it’s worth it, seeing our Luna Isabella brighten up.”

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